Contest: My Inner Capybara


Entry #1: Bruser the Capy -(Danielle)

This is my birthday contest! I am going to be two on Sunday, March 11th and the contest is open for entries until then. To enter this contest you have to submit a photo or drawing showing you or your pet channeling your inner capybara. Examples are rolling (esp. in mud), swimming underwater, wearing a cape (like Super Capy) or a bandanna (like Caplin Rous). You can include a brief (less than 50 word) description of why the image projects your inner capybara.

I hope to see lots and lots of entries since this is going to be a fun one. It’s also a way to celebrate my birthday. I will imagine myself with all your inner capybaras and be very happy…unless no one enters and then I will be sad and lonely.

Voting will take place the following week, from Monday 3/12/12 to Sunday 3/18/12.

Prizes to be announced later, but I am sure they will be good.

Also, in celebration of my birthday, Super Capy and all of my puzzles are discounted for this week only. My calendar has also dropped to only $5 plus shipping. So check out my online store. All sales benefit the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Care.

Send your entries to:


Entry #2: Sayer & Zippy channeling their inner Caplin Rous by wearing bandannas (Sayer)


Entry #3: Carrot channeling capys with mud rolls (Milena)

Entry #4: Garibaldi & Liz 1

Entry #4: Garibaldi & Liz 1


Entry #5: Garibaldi & Liz 2

Liz’s comment:

Gari, You are my Inner Capybara.  You are always in my thoughts and dreams.  You are my desktop image when I switch on my laptop, my profile picture on FB and Youtube.  I have 5 hours of Full HD videos of you which I watch on my 1080p screen;  that means you are as close to me as is possible.


Entry #6 : Gatsby (Candice)

This is my dog Gatsby acting like a capybara lounging on the grass after stretching and rolling.  I rescued him, he had been born in a puppy mill and thrown out on the street because he had a little deformed leg.  He doesn’t even miss it now though, and he has a great life.


Entry #7: Fig Pig channeling his inner sleepy capybara (Melissa)

Entry #8: Fizz, who is a paraplegic gpig, channeling his inner capybara by swimming (Melissa)

Entry #9: Capy comic (Karine)


Entry #10: Bandanna Party! (Laurel)

Our Inner Capybara Bandanna Party!
The Chiweenies are related. Sophie is a boxer/retriever mix but Chiweenie at heart. Today we are all capybaras. We love the sun. Rolling in the dirt. The feel of grass under our fur. Cute lips. Love our humans. Life is good!
In the photo ~ Moose, Pumpkin, Sophie, Lila, Schnitzel.


Entry #11: BossyBoots Lamb Learning to Roll (MischievousCapybara)

I am Her pet lamb;  I used to be the Light of HER Life….in a time before Capybaras.  Here I am channelling  ‘My Inner Capybara’ by learning to roll.   Super and Coppy are helping me.   They said rolling in mud would be easier…. I said  “NoOOOO!”


Entry #12: Capycoppy, Reba Pig and Lil'BunE Foo Foo (Nina)

It took a bit of doing, and about 25 photos!  But I did it!  Here are Lil’BunE Foo Foo, Reba McEnPiggy and Capy Copy hanging out in the clouds.  As you can see, Lil’BunE is about the size of CapyCopy, his best buddy.  BunE is a Netherland Dwarf, and Miss Reba looks like a mini me of Garibaldi!!  In fact, my grand daughter saw a photo of Garibaldi on the calendar and wanted to know why Reba was in the bath!
(The above comment applies to the following 2 entries also)

Entry #13: Reba and Capycoppy (Nina)

Entry #14: Capycoppy & Lil'BunE Foo Foo (Nina)


Entry #15: Turtle in the mud (Morgan)

My sister’s turtle, wallowing in mud and daydreaming about capybaras and blueberries.


Entry #16: My innards (Dobby aka Dobbye)


Entry #17: Super Capy conducts a rodent rolling class (Gemma)


Entry #18: COUS (Gemma)

‘Cat of Unusual Size – our giant cat Leonidas channeling Gari, as he does his own overgrown rolling (our regular-sized cat Xen shown for scale!)

Entry #19: Bo rolls while Buddy judges (Chanda)

Entry #20: Bo & the giant rat (Chanda)

I dressed up as a giant Rat and was hoping we could play out by your pool like you and your other rat friend. Look I have cute ears and a tail. 🙂

Entry #21: Inner Capy Eating (Jolly Mar)

Here I am, getting in touch with my inner capybara – tucking into a nice plate of greenery, wearing my favourite red bandanna. 

Entry 22: Ambassador Daisy (Louise)

Daisy dog was sporting her beautiful red bandana and acting as a furry ambassador when she had her photo taken for the local paper, when my work donated to the local dogs home after they were broken into at Christmas.


14 comments to Contest: My Inner Capybara

  • Danielle

    Where do we send the pic too?

  • Kim

    Hooray! Happy almost birthday, Gari! I just bought a Super Capy to keep my Cappycopy company. <3

  • Cathy

    We should have time to submit our entry over the weekend! Happy Birthday fellow Pieces 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences with this lovely animal! Love the pics and all you do for him. I hope he lives a long life, so nice to see how well cared for he is! Good Luck!
    Happy Birthday! ♥

  • Danielle

    Everyone did such a great job! Fizz took a special place in my heart, what a cutie.

  • Kathryn

    Fizz is a darling. He reminds us that all animals are special and should be loved.

  • Sara Beth

    There were SO many great entries it was difficult to only pick 3!! I laughed so hard when I scrolled down to Dobby’s- esp the crown on his head- so true!! 🙂

  • Joe Erickson

    It was hard to pick 3, there were so many great entries!

  • lynn

    All quite terrific!!!!

  • lynn

    Melanie, the same thing is happening (as last time), the place to vote is barely visible….I shall send you a snippet of it.

  • MIlena

    I was trying to vote and it won’t let me. Two are in bold, like it thinks I have already voted, but I have not.

  • francine

    I was going to take a picture of myself napping, but I couldn’t figure out how!

  • Jennah

    Although my Cappycopy sat by the keyboard for inspiration, he still didn’t make it any easier for me to choose among these absolutely delightful entrants! What a wonderful contest! What a wonderful Gari!

  • Mary Carter

    I must say, though it was tough competition, #11, My Beloved Friend, BossyBoots Lamb, was my #1, with #8, Fizz, a very close #2 …..

    (Did I use too many comma’s ?)

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