School Visit: Cedar Creek Elementary

It looks like rain, let's stay home.

I know I am a Capybara Ambassador (Capybassador)(in training) but I don’t know why that means I have to leave the comfort of my own home. Can’t I do everything through social media and TV? (More on that in my next blog post!) But no, Melly is all, “Sure, Gari would love to come visit your school!” I’m not saying I don’t want to visit, just that I’m scared.

Do I look miserable?

One of the things I really don’t like about going places is my harnesses. I don’t like getting them on and I don’t like wearing them. To add insult to injury, Smelly has now decided that I need to wear a bandanna along with my harnesses. Sure, the bandanna shows off the fire in my eyes, but I wouldn’t have any fire in my eyes without those stupid harnesses. I’m just lucky Melly only makes me wear two!

Don't drive so fast!

Car rides are also scary, especially when Sheldon drives. I think he goes too fast. The wheels practically come off the ground when he takes a corner! Do you see how blurry things are out the front window in the photo above? The world is not supposed to blur like that. It is unnatural.

I don't know how the car got so dirty

Seriously, you cannot blame me for how dirty the car is. Let’s just say that I don’t think Smelly has ever cleaned it. At least not since I’ve known her. My paws, my teeth and my treats have nothing to do with it.

In the above photo we had just arrived at the school. I thought maybe we could just turn around and go home if I stayed in the car but Melly wasn’t having any of it.

Dead capybara walking

I followed Sheldon into the school with Melly picking up the rear. It actually looked pretty nice from the outside.

Sheldon does not know how to wear his shoes. The ones he has on in the photo above are not slip-ons. They have a back part that he is pushing down with his heel because he is too lazy to put them on right. I’m glad I don’t have to wear shoes.

Sometimes I'm so brave I scare myself

Once inside I followed a person named Gail down to where I was to meet the kids. The school was nice and clean and the walk wasn’t too far. Only a few people stopped to marvel at me.

Settling in

I got there before the kids so I had a chance to check the place out. Melly brought me a towel from home but I didn’t need it. Anyway, I would have rather had one of my beds.

A capybara connection

Soon the kids came filing in and plopped themselves down on the floor. Once they had settled down, Melly started talking. Oh my gosh! I never realized what a talker she is! Or maybe she just talks a lot when she is talking about me. Actually, I think that’s it. She knows a lot about me and about other capybaras so she’s got a bunch of material to cover. These kids knew a tremendous amount too! Melly was shocked when they knew the words amphibian and incisors. Two good words. I’m not an amphibian but I am amphibious and I have great big rodent incisors. Even though Melly told the kids that my teeth are razor sharp, no one was too afraid to pet me.

Did you notice that Melly is wearing a tshirt with my photo on it? Normally she wears her 3-Capybaras shirt but I am proud that she finally wore one of me.

YouTube Preview Image

Me and Melly teaching kids about capybaras

That is kind of a long video but if you watch the whole thing I think you will be surprised at how well I did. Sure I was sweating a bit. Let’s say it was hot in there, not that I was nervous. But look how I let all the kids pet me without even thinking about biting any of them! In fact, all eighty kids got to pet me!

Aren't we going to play a bit first?

All too soon our school visit was over. I think I might be up to doing it again sometime. Not soon, but sometime.

When we got outside, I realized it had rained. There were some very appealing puddles but Melly would not let me go roll in them. Why don’t we ever do what I want to do? Well, such is the life of a Capybassador (in training).

12 comments to School Visit: Cedar Creek Elementary

  • rosenatti

    You did really well, Garibear. And I really liked Smelly’s shoes.

  • Danielle

    Good job, Gari! I’m quite impressed with all the questions the kids came up with on the papers on the wall. 80 kids pet you without even th tiniest bite?! That’s very impressive!

  • lynn

    Gari did GREAT!!!
    I’m impressed!☺☺☺☺

  • Jennah

    Thank you for sharing this encounter between ace capybassador (in training) Gari and these inquisitive children! They will probably always remember their visit with rodent royalty!

  • Tea Cavy

    It looked like you almost had fun. Those kids sure loved you.

  • Chanda Bellick

    Gari your ambassador training is coming along so nice. I am so proud of you, I love you and want to kiss your cute nose 🙂

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Gari, you’re doing SO well as an Ambassador! You were VERY brave during your visit to the school. I’m SO proud of you! You’re stylin’ with the bandanna! I’m sure Melly LUVS to talk about you! I sure can go on and on about my guinea pigs! And I can’t forget — your are sUCH a handsome boy! Would LUV to kiss and pet your cute nose! Keep up the good work!

  • You are one brave dude, Gari! Kids make funny noises and move unpredictably! You are looking very professional these days!


    My dear capyfriend Gari !
    You have been very brave at Elementary school!
    And you have done your job as an ambassador of
    the capybaras to all men in the world!
    The school-kids will never forget you !!
    GARI,-I`m very proud of you !
    You have made little children happy and won
    a lot of friends!!
    Now, some more children can say:
    ” We have seen GARIBALDI! He was in OUR school!!”

  • Janet Lutkus

    You did so well Gari! I felt so nervous for you just looking at all those kids in the video. They sure have a lot of energy and jump around so unpredictably. Tonight I had some major catching up to do to get current on all your adventures — the visit to Texas U, Melly’s trip to see your parents, and your training adventures — and now your visit to school! I’m so pleased to be contacted regularly and invited to read your blog. You are a beautiful creature. Keep up the good work! Love, Janet

  • Thomas beattie

    Gari if only you could come to my school 🙂

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