Sssh! Top Secret Capybara Filming!


Me & Sheldon, on the set

Okay, I can’t reveal too much but I have been given clearance to tell y’all that I spent two days filming for a TV show. I can’t mention the name of the show or the channel until later but I can talk a little bit about what happened.

Ignore all those props and try to act natural

Even though I probably should have had the stage to myself, Melly, Sheldon and Coral will also be in my segment of the show. I don’t know why, they are not capybaras. Coral is pretty cute, Sheldon substantially less so and Melly, well, let’s not get into that. I don’t think I should have to share my spotlight with the non-cute. Or maybe it sets me off better?


Super Capy pyramid

The film crew did some weird things. One example is that they made these six Super Capys form a pyramid. That isn’t their superpower! Maybe if they’d made the pyramid lying on their backs in mid-roll, that would have been something. But this? This just doesn’t make any sense.


Thomas is trying to get a good shot of my nose

I had two full days of people and cameras following me everywhere! Sure they took video of me walking around the yard, swimming in my pool and in the creek, going for a walk in the neighborhood and innocent stuff like that. But, and you’re not going to believe this, they also took video of me “using my water bowl,” if you know what I mean! Does the whole world have to know about my toilet habits?


A quiet moment in the pool

Whenever I wanted some peace and quiet, I found my way out to my pool. Humans don’t go in pools when the water is cold so that took some of the pressure off. But even though they won’t go in themselves, humans will send their pesky cameras in, as I know all too well.


Underwater me

They had a really good underwater camera to capture my graceful, efficient and elegant water acrobatics. I hope they make the whole show out of those! But I don’t suppose they will.

In fact, Melly says we may all come out looking pretty bad. There was a bit of a struggle getting my harness on. When I say “bit,” I mean as in I bit someone. Melly. But not hard, just a little nip. And then they had to give up on harnessing me. I hope they don’t show that part.


Coral on the set

Of all of us, Coral may come out looking the worst. They told us to just act like ourselves but Melly said they meant to act like the people we want to be and not like who we actually are. Unfortunately, Coral seemed to have missed that. You know what they say, the camera adds 10 crazy points to your personality and, well, Coral got them.

I may write another blog post about this later, if Sheldon ever brings me his photos. And I will absolutely keep you informed when I know more about when the show will air. Sign up for blog messages (right side bar)  so I can  keep you informed.

10 comments to Sssh! Top Secret Capybara Filming!

  • Kerry Anne Kay

    Gari! I love the post. But did you have to nip Melly? Poor women. I’m glad to hear that your getting a tv segment. Can’t wait to see it!

  • I can not wait to see your program…the only problem I have is everyone will want one and right I do not have any for sale.When Caplin was on the T.V my site had so many hits it crashed and I had to start over.I guess it will be okay and I will have to answer them all.

  • Danielle

    I’m so excited for the show, Gari! I love the giant capy cut-out in the background. You do have some big shoes to fill, Caplin’s appearances were adorable–I’m sure you’re going to do just as great! There may be 2 world famous capys now. =)

  • Gari, I know exactly how you feel! Things can get pretty tense when it comes to putting on harnesses. If the process doesn’t proceed JUST SO, I get a bit testy, myself. And if I decide I don’t want to put it on, you can just forget about it! You can try again later, maybe, but right now you’d better BACK OFF!

  • Teresa

    Oh Gari….great post, and great pictures. I’ll be watching for the channel and time

  • Hickory22

    Hi gari! I love this post could you send a copy of the show because the show is most probably going to be on a channel I don’t have because I live in the uk! Love your blog and would love a pet capybara I would do anything for a capy!!!

  • lynn

    OMG OMG!
    This was great!
    Poor Coral, forever on the net w/this ‘lovely’ pic!

    I can’t wait to see you!

  • Jennah the Slowth

    These are terrific pictures: A star is born! Looking forward to seeing the top-secret filming become public! (Re: “Does the whole world have to know about my ….?” I think everyone will be overwhelmed by so much capy cuteness and will therefore forget about a certain ROUS’ on-camera trip to the water closet.)

  • Love the underwater photo. Looking forward to hearing what Coral did as well. Hope there is some way eventually of seeing the program for those of us not in the US.

  • Coral

    Thanks for posting that picture, Melanie. Lynn is right. It will be on the internet FOREVER. Why do you insist on using your capybara to embarrass me???

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