The Elusive Lesser Capybara: Video Edition

A lesser capybara

Smelly is being really lazy about getting her photos together of the lesser capybaras she saw in Panama. In case you’ve forgotten about them (but how could you?) here is a link to our first post on lesser capys.

Because of Smelly’s¬†lackadaisicalness, this post is only going to be pointers to the capybara videos she took. There are three videos and they’re all pretty short. They were all taken at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort (more on that in a later post).

YouTube Preview Image

The first video shows a yellow caracara, that’s a kind of vulture, eating parasites off three capybaras that have come out of their wetland to graze. Caplin Rous always wanted a bird to land on his back and I have to admit these capys do seem to be enjoying it. Nevertheless, I think a better solution would be not to live in an environment with parasites in the first place! That way you don’t need a scary, killer bird to land on you and peck your eyes out. Okay, I guess that didn’t happen but you never know.

The second video is a quick clip of a capybara resting in the wetland with a not-quite-so-threatening-looking bird climbing all over him. Then the rest of the video shows three capybaras enjoying a nice meal of delicious looking grass. Melly says it rains a lot more down there than it does here in Texas (which is not at all!) so the grass is greener. Also, it is apparently still summer there! I want to live someplace where it is summer all year.

YouTube Preview Image

The third video shows one of the three from the last as she is being chased by a stupid human child. Poor thing! She is so pregnant she can hardly move. I bet she has 10 little baby capybaras to take care of even as I write this. I wish Melly had been down there to get photos of the new babies but that’s not the way luck would have it. Anyway that stupid kid scared her and made her stop eating and run back into her pond. I don’t think her bark sounds much like mine but you know how it is, you can’t really tell what you sound like unless you hear a recording and, so far, I have not allowed Melly to record my bark.

I will do my best to get Melly to write a blog post about the Panamanian capybaras later this week. I hope I don’t have to bite her.

9 comments to The Elusive Lesser Capybara: Video Edition

  • rosenatti

    Oooh. such beautiful, mahogany ‘baras!

    As for that renegade kid and his so-called mother… Smelly, you shoulda thrown down your camera and bit ’em both.

  • I bark just like that! When I get really scared in the back yard, I bark, run up the steps, and dive into my swimming pool!

    On the other hand, I really need to train my chickens to groom me.

  • lynn

    I just feel sorry for them, shouldn’t…it is their natural habitat but still I think Dobby & Gari are MUCH better off.

  • Mischievous Capybara

    It always, always rains when I go to Austin; maybe I could get a job down there as a rainmaker?

  • Guanaco

    These “lesser” capybaras sure seem to be somewhat greater in, er… girth than you are.

  • Hickory22

    Soooooo cute! I really want a capybara! Too big to ft on our sofa though!!! Ha ha!

  • Mischievous Capybara

    Gari, the trouble is Melanie knows you will never bite her. You are much to nice natured

  • […] Last year it was just me and Rick because Coral and Melly were down in Panama looking for the elusive lesser capybara. But this year I got to see what it is all […]

  • […] Last year it was just me and Rick because Coral and Melly were down in Panama looking for the elusive lesser capybara. But this year I got to see what it is all […]

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