Kapi’yva Exotics: Part II


#1) Scarlet and Scarlotta

Owner’s blog:

I was going to write a nice blog about all the capybaras at Kapi’yva Exotics, showing photos of each along with us interacting with them, but when I went through all of my photos I realized there are just too many of Garibaldi’s mom, Scarlet, and baby sister, whom I call Scarlotta, that I have to share. So I am dedicating this post to just these two capybaras. Hope y’all don’t mind.

#2) Scarlotta

I don’t really have a lot to say about each photo so instead I decided to just have a kind-of photo contest. I have numbered each shot and put a poll in the right side bar for you to vote for your favorite. (If you are reading this sometime in the distant future, I am sorry to say that the poll will be gone.)


#3) Scarlotta

She is sure a cutie.

#4) Scarlet

Maybe Garibaldi gets his good looks from his mother.


#5) What an expressive face Scarlet has!

#6) Coral feeding Scarlet through the fence

#7) Mother and baby

It seems as if Scarlotta has the fur on her neck standing up in Garibaldi’s signature mohawk!


#8) Mothers and daughters never get along

#9) This is the big girl bath

#10) I just need a few minutes of peace!


#11) Well, I guess you ARE a big girl!


#12) Lean on me


#13) Ah, that feels good


#14) Scarlotta back on dry ground

Don’t forget to watch the video!

7 comments to Kapi’yva Exotics: Part II

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Hi Melly and all the Capys. I love all your pictures. Mel, you are so lucky to be able to hold such a Blessed Bundle of Cuteness. I cannot believe that a 1 day old Capy is so active. I want a house full of them. Garibaldi Rous has such a great life with you. Don’t ever stop sending pictures. I treasure them all. Give the Capys a big hug and kiss from me. Blessings, Ann

  • Hickory22

    I want ONE!!!!!!!!

  • That was a fun visit! It is a beautiful facility and we were so lucky to have so many tiny baby capys to see that day!

  • Liz

    So incredibly cute! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Chanda Bellick

    This is really going to be tough. All the photos are great!

  • Danielle O'Sullivan

    Love your captions! “Mothers and daughters never get along” cracked me up.

  • Nic

    The pics of the mom and baby capy in the pool remind me of when I used to cuddle with my mom in bed and I used to call her Momby.

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