Super Capy Plush


Super Capy Plush Toy

It is finally here! The prototype for my own plush toy. And it is ever so cute and totally captures my essence. Although not caught mid-roll, I think you can just feel his desire to do so. I normally roll in the water but I bet Super Capy would do rolls through the air!


Super Capy from the back

Melly says he doesn’t look like me because his hind legs are far apart like a normal capybara and not too close like mine are. It does make him stand better but I bet I could stand like that if I really wanted to.


Me, Capycoppy and Super Capy

Maybe Super Capy looks more like Capycoppy than he does like me. They are the same size. But Super Capy has a cuter face, like I do. And slightly bigger ears, like mine. And he’s wearing a superhero cape and Melly promises she will make me one too. I want to wear my super cape when I go to the school on Oct. 31st. A cape like that could make me brave.


Watching my back

To practice for the school visit, Melly, Rick, Super Capy and I all went to a local school today. It is Sunday which is apparently not a school day so there weren’t any kids. I got to just roam around to see how I liked it. Super Capy got on me and said he would “watch my back” if I carried him around. I think he was just too lazy to either walk or fly so I bucked him off.


In the playground

After I dumped Super Capy, Melly and Rick made me climb up into the playground equipment. I accidentally stepped through my purple bandana climbing the steps. This was about the scariest thing I have ever done — except go to East Dogistan — so I regretted right away how rudely I had treated Super Capy.


The Tremendous Trio

When I got home, I tried to apologize to Super Capy and tell him it was all a mistake. He said that he, Capycoppy and Double Decoy were forming their own club and that I was not invited. Double Decoy even had a Super Capy cape of his own already!

I guess I deserved that but it made me very sad anyway.

I went to my window seat all alone and tried not to cry. Big capybaras like me don’t cry. At least not in public.

I could hear the three of them talking in the other room but I couldn’t hear what they said. I imagined they were making fun of me for how scared I was on the playground equipment. Capycoppy remembers how brave Caplin Rous was. He went on playground equipment all the time. There was even a professional video taken of him going down a slide. You can see that here. I thought Capycoppy was telling Double Decoy how great Caplin was and Super Capy was telling him what a scardy-bara I am. So you can’t blame me if I cried a little bit.

It turned out I was all wrong though! Super Capy was really telling them how brave I was, even braver than Caplin. He said I was braver because I did things I was afraid of. Even though Caplin did more than me, he wasn’t afraid so it didn’t count as bravery. I don’t know if that’s true and I’m not sure either Capycoppy or Double Decoy bought into it 100%, but after a while the three of them came to the window seat and asked me if I wanted to join their superhero club!


The Fantastic Four

I think we are going to make a great team. My superpower is rolling, as y’all know. Super Capy’s is flying. We’re not sure yet what superpowers Double Decoy and Capycoppy have. I’d love to hear suggestions of things for them to try. What do you think are Capycoppy’s and Double Decoy’s superpowers?

(You can pre-order a Super Capy plush of your own by using the link on the right side bar. They will be available in late November.)

5 comments to Super Capy Plush

  • Lynn

    Always great to read your adventures….you have 5wks to prepare for the big day! Your fans are counting on you!

  • That wuz a huj avenchure. Iz so happy you iz in teh sooperhero club. I thinks you iz vurry brave, just like Capycoppy sayz.

  • Alena Loiselle

    Fools rush in where brave capys dare not tread, or something like that. You are going to rock that school, GarBear.

  • Michelle

    I am quite sure that Double Decoy’s superpower is the “Superwheek” that causes tasty morsels (carrots, spinach, etc.) to fall from the heavens. Oh, wait! That’s a normal guniea pig talent!

  • barbie salapek

    Thanks Gari. I have to do things I’m afraid to do too! You & Super Capy have helped me to see it differently! You are smart to stay away from East Dogistan. Their bite is worse than their bark.

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