PetCo: Where the Pet Doesn’t Want to Go


Grassing in the grass is a gas

Last weekend started out just like any other. I was my normal, adorable self, swimming in my pool and grazing in my yard.


Where's my grass?

After a while I decided to go inside. Grazing is nice and all, but it is way too much work. You take a few bites and then you have to move. It’s annoying. In the house, there is usually a big wooden bowl that Melly fills with grass for me. It is so much nicer when she picks the grass. I can lie in one place, eat and eat, and then when I’m done, I give a little eep for Melly to refill the bowl.  This usually works perfectly.

But on this day, a bad thing happened. Melly and Rick decided to put my harness on. I don’t mean on them, which would have been fine, I mean on me! If you have seen my appearance on TLC’s My Crazy Obsession, then you know that I do not like getting harnessed. Nevertheless, I do not bite unless there are cameras around.


Where are we going? And why? Why? Why!

Before I knew what was happening, they had me bundled into the car. At least my Rick went with me. It makes me calmer when he is around. I do not trust Melly to really protect me.


I do not believe pets want to go here

I don’t know why I think my Rick will protect me better than Melly, he is disabled after all. And Melly can be pretty fierce when the mood strikes her. Even so, I stuck to my Rick like a capybara on corn!

I will have to give Melly some kudos though. It is not easy taking photographs while holding my leash.


Save me! Please.

I didn’t know what to do once we got inside, other than stick to my Rick. Melly said the store wasn’t very crowded but it was a lot more crowded than my yard! We saw at least 10 people there, which is 10 too many, if you ask me.


Nose-to-knee with Rick

When I am really scared, this is how I walk, with my nose to the back of Rick’s knee. Sometimes I bump his leg so it’s a good thing he has that walker.


Two little guinea pigs

There were two cute little guinea pigs in a cage there. I think they were just as scared as I was.


Cone? What cone?

I got so scared while we were looking at the guinea pigs that I actually peed on the floor! I am so humiliated. But the PetCo people were very nice about it. They didn’t yell at me or tell me I had to leave. They said dogs do that all the time. I guess they know how to make their point, no one wants to be compared to a dog.


Wash away your cares

Back at Capybara Creek, I forgot about the whole thing. It’s a good life being a pet capybara, but I have to learn to relax a little more, even when I’m not in the water.

14 comments to PetCo: Where the Pet Doesn’t Want to Go

  • You are such a sweet little boy…hope you got a surprise It was nice to go with your buddy.

  • rosenatti

    Rick’s expression is priceless in the pee & cone picture.

  • Chanda Bellick

    Gari that was so brave of you to go to Pet Co with Melly and Rick. I am sure with a few more outings you will get use to crowded isles and people all around that want to kiss your cute little nose.

  • Come on now, Gari! You can do better than a little pee, can’t you?

  • Teresa

    Oh Gari
    Keep on going. it will get easier over time and you won’t have to bite anyone.

  • Ratfancy

    I love this little charming story – thanks for sharing!

  • Oh, Gari. But the title is so true for my PetCo. The fish are crowded, the guinea pigs look like they’ve never had their cages cleaned, the birds never tweet… At least yours is clean!

  • Laurel

    Awwwwww! Our dogs don’t like Petco either. But, it’s good to get out and learn to be around people where pets are actually allowed! An adventure! :o}

  • Tanya

    It looks like you made it ok Gari!!! You are very cute and you have inspired me to want a Capybara as well. You were very cute on TV!!!! :::::Big Hug to you:::::

  • Hope

    Gari, your little stories make my day. You are just delicious and I would like one of your relatives to live with us!

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Hi Gari,
    This was an excellent blog. I found out that we have some things in common. Like Rick, I too use a walker. It looks exactly like Ricks except mine is red. Don’t think for a minute that because he is disabled he can’t protect you. People with disabilities can do awesome things because their other skills are more enhanced.. I’ll bet Rick could yell really loud and make lots of noise if someone tried to bother you. I know I can yell real loud—if I need to. The other thing we have in common is that my dog does not like Petco either. When we take her there she usually sits down and refuses to move unless we can bribe her with treats. She also peed there once too. The Petco folks are pretty used to that.

  • I too use a walker. Mine is in blue and has a basket but sadly no seat. Would love to be in my local Tesco or Sainsbury with Gari behind me. Wouldn’t be long though before the health and safety brigrade are there. Guess I could always say he was an “assistant capy.”

  • Stephanie Labbate

    I’m glad you made to PetCo and back home safely! I love your stories, please keep sending them! It’s so good to have your Capy slave, Rick, to protect you!

  • I cannot go into PETCO, without feeling awful,so since my last guinea pig,my darling BANDIT passed,I have’nt gone in. Bandit lived to 9 1/2 yrs. She was a multi-colored longhair and my best girl. I cry,I can’t help it thinking of her. I have had many piggies in my life and they were ALL special,each with different personalities and talents. I spent lots of time with them so I know how amazingly smart and intuitive they are. I definitely have a strong and deep feeling for caring for them and having them allow me to be a part of their lives so stupendously. I don’t know what it is,maybe some pastlife connection with peruvian peoples that honored them and even housed them in sacred pyramids I read,alongside human ones.They were able to exist at very high altitudes where the GODS were said to reside. When I actually saw that capybara I almost wept with happiness. I too am one of you,and that nose just called out to me. Even if I never own one,which I don’t like to think of,just to scratch that nose and watch them swim and have alittle talk would be wonderful.I’ve also had a chincilla,Lilly that I rescued,actually from petco,who was another love of my life.I am looking to move from New York very soon and need a place where I can have a few guys that need attention,so anywheres a possibility. I don’t wantto seem like some crazy petowner who just wants to get a pet at all costs. It would have to be right for the cappy first and foremost. The best environment and food supply and flora.Yours have brought much joy to me and i hope most stay in their habitat unless the persons can prove a sustainable home. I’ll read on,and thank you much.

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