Super Stalkers: Liz and Marc Capaldi


Liz feeding me while Marc mans the camera

I am happy to say that I have two of the best capybara stalkers in the world! Nay, dare I say, I have the two very best capy stalkers? I do not see how it can be otherwise. Liz and Marc Capaldi are so obsessed with me that even I can hardly believe it.

Marc and Liz visited me both days this weekend. They have come before and are even thinking of moving to Austin just to be near me! (And maybe some family or something but I’m sure that’s just to make them seem less crazy.)

Is this the nose you love?

Saturday Liz forgot her “swimming costume” (Britishisms are so cute!) so she couldn’t get in the water with me. To make it up to her, I did a bunch of cute behaviors and maneuvers that can be appreciated from above water.

Look at me now! Can you stand the cute?

My underwater rolling gets them every time. No one can resist it. Just a little hint of a smile and a couple of bubbles and people fall completely in love with me. I kind of wasted it on the Capaldi’s though because they already love me, especially Liz.

Admiring me from a-near

I am pretty sure I am just as cute from behind as I am from the front. Still, maybe this is the reason the day went bad. How badly did the day go? Just look at the next photo.

Let's go already

That is me at the Vietnamese restaurant in Kyle, Texas. Those who know me, know that I do not like to go places. This was not my idea and there wasn’t even any food there for me. Okay, I got a couple of cobs of corn but Melly and Rick brought those with us. I could have more easily eaten them at home.

A pet does not cover this, Liz.

Of course, Liz tried to pet me to calm me down but that really doesn’t cut it, does it? If she really loved me, would she allow me to be tortured like this? On the other hand, I am pretty sure the whole thing was Melly & Rick’s idea. I think they love me, so why did they do this?

That was all on Saturday. Sunday was a brand new day. This time Liz remembered her swim costume.


Spin me!


From inside the pool I am a lot more fun. In case you didn’t know, I like to roll. Rolling is my superpower. I practice it all the time. And I appreciate a little help perfecting my form, as Liz is demonstrating in the photo above. This is fun, but it is also serious business. Someday the world is going to rely on my rolling ability so I need to keep it at it’s highest level of perfection.

Spin practice

Still photos do not do my rolling justice so you’re going to have to watch the video. This should be a pleasure, but it is also a duty. When the time comes, you may be the one who has to make the decision to call on me to save the world. It is best if you know exactly how amazing my superpower is.


Okay, you can get some idea of my rolling powers from still photos like the one above. This photo demonstrates the super nature of my ability. Did you notice I am just as cute upside-down? That is it! Most things are not even cute at all when they are upside-down. They just make you nervous and confused. Everything except me.

Most of me

Melly says I am like an iceberg, 90% of me is underwater when I swim. That is except when 100% of me is underwater!

Trick for treat

Liz tried to get me to do tricks for a few bites of corn-on-the-cob. Usually I am pretty good about this but Liz’s British accent confused me a bit.

If you want me to stand, why did you signal circle?

Do accents extend to hand signals? I guess they must because I know people who speak sign language in England can’t even understand American sign language. At any rate, I kept misinterpreting Liz’s signals. At first it was frustrating but later I did it on purpose because it was funny.

Give me your paw? But where's yours?

I had no idea what Liz wanted me to do in this photo but I was getting dizzy from the circles so I decided to try “gimme your paw.”

I am a big, beautiful capybara

Eventually I figured out that Liz wanted me to sit up on my hind legs. Humans think this is cute because it reminds them of themselves.

There was one more thing we did. We got in the car and went to a local school.

You lead, I'll follow

Melly and Rick are always pushing me outside my comfort zone. That makes me…uncomfortable. They say I have to do it if I’m going to be a good Capybara Ambassador. It almost makes me want to quit. But I did it. I went in the car. I climbed on the playground toys. It is so hard to live up to Caplin Rous’ legacy.

12 comments to Super Stalkers: Liz and Marc Capaldi

  • Liz

    Such fun to see Liz with Gari. Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend 🙂

  • Valentina

    Go Gari!!!!!!

  • Chanda Bellick

    Gari you looked so cute giving Liz your cute paw. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful stalker friend that loves you so much.
    I hope that one day I can come and stalk you too.

  • francine

    I am so envious! What a great friend to his admirers Gari is!

  • Lisa Santiago

    OMG Gari, u r truly talented!! I wish I didnt live so far away in NY…cause I would love to meet u!!!…

  • rosenatti

    Gari, you look like a furry manatee when you’re in the water. This is a good thing!

  • lynn

    Liz are you seriously thinking of Austin as home base???
    It can only be ’cause of Gari!

  • Danielle

    That was adorable! I love the shot of “give me your paw.” Very cute. One step closer to Capbassador. =)

  • Bonnie

    Best blog ever. Though I really loved your Petco blog. In this one, you’ve outdone yourself. The photos of your rolling techniquevare first class. Getting to see Liz Capaldi in her swimming costume, giant red hat and other similar attire was a huge bonus.

  • Mary Carter

    You could not have a better fun and funny friend than Liz — even though she talks funny …..

  • Mischievous Capybara

    Gari, you are so special, I love you more than ever! You have made our visit to Austin (don’t tell my brother who I hadn’t seen for 10 years until our reunion in Austin). You are so much fun to play with in water. Fantastic photographs. Melanie could have called this blog “Beauty and the Beast”. Please don’t associate us with those frightening ambassadorial visits in the car. I was really impressed with the way you knew exactly in which direction to go to get home, when you took us on that merry chase towards the far corner of the children’s ‘field’…Only to discover a very strong metal fence impeding your progress directly home. You then located a hole leading under it, but not, unfortunately, a capybara sized hole. You sat and looked at that hole for a very long time…but it didn’t grow any bigger. You were so patient with my pathetic rolling technique; You are such a natural Diplomat, tell Melanie you don’t need to become a Capbassador as well

  • Stephanie Labbate

    It’s good to have Capy stalkers! I’m on the receiving end of stalking — my guinea pigs stalk me when they are out of their cages. They stalk me and their Daddy slave for snacks! Keep pracicing your rolling Superpower — never know when it will come in handy!

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