Melly’s Crazy Obsession


Melly's crazy obsession is ME!

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the craziest of them all?


I’m not making that up. I heard it on line from the Huffington Post. You can hear for yourself by following this link. I’m not saying that Melly is crazy, I’m just saying that everyone else is saying that she is. Okay, and maybe I’m saying it too.


Try to resist my cuteness...if you dare!

The only thing is, and I hate to be the one to break this story, reality TV is not reality.

That’s right. It’s all staged. Well, not the part about how cute I am or how obsessed Melly is with me, but some of the other stuff. I am assuming y’all have watched my television debut on TLCs My Crazy Obsession but if you have not, here is a top-secret link.

In general, I liked the show and I think Melly, Coral and Sheldon did too. But there are a couple of things that have to be set straight.

Just to start, I don’t think of Coral as my sister either. I don’t do that with humans, I think it’s weird.

Most importantly, I do not bite! Okay, maybe I have nipped Melly a couple of times in the past year and more that I have been living with her but she does not have to “put up with daily nips and bites”  like they said on the show. It’s just five people invaded my house, disrupted my routine, stuffed a big camera in my face and then said, “Act natural!”

Secondly, while I really did like that Sonja person, I had no idea she was supposed to be talking to me! I was quite hungry at the time and had my nose stuffed into a tub of lettuce (delicious, by the way). I don’t pay much attention to when humans talk to each other because they are quite boring. But later Melly told me I am supposed to sleep with her on the bed more. I will, but only if she’ll let me eat the pillows. She has something against that right now and she needs to work to get over it.

This pillow is mine, get your own dinner!

I would have teared up when Melly talked about Caplin Rous if I’d been listening and if capybaras could cry. I know she still misses him but I am working to fill a little bit of his pawprints.


Baby Caplin Rous

I bet I was just as cute when I was a baby but there aren’t any photos of me so I can’t prove it.

At any rate, I think my first big job as Capybara Ambassador came off pretty well. A lot of people learned that Melly is crazy but a lot also learned that capybaras exist and that we are smart, loving and adorable. For instance, here is a link to a blog post where the author says she’d like to date me if she weren’t already dating her guinea pig. And this blogger complemented me on my internet savvy.

I’d love to hear what y’all think about the show and if it has educated you about capybaras at all.

11 comments to Melly’s Crazy Obsession

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Hi Gari, the show was fantastic! YOU were fantastic! The Capybara Whisperer lady was fantastic! Melly was…… Melly. I admire her for her devotion to you. I do not think devotion is the same as “obsession.” Still, the show is not called “My Crazy Devotion”. If it were, probably no one would watch it! Personally, I thought everyone did quite well given the relentless demands of you and Melanie becoming reality TV stars. Just one request. PLEASE do not end up like those crazy Kardashians! They are really obsessed!

  • Chanda Bellick

    I think it was very exciting to see you interact with Melly, Coral and Sheldon.
    I do not think Melly is crazy at all, I spend as much time with my dogs and sometimes even more. When we get are capi baby he will be treated just like are dogs and go everywhere with us. The people that say Melly is crazy just do not know how to open their hearts and love something or someone other than themselves.

  • Liz

    At first as I was watching the show I thought WOW Melly may be a little crazy for the Capys but then I realized I’m that way with my beloved dog who has cancer. I completely understand how MElly feels about her angel baby Caplin!

  • Teresa

    I think Bonnie V said it best–And I echo her. If it was called “My Crazy Devotion:, they’d have trouble getting an audience to watch it. Oh yeah, please please do not end up like those crazy Kardashians…lol

  • Danielle

    I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me this past week and said, “Danielle, that rodent thing you like is on that TLC show.” Well….DUH! I think it has brought to peoples attention that there is an animal called the capybara and it is indeed a giant rodent. I randomly saw a picture on a website (9gag, I think) where they did a joke of a bunch of random animals wearing something (I can’t for the life of me remember) and I saw this thing called a capybara. So naturally, I googled this mysterious looking creature and low and behold Caplin Rous popped up all over the web! I started reading this blog, looking at his pics, then I realized he had passed. I’m not going to lie, I actually started tearing up and crying! I felt like such a dork, but within hours I just fell in love with the “little” guy. I was so happy to read Melly’s post about taking you in Gari and think it was wonderful for her and you! I am glad she is bringing awareness to the capybara, and doing a damn good job. While Caplin Rous does have quite the paw print to fill, you’re doing great. Just like every animal, you have your own personality and it’s just as wonderful. I think you are hysterical, (I have to remind myself that there is a human behind your posts) because I have it in my mind capybara’s communicate via Twitter and Facebook. Anyways, I’m glad you did the show and think it was great. As with many “reality” shows it can be quite skewed, but the awareness (and of course cuteness) is what matters. Go Gari!

  • Danielle

    @Bonnie and @Teresa, hahaha, I can see them coming out with “Kapybara Kardashian Konfidential.” Or “Krazy for Kapybara.” There sure do have a strong pattern of turning words that begin with a ‘C’ to a ‘K’.

  • Milana

    I must say, while watching the Youtube clip I got a bit of a surprise when I saw myself in a picture with Caplin at 4:59-5:00! Uhh, best late night Youtube surprise ever, right?!

    That said, I don’t think Melanie looks crazy on this. Eccentric, yes, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. I watched a short clip of some of the other people on this show… and some of them really ARE nuts. There’s definitely a difference between being obsessed with living creatures and being obsessed with creepy dolls and pretending they’re talking. Overall I was impressed that TLC didn’t manipulate the truth to make you look absolutely insane.

    Also, what’s so weird about celebrating a pet’s birthday? I give my bird a new toy and her favorite food on her hatchdate.

  • Mischievous Capybara

    Gari, it IS weird that Melanie won’t let you eat the pillows; I’m entirely with you on that one… of course if it was ‘MY pillow” that would be different.

    You could always choose to be the ‘Greta Garbo’ of the capy world. The more ‘hard to get’ you become, the more the world will be desperate to catch a glimpse of you…the paparazzi will be out in force and you will never even have to leave your garden to achieve fame and be a powerful capy ambassador

  • Vizma

    Hi Gari! I enjoyed the show but I thought that the cameras would have captured at least one eep! I have been reading your blog for a while now and it always makes me smile – thank you for sharing your life with us!!
    PS. I agree with Bonnie too – Melly does not hav an obsession, it is devotion to a furry family member!!

  • Anna

    So nice to see something worth watching on reality TV! I loved it 🙂 Having owned guinea pigs for years some of them just have a more reticent personality, and you can be doing everything right and one of them is still shy! One of boys purrs a lot and nibbles me to communicate (doesn’t hurt) and the other is the leader and doesn’t say much. They are both content in their own way though. I love watching tv and petting something warm and soft, it’s one of life’s great simple pleasures. Having a capy in bed while you’re relaxing before sleep= best thing ever 🙂 Ps, my guinea pigs except nothing less than organic salad mix or cos lettuce. They eat better than I do! : 0

  • rose

    I couldn’t understand why it was called ‘crazy’ or ‘obsession’ when the program clearly shows a woman with love & compassion for a creature that she is the guardian of. (don’t mean creature in a negative way) for the people who don’t think she is normal- what is normal?- selfishness, rudeness, ignorance. I take it as a compliment when i’m told i’m not normal.

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