Birthday Chickens!

Me eating a Peep

Have you ever had a birthday where you got a present that was so unexpected and so confusing that you just didn’t know what to do? That’s what happened to me. Last Sunday was my very, very, super special second birthday and instead of getting corn, I got chickens!

Peeps are a little like chickens only not so noisy, despite the name. My very excellent Facebook friend Chanda Bellick sent me a box of peeps along with some rubber chickens that light up and a plush chicken that I am planning on eating. All that is very nice. My friend Dobby sent me some delicious Timothy hay and a big ball for biting. Those are great gifts. They are gifts a capybara can understand and appreciate. But Melly gave me actual chickens!

Me with Thrifty

See that photo? That is me with one of my first two chickens. These ones are Barnevelders. They are very cute but very small. Melly says they will grow and then I will be able to chase them around.

Me with Thrifty and Cheap

Melly let them run around on the front porch with me so we could get acquainted. Maybe we could do that someplace besides on top of the delicious hay Dobby gave me?

Please vacate the hay.

I find the little chicks strange and confusing. Are they even eating my hay? What are they doing sitting on it like that?

Off with you!

As you can see, I was very polite when I asked them to move. Just a gentle nudge with the nose. One went right, one went left.

Circling chickens

But before I even knew what happened, they were reunited and back on the hay! I’d say chickens are pretty smart birds!

Maple is THE BOSS!

But then Maple got involved and those two little chicks were no match for her. In fact, I think Maple could seriously give my cat friend Flopsy some hunting lessons. She got those chicks off the hay in nothing flat!

Run for your lives! The bunny is loose!

In the photo above, Thrifty is the chicken in the front and Cheap is the one in the back. Notice that neither one of them is on the hay. Maple, you are an inspiration!

YouTube Preview Image

Watch the video to see Maple’s excellent chicken herding skills.

Oakley’s herding skills are not so great

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, aren’t there three chickens in that photo? Yes, there are. Today Melly came home with two more chickens! She says she always intended to give me four. That makes no sense (like chickens make any sense anyway), because I am two. I am two, I get two chickens. That makes sense. I am two, I get four chickens. That makes no sense.

Fire Sale

Fire Sale is a Rhode Island Red chicken. She’s pretty cute but very small. I could crush her with one toe.


Bargain is a dark Brahma chicken. She has feathers on her legs which is just too confusing.

I think I will learn to love my chickens, especially if they will climb onto my back or scratch my belly. Melly seems to think they will do that when they get older. Right now they are living in a small cage in the house but Melly bought a chicken coop from My Pet Chicken and she is going to put it together this weekend. Good luck with that! Glad my capy paws mean I can’t be called on to help.

Even Oakley can keep the chickens off the hay

Those rabbits are natural born chicken herders. Even Oakley can keep them off the hay. The only problem is, now Oakley is on it! I am not certain how this chicken thing is going to work out. I will keep you posted.

14 comments to Birthday Chickens!

  • Amy D.

    I’ve learned so much about chickens, Gari! Your chicks are quite beautiful. I think I like Fire Sale the best because of her red downy feathers.

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Gari, I think you AND the chickens should write a small note of thanks to the wonderful Miss Leslie Gore for her allowing you to re-write her song “It’s My Party” into your delightful chicken song. I’m sure she’d be pretty impressed if she knew it came from a two year old capybara and his quartet of singing chicks. I found it most enjoyable.

  • You will LOVE chickens. My ducks and geese are kind of annoying and DON’T ASK ABOUT THE CAT, but I love my chickens. Did you know that you can let them in the house? I invite mine in all the time!

  • Miss Nina

    I hope they don’t peck you on the nose when they get bigger! They are very cute, and good for keeping bugs out of the yard! Enjoy your chickens! But watch out for those Chicken Hawks!

  • Alena Loiselle

    You have some beautiful litte birdies there, Gari. Enjoy! The names were KILLING me , by the way!

  • Kathryn

    It isn’t every day that a guy can be surrounded by chicks!

  • Are you a “chick magnet”? Be careful and do not step on them…they are little. Mickki would throw them in the air and watch them fall and then dance around them until they leave. Be gentle ..a nice gift for you special day.

  • Deborah Hobbs

    Happy Birthday Gari, Enjoy your babys they grow up fast.

  • Lisa J

    oh Gari, sometimes that Smelly Melly is just too silly. what is she thinking buying you chickens?? you cant even eat eggs! and besides look at them!! do they call that i cute “nose” ??? i think not. they have these stinky hard beaks instead of a nice cute bara nose.
    Melly must have something up her sleeve. just you wait and see!

  • Cara Davis

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky you wish i would get some chickens for my day .Hope they give you much enjoyment and Giggles

  • Pica&Bibiana

    Happy Birthday, Gari! We also celebrated our fourth birthday this month on the 10th. We live with four hens: Mama Cheep, Hawkins, Catnip, and Dain’tee. We think you’ll enjoy the chickens, but here’s the good news/bad news scenario: The good news is they might hop on your back once in awhile and preen the bugs and leeches, and you’ll fluff up because it feels so nice; the bad news is they will steal some of your corn.

  • francine

    Maple is a bunny with a mission!

    I love chickens, I’m sure you’ll have fun with this bunch!

  • Watching the video, I get a good sense of what a fun place your house is, always something going on with all of those animals.
    Maple is certainly a good herding rabbit. She could give the piglet Babe a run for his money.

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