Cat y 'bara

I can’t get Melly to write a real blog post today because she says she is “busy.” She is busy getting ready to LEAVE ME for two and a half weeks! What will I do? Of course, I’ll still have Rick but he doesn’t go swimming with me. He doesn’t pamper me…as much. Anyway, I hate to leave you guys for so long without a blog post so I am doing this quick one of me and Flopsy the Killer Cat.

Pillow cat

At first Floppers was pretty scared of me but as the weeks dragged on, he become more accustomed to my face. But not more accustomed to my face resting on his belly. Apparently that is not allowed.

Sleeping alone

Flopsy had the most annoying habit of sleeping places where I cannot get. I think he did that on purpose.

Upside down cat

I’m not sure he ever looks comfortable up on weird ledges or in strange positions. I would never sleep all twisted up like that.

Sleeping on the computer

I have to admit, I might be a little jealous that he got to be right with Melly when she was “working.” Melly never lets me sleep on the computer. She never even lets me put a paw on it.

Cats bite

Star Flops has some bad habits regarding cohabitation. I don’t know if he’d get along with other cats but he had some issues with me and my co-pets, even aside from not letting me sleep on him. In the above photo, you can see that he *bit* Super Capy on the ear! Luckily Super Capy flew right out of there and no one was really injured.

Is he trying to catch Bakersfield?

There were some issues when Melly was cleaning out Bakersfield’s cage. Either Floppers thought he could live in there with Bakes, which he cannot because he is too large, or he was hunting him, in which case he is the world’s worst hunter. He’s lucky Bakes didn’t bite his tail.

Fish like water, cats don't

He kept trying to catch the fish and I think he would have succeeded, maybe, if they didn’t live in the water. Floppers doesn’t like water.

Maple doesn't look scared

My two rabbit co-pets didn’t think much of Flopsy. He was always threatening them but he didn’t really like coming out of the house.

Looking for big fish

Flopsy did come out with me once. I think he was looking for giant fish in my pool. There weren’t any though, just me.

The hunter at work

The only thing Flopsy could catch was these plastic animals Melly had glued to the wall. There used to be a lot of them.

Eating a plastic lizard

I liked when he pulled the plastic animals down because they are kind-of tasty. Flopsy didn’t eat any of them, although he did carry them around in his mouth for a while. I ate the whole tail off of this one before Melly took it away.


I think Flopsy better stick to getting his food like this. I know he was a stray but I just don’t see how he could survive on his own wits, bless his heart.


9 comments to Catybara

  • Malkah

    Oh, Flopsy!! <3

  • gella bailey

    I have three cats that I adore and I want a capybara more than anything!! where do I go to proceed in the adoption of a happy, healthy, pet capybara?

  • Kathryn

    What adorible photos! The little pink kitty nose is so sweet!

  • Gella: wonderful as capys are you need to think very carefully if you are able to care for one. They are expensive to buy and arrange for transporting to your state or country (several hundred pounds when I last looked). More importantly, have you the facilities for a capy to live? Large grassy area with space for a pool and somewhere so capy can roll in the mud! Do you and any family have the time to spend and be there? Melly works from home so she is able to be there most of the time. Don’t like to appear to be off putting but it is a big decision. Hard enough with a dog:-). Why not email Melly and find out what is involved? Best of luck.

  • Danielle O'Sullivan

    Fabulous photos!

  • lynn marcotte

    I sure have become a big fan of Flopsy’s!!!
    Now where is Coral to continue?

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Love yr stories, Gari! Maple is SUCH a beautiful bunny! I didn’t realize you had so many “co-pets” (I like that term). We will miss your posts while your Melly is gone! Take good care of Rick!

  • caroline

    We love cats and capys! I will miss your blog next week, Gari – your gorgeous photos always cheer me up. We’d love a capy of our own to cuddle but as we don’t have a swamp and pool we just dream about you!

  • A lot of animals live at your house, Gari! All of them are cute. I think Flopsy may be afraid of Maple, but maybe we should let on that we know?
    Safe journey to Melly & you try to be good for Rick till she gets back, OK?

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