Say What?

Time for a new contest!

Are you wondering what the title of this post means? Well, you can thank Lynn Marcotte for this great definition:

capitalisms — words used to describe capybaras (entry #1)

And that is what this contest is about: words used to describe capybaras!

To enter the contest think up a real word or make up a word and then provide a definition for it that involves capybaras. Another example is:

Capture: noun: the experience, anticipated by some fundamentalist Christian capybaras, of meeting capy-Christ midway in the air upon his return to earth. (entry #2)

That one was provided by Brian Weisel.

As with all my contests, the readers are the judges.

Contest Rules:

  1. Post your entry as a comment
  2. Must be kid-friendly, no profanity and nothing vulgar or inappropriate!
  3. Enter as many times as you like
  4. Contest starts now and closes Nov. 13th at midnight, central time.
  5. Voting will be from Nov. 14th through Nov. 21st
    • I will put up a poll on the right side bar of this blog for voting
    • The poll will go up on Nov. 15th.


Use the poll in the RIGHT SIDE BAR to vote!

You can click on the photo to make it larger

The new 2012 Capybara Madness Calendar


Gari Notebook featuring Gari (back), Capycoppy (left) and Super Capy (right)

The above photo shows both what the notebook looks like and what the Super Capy plush looks like.


Caplin Rous poster (24" x 36")

Those are some pretty awesome prizes so I know you’re going to want to enter! Get your thinking caps on!

thinking cap: a capybara sitting in a pool inside of two hoola hoops

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The contest is closed to new entries – let the voting begin!

Use the poll in the RIGHT SIDE BAR to vote!

