The Rodent Robber (Part Next: Fluffy Strikes Again!)

Where did Fluffy get that corn?

I love squirrels, you know I do.  As Rodent Royalty it is my responsibility to love all of my subjects. But sometimes they don’t make it easy.

I’m sure y’all remember my earlier post about my squirrel friend, Fluffy.  If you don’t, you really should read that and watch the video before continuing. That post is titled, The Rodent Robber. I also have a The Rodent Robber (Part II: The Rat), which is about Bakersfield. Well worth reading. The two previous posts show just how hard it is to be a magnanimous ruler over the lesser rodents. It is hard. Very hard.

Squirrels are usually pretty lazy

Most of the time it seems like squirrels are pretty lazy, even for rodents. I admire that. There is much to be learned from the squirrel in this regard. But when their laziness drives them to stealing, well, isn’t that different?

And stealing from the porch is one thing. I mean, the outside is their domain. Well, not really the porch though, that should count as part of the house and the house and the pool are mine. So that is where I draw the line. Only apparently Fluffy doesn’t even know about the line! Not that it’s on the porch or even the front door or even THE KITCHEN!

Why don’t you just help yourself, Fluffy?

Now I don’t know what to do. I only know how to open doors, I do not know how to close them. And if I leave the door open, Fluffy will come in and eat all of my food! Help! I need advice. What should I do?

7 comments to The Rodent Robber (Part Next: Fluffy Strikes Again!)

  • Laurel

    My aunt had problems with squirrels in her garden for years! You do NOT want to know what she ended up doing with them. I would suggest Google. You could maybe leave a meal outside for her so she doesn’t try to steal your food. I’ve heard of squirrels becoming tame. They can bite though. Oh! And your local city office may have a number you can call for tips and help. When my aunt had baby rattle snakes in her back yard she called the local authorities. They gave her great tips on solving her problem. Hope this helps!
    Laurel :o)

  • rosenatti

    An outdoor, elevated, Fluffy-only feeder!

  • My door closes automatically, kind of like magic. It doesn’t close ALL THE WAY because something is stuck in the doorknob, but every time I open the door, it just closes after me. It’s kind of annoying but it does keep the uninvited rodents out. I love my squirrels, too, but if they come into the kitchen, our relationship is going to turn ugly.

  • Milana

    Melanie, you should call 311. It’s Austin’s “not an emergency but something is wrong and I could use some advice” number. I’m not sure it applies to Buda for getting them to come do anything, but for tips from animal control in general I’d give them a shout.

    Fluffy sure is cute, though.

  • lynn

    I’m just shocked that he could carry it!

  • Nic

    As cute as Fluffy was in the picture of him laying on the fence, it was naughty of him to steal the corn right under Gari’s nose. I can’t belevie he invaded the house and got away with it. And by it, I mean the corn.

  • Francine

    I couldnt believe the skwerl running OUT the other door!! They can be incredibly destructive AND territorial. Suit up, Gari! You might have to learn how to close the door…

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