Inner Capybara Contest Winners


Fizz has captured his true inner capybara!

Thanks to everyone for all the great entries in my contest! So many of you really seem to have an inner capybara.

First place in the contest goes to the entry above, Fizz, the paraplegic guinea pig swimming. I have to say, that does capture the essence of what it is to be a capybara. Plus, that look in his eye is just the right combination of pride, humility, hunger and demand that we capys convey. Congratulations to Melissa and Fizz for this wonderful entry.


Rolling is my super power!

Rolling is my super power and it was great to see this entry by Gemma showing how her Super Capy is teaching the rest of her plush rodents how to do it right. They all seem to be getting the hang of it pretty well.


Dobby's Inner Capybara looks just like mine!

I kind-of think Dobby Winnick cheated because he is a capybara on the outside too but I guess it is still hard to capture your inner self. Stacy keeps saying she is going to write a book full of cute drawings and activities involving capybaras. I think maybe you should all write comments telling her to get with it.

Possible prizes are:

The winners get to choose what prize they want.

The image on the mousepad

Examples of the carved "capybaras"

The carved capybaras are not perfect. Panamanians did not seem to know what we are. Certainly they did not know how many toes we have or whether we have spots. Still, they are kind of cute.

The winners are being notified by email.

10 comments to Inner Capybara Contest Winners

  • Laurel

    Congratulations Fizz! That GP deserves it! It was one we voted for.
    My GP, Molasses (Sassy) died two days before the contest started. She looked like Fizz. Fizz’s mommy is a special person to help it! Is Fizz a boy or girl?

  • Kristy Ogden

    So sorry to hear that Laurel. =( I know how bad it hurts.
    I, too, voted for Fizz. =)
    Congrats to all the winners!!

  • Liz

    Do it Stacy!!!!! Gari I love the carved cavies 🙂

  • Liz

    Fizz is adorable!!!!!! Is Fizz or Fizz’s mum on facebook?

  • Danielle

    Congrats to Gemma, Dobbye, and Fizz!

  • Danielle

    And get with it Stacey!!

  • Kathryn

    Congrats Fizz. I voted for you too! You are one strong GP with some inner capy-ness.

  • Lisa J

    i <3 Fizz!!
    Fizz' mommy deserves special hugs for loving and taking care of a parapelegic peegs!

  • Melissa B

    Thanks to all who voted for Fizz! I am in love with him and I am glad he could make you smile with his inner-capybara-ness.

    All this fame will go right to his head and it will just be demands for kale and carrots all the time now…and his cage-mate Fig will be all grumpy… 🙂

  • Mary Carter

    Yep; Fizz is a very good choice …. sorry, Bossyboots …..

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