  1. capitalisms — words used to describe capybaras (Lynn Marcotte)
  2. capture —  the experience, anticipated by some fundamentalist Christian capybaras, of meeting capy-Christ midway in the air upon his return to earth (Brian Weisel)
  3. Capyrazzi — noun: die-hard, intrepid photographers who will go to land, sea, and beyond for great capybara pics (Ali)
  4. Capyrazzi — a new song by Lady Bara with lyrics like “I’m a capy fan…I’ll follow you until you love me…capy-capyrazzi.” (Ali)
  5. Capapie – Noun – slang term for adorable capybara. for example: Gari, Dobbye & Caplin. (Vickie)
  6. capability [ka-puh-bil-i-tee] noun, plural -ties.
    1. the quality of being able to swim, eep, eat and charm your way out of any situation: “The guinea pig’s capability was not that of the Great Caplin Rous, but he was trying.” (BethAnn Mayberry)
  7. incapacitate [in-kuh-pas-i-teyt] verb (used with object), -tat·ed, -tat·ing.
    1. to deprive of ability, qualification, or strength of the mighty capybara. “Without yogurt, she found herself completely incapacitated.” (BethAnn Mayberry)
  8. Decapitate: verb: to deprive someone of the affection, humor, or ultimate presence of a capybara and/or capybara related paraphernalia (Nick)
  9. Capitate: Verb: Any action that angers, provokes, annoys, or exasperates a capybara. Clicking and huffing Will ensue.
    Capitator: Noun: The person that provokes the capybara and causes said clicking and huffing.
    Decapitator: Noun: The person who soothes and calms down the clicking and huffing capybara. (Sara Beth)
  10. iCap: Noun: The phone choice of most capybaras.
    NOT to be mistaken with
    ICAP: Noun: Capybaras favorite restaurant chain where they go to devour the delicious double blueberry pancakes. Short for International Capybaras Annihilating Pancakes. (Sara Beth)
  11. Capybare: Adjective: A naked/exposed or possibly bald(ing) capybara. Although it’s very impolite to point out the latter. (Sara Beth)
  12. capymaniac. Noun Person who talks, breaths, dreams, writes, thinks, (bores to death less imaginative people, ie non-converts) fantasises about Capybaras 24/7/12 (Mischievous Capybara)
  13. Eepicap: Noun: A syrup derived from the roots of the eepicapuanha plant in Brazil, and is well known eepetic (substance used to induce eeping). It is often given to a sad capybara to make them happy. Warning: May cause excessive Eeping!!! (Sara Beth)
  14. capybarable – someone who is able to live with capybaras, people often think they can but capybara is not recommended for everyone as a pet :-) (Kate)
  15. capybaring – lifestyle of a capybara owner/fan, has become very popular in Japan; even if you’re not ‘capybarable’ ;-) )) you can still go to zoo and visit capybaras, the activity consists mainly of making photos of them or videos, also blogging about capies, shopping for capybara and kapibara-san stuff; the other explanation could be trying to stay calm and relaxed, and peaceful, reaching a certain state of mind :D (Kate)
  16. ACAPELLA: Adverb: To eep without accompaniment (Jen S.)
  17. magicawesome: the feeling you get when touching a capybaras fur (Jason)
  18. clip-clop-cap: the sound of a capybara running like a horse. (Jason)
  19. And they’re approaching the final jump! Garibaldi is in the lead! He’s making the jump, and don’t the crows sound excited! (Morgan)
  20. Capricorn: Popular capybara snack, often stolen by squirrels. (Jennifer)
  21. Capita- A problematic capybara. As in “Gari is so well behaved, he’d never be a capita” (Melissa Horvath)
  22. Capywood – where celebrity Capybaras make films and strut their stuff (Mischievous Capybara)
  23. Capytoa – 2nd most powerful volcanic explosion in recorded history (Mischievous Capybara)
  24. Capybama – new improved version of the president (Mischievous Capybara)
  25. MacCapy – Scottish Capybara (Mischievous Capybara)
  26. CapyBali – Tropical island paradise with resorts where well-heeled Capybaras go on holiday and enjoy the superb spas, and with simpler bungalows in flower filled gardens where back-packing Capybaras chill out (Mischievous Capybara)
  27. CIA – Capybaras infinitely Adorable
    CIA – Capybaras in Action – Warning! (Mischievous Capybara)
  28. Capsize: Verb: The turning over or rolling power of a capybara in water (and mud). “Gari capsizes so well!” (Sara Beth)
  29. Capyton: Noun: A unit of measurement equivalent to 100 lbs. “Gari was not quite a capyton, but he’s getting close!” (Sara Beth)
  30. Capytan: Adjective: The beautiful range of tan-brown colors of a capybara. “Her hair is almost capytan, but of course no one can acheive that except for a capybara!”
    Capytan: Adjective: The radiant color a capybara gets from being in the sun for an extended period of time. “Dobby’s been in his pool so long that his skin and fur is getting a rather glowy capytan look!” (Sara Beth)
