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Caplin Rous on my tumblr blog

It occurred to me that not everyone knows how to find me on the web. I mean, obviously you know that I am here on my blog or you wouldn’t be reading this, but I am other places too.

I alluded to one place in the photograph above. I have a Capybara Photo-of-the-Day blog on tumblr. You can find that here. Not all of the photos are of me though, some are of Caplin Rous, some of Dobby Winnick, some are of other captive capybaras and some are even of wild capys. There’s not a lot of text on that blog, mostly just a photo and a short explanation.

Speaking of short, if you are into 140 character restrictions, you can follow me on twitter. I am @GaribaldiRous. Sometimes I tweet a lot and sometimes not so much. Twitter is especially appropriate for capybaras because our voice is very similar to a bird’s tweet, at least part of the time.

If you prefer video to still photos or long or short text, my YouTube channel is where you want to go! I am still using the channel set up for Caplin Rous so you can find all of his old videos there too.

I’m also on Facebook. I have two pages. My friend page is under Garibaldi Caplin Rous. I am up against the Facebook 5,000 friend limit though so I cannot accept any new friends unless someone drops out. I have about 1,000 people on my friend waiting list so it’s probably a good idea to just subscribe to my public updates. I have my page as wide open as Facebook will allow it. I know that is not the same as being FB friends but it’s the best I can do.

My second FB page is my fan page.  I don’t like fan pages as much as friend pages because they are not as interactive. I also find that my fans have more trouble keeping track of my posts.

I kind-of lied about having only two FB pages. I also have a page for the ROUS Foundation and a page for my plushies. The plushie page is for any toy capybara really, not just Capycoppy and Super Capy. It’s a fun way for people to share their photos of their own plush capybara adventures. The ROUS Foundation page doesn’t have much activity, it is intended for issues relating to care of captive capybaras.

I also have a few sites where I sell capybara related stuff. The main one is Capybara Madness on Big Cartel. You’ve probably seen that one because that is where I sell my Super Capy plush and my puzzles. But I also have a small store on Melly is not good about keeping that up. And there is a store on Melly is not keeping that up at all so it’s a wonder anything is still up there.

Lastly and leastly, there is Melly’s book, Celeste and the Giant Hamster that is available on That doesn’t have much to do with me.

Okay, so that’s it. That’s everywhere I am on the web. If you find me someplace else, let me know so I can add the link here.

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