Summertime is Pool Time

Summertime is pool time

Make no mistake, I go swimming every single day of the year, or close enough, but summertime is pool time. In the summer, the water is warm, the air is warm, I’m warm. That’s all good. I don’t like cold water or cold air and most especially cold me. I’ll deal with it if I have to, but it is not nearly so fun as when everything is warm. It’s been in the mid-90s here every day for some time so even though I guess it’s not technically summer until June 21st, it pretty much feels like it.

Playing with Rick

There are four games that I really like to play. The first is a game I play with Rick. He never gets in the pool with me so I have to swim over to the side to play with him. Then he can grab me and throw me back, which I love.

Rick throwing me in the pool

You can see how fun getting thrown is from the photo above. That was in January! I told you, the pool is too fun not to swim in every day. He did that to me today too but Melly says it is hard to catch on film.


Spin me!

The second game is where Rick and I play fight. He grabs me and I pretend to struggle to get away. During the course of my struggles, I almost always manage to get in a few good rolls. You’ll recall that rolling is my superpower and I must constantly work at perfecting my form.

Playing with Rick while upside down

I am quite comfortable upside down, although not all capybaras are. Caplin Rous never went upside down and neither does his brother, Dobby Winnick. That is part of what makes rolling my superpower, it wouldn’t be super if everyone could do it.

Upside down on the bottom of the pool

Sometimes, if Rick throws me back hard enough, I get all the way to the bottom of the pool while still on my back. This demonstrates my great skill in this area and I am always thrilled when it happens.

The capybara in the water goes round and round

Another pool game I like involves Melly getting in the pool with me. She won’t do that unless the water is very warm (today it was about 88 degrees F), which is another reason why pool time is more fun in the summer. In this game, I swim up to Melly and let her grab my paws. You can see that she is holding one of my front paws in the photo above. The paw is kind of sticking out of the picture.

Another shot of Melly holding my paw

Once Melly has my paw, she drags me through the water. This is especially fun if she drags me in a circle, which she usually does. I love the feel of the water flowing over my body. Usually she drags me on the surface, but sometimes I go underwater for a little way.

Melly sometimes drags me underwater

Melly and I play another game that she calls dancing but that requires both of her hands. That means she doesn’t have a free hand to work the camera (It would be nice if she did have three hands though, wouldn’t it?), so we can’t get any photos. In the dancing game, I put my hind paws on her knees and she holds my front paws. Then we go waltzing around the pool together! I wish I could show you how fun that is!

Playing in the pool today first with Rick, then with Melly

I hope you’ll watch the video of me playing in the pool today. Video captures how fun it is better than stills. (Don’t tell Melly I said that, she is some kind of photography fanatic!)

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8 comments to Summertime is Pool Time

  • KathMac

    Gari, what fun to see you in the pool! No matter how my day is going, I always smile (and sometimes chuckle) when I read your blog and see your photos and videos. I’m glad Mellie is such an avid photographer!

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Hello my sweet Capybara! It was fun looking at your pictures and video. You have so much fun with Melly. She is so wonderful and keeps your life fun and interesting. I look forward to getting your blogs and am so excited when I see them in my e-mail.I really want to meet you and Melly so bad. I wish you weren’t so far away. I would love to come and play with you. We could have so much fun. Maybe someday. Melly, you are such a great person. I first found out about Capybaras when I saw the show on t.v. about obsessions and that’s when I fell in love with your Capy. I will keep that show so I can keep watching it whenever I want. I guess I am obsessed too. And there is nothing wrong with that. I think it is the greatest!!! I love you all. Blessings and Peace, Ann Bednarek

  • rosenatti

    Gari, you truly are master of the waters.

  • lynn marcotte

    It’s always a pleasure (great) to read your blog.
    I LOVE it!

  • Lisa

    oh Gari the summertime is so great! im glad you are having so much fun but dont tell your friend Dobby! i hear his pool is not working out as well!!!

  • Nic