  31. Capnap: Verb: The abduction of a capybara, always with intent to keep and care for the bara. “That poor capybara at the fair was in such dire conditions that I wanted to capnap him and give him a better life.”
    Capnap: Verb: A capybara power nap. “Dobby and Gari played for so long rolling in the mud that they both took a capnap to refuel before dinner.” (Sara Beth)
  32. Cornucapia: a pleasing abundance of capybaras. The presence of a cornucapia may cause involuntary squee-ing. (Jaffa)
  33. Capitulate, What you tell a capybara that wants to go swimming at night, “Capi-Too-Late!” (Laurel)
  34. Capitellum, What you say to a capybara that is scaring off trespassing neighbor animals, “Capi-tell-‘em!” (Laurel)
  35. Capitally (Capi-tally), What a zoo keeper has to do daily to make sure no capybara is missing! (Laurel)
  36. Capitols, What capybaras use to swim across the pool with, their Capi-toes (Laurel)
  37. Landscaping, When a capybara eats grass he is Lands-caping. (Laurel)
  38. Capydasian- Capy who marries a Kardashian for 72 days then popcorns off to Missouri. (Lynn Marcotte)
  39. Capy Birthday – when you wish someone an extra special birthday
    Ditto Christmas (BossyBoots Lamb)
  40. Capy go Lucky – a Capybara free spirit (BossyBoots Lamb)
  41. Capykisses – the sort of kisses everyone wants (Mischievous Capybara)
  42. Baron Capy von Richthofen, otherwise known as the Red Bara-on – A German Capybara (Mischievous Capybara)
  43. His Highness Sheikh Capy bin Bara Al ROUS – An Arab Capybara (Mischievous Capybara)
  44. O’Capy – an Irish Capybara (Mischievous Capybara)
  45. Capymaniac. Noun Person who talks, breaths, dreams, writes, thinks, (bores to death less imaginative people, ie non-converts) and fantasises about Capybaras 24/7/12/100 (ie continuing into years and centuries) (Mischievous Capybara)
  46. Capcinatti- City of capybaras (Nic)
  47. Capricious: Adj. To be impulsive, fanciful, and witty is the fashion of capybaras at play. (Eric Long)
  48. Capybottomus rumpopotamus: The alternate scientific name for the capybara preferred by those enamored with the capybara’s adorable bubble butt. (Pica & Bibiana)
  49. Capology- the study of the world’s largest rodent, the capybara (Nic)
  50. Carbon Capy: How else would one clone a capybara? (Ali)
  51. Capyness – The happiness a Capybara brings (BossyBoots Lamb)
  52. Capynap (verb) 2 definitions:
    When an adoree/devotee ‘kidnaps’ a Capybara because the desire to have one becomes too great to bear (Never done for a ransom)
    Type of sleep pattern, where daytime is punctuated by naps, and at night you wake up at 3 am for a feast prepared by your slave girl. (BossyBoots Lamb)
  53. Capyhusband or Capywidower – the long suffering husband of a wife who is madly in love with a Capybara (BossyBoots Lamb)
  54. capycola (noun)- a capybara’s favorite fizzy drink, available in an assortment of delectable fruity flavors, especially refreshing on a hot summer day spent lounging in the pool, your every whim catered to (i.e., being spoiled rotten) by your human capypanions. (Kristin)
  55. capypanion (noun) – any human or animal which a regal capybara has accepted as a companion, having previously been subjected to various humiliating and humbling tasks to determine one’s worthiness and ability to serve said regal capybara ad infinitum (also known as a “subject”). (Kristin)
  56. Baracuda (bar-a-que-da); adjective: used to describe something as cute as a ‘bara “That is a very baracuda guinea pig!” (Michelle)
  57. Capitulate, verb: To give in to the adorable, pleading eyes of the capybara – sure you can have some more blueberry yogurt! (Michelle)
  58. Captive: what happens to a person after they meet a Capybara. One is made a captive to the irrepressable joy of knowing how magnificent capybaras are in real life after years of anticipation! (Christina)
  59. capybird – an South American songbird with a capybara-like eeping call. (Bev B)
  60. Handicap – capybara who can open the refrigerator door and prepare his own snacks, can do his own laundry, and can dump and refill his own potty bowl. (Dobby)
  61. Supercapyhappilisticextracapydocious
    Something to say when you have nothing to say and want to add a double dose of capybara to the conversation. (Angela)
  62. Capy Bara Obama – President of the United States. (Got my vote) (MissApril)
  63. Capy Cat – One that imitates or mimics a Capybara (MissApril)
  64. Capy Crunch – Capybara’s favorite breakfast cereal. (YUM) (MissApril)
  65. Capy Cod – Where Capybara’s vacation during the summer months. (MissApril)
  66. Barablankie- A blanket made specially for capy by an adoring captive (Katie)
  67. Capsaicin – the pain relieving chemical released during a capybara cuddle. (Amy)
  68. Encapsulate – to surround yourself with Capybaras! (Joann)
  69. CAPRICIOUS: a precious capybara (eg: Garibaldi, Dobby, Caplin) (Jen S.)

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