Leash Me Not

Die, leash, die!

You may remember that I blogged recently about my very first swim in Capybara Creek. Well, I’ve been going swimming in the creek several times per week ever since then. I absolutely LOVE it! It is the most fun a capybara could have. But, again, I am not loving that leash I have to wear when I swim in the creek. In the photo above, you can see how I attempted to sever my earthly bonds and commit myself to the aquatic realm. I know, I have such a cute look in my eye that it is hard to see my anger. Trust me, it is there.

I’m sure Melly’s intentions were good, although I can’t imagine in what universe that could be true. Okay, maybe if we were in a universe where I was a dog. The reason I say that is because, believe it or don’t, that leash is for a dog! For a dog up to 110 lbs. But I am no dog, sir! I am a noble capybara, King of Rodents! And yet, what could I do?

The end is near!

It turns out that there was something I could do and you can see me doing it in the top photo. In the photo just above, you can see the initial results. Do you notice anything suspicious?

Okay, so what’s the difference between a dog and a capybara? Lots of things, of course, but one critical thing is our teeth. Dogs have basically useless pointy teeth that can’t bite through anything. But capybaras have super sharp flat edged teeth made for chopping grass. That leash wasn’t really any match for my teeth. It was just a matter of time.

Going from the creek to the back pasture

After my swim, we always go to the back pasture where Melly has planted some especially delicious grass for me. In the photo above, you can see how excited I get about that. (Actually, I was worried because Rick was headed back there without me. I thought he might eat all the good grass.) The leash is still in one piece but just barely.

Going through the gate

That photo above is the last you’ll see of that leash. Moments later, but after the gate was securely closed unfortunately, I gave a little tug and the leash snapped in two!

A very short leash

In the photo above, you can see where the leash broke. I would say I had finally gained my freedom but Melly always takes the leash off when we are in the back pasture anyway. I wonder if a little bit of leash like that couldn’t catch on as a fashion statement? It actually looks quite becoming.

My leash flashing in the sun as I shake

You can see in the photo above how that little bit of leash makes a nice dash of color, setting off my pink skin and sorrel fur. I wonder how I would look in blue? Or maybe yellow?

Me sitting with Rick in the back pasture

The little bit of leash also gives me some color coordination with Rick and his red and black jacket. Rick always brings a chair with him wherever we go. He is pretty lazy. He would make a good capybara.

I thought I could take my time and go my own way back to the house when we left the pasture but I learned something about Melly that I never knew before, she carries a spare leash. The spare was just a short one, which was kind of worse than the one that I broke. And since this incident, only a couple of days ago, she has bought a new long leash for me to use in the creek. I am still glad I broke the old one because the new one is quite a bit longer and gives me more freedom of movement. On the other hand, it is black which is hardly appropriate for my spring wardrobe.

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