Double Trouble


Is this double trouble?

I bet you’re wondering what I mean by naming this post “Double Trouble.” You might think it means that Super Capy and I got into some mischief together. That makes no sense though since Super Capy and I are both Super HEROS not Super VILLAINS!

This is double trouble!

The photo above demonstrates what I mean by double trouble. Melly got me a new harness and leash which she thinks will be harder for me to wiggle out of. Capybaras can wiggle out of any harness ever made though so the first time she put it on me I managed to escape. Luckily (for Melly), we were right near the house and I decided to come home. Then Rick had this idea to put both harnesses on me at once! Two harnesses and two leashes!


I look ridiculous in this getup.

So far their evil plan seems to be working. We went on a long walk around the property and I didn’t get so much as a foot through one of the straps on either harness. But I was completely and totally humiliated. What if someone sees me wearing two harnesses? And that new blue one is awfully bright. I think it might even be reflective.

This should help

This should help. I think a few dips in the mud and that blue harness won’t be so bright anymore. I was disappointed because, as you can see, I wasn’t able to get a paw through either harness even when I rolled. Maybe a little more practice. Every Super Hero has a weakness that his enemies exploit. Superman has kyrptonite and I have double harnesses. Will my superpower be enough to overcome this terrible obstacle? Be sure to watch next week!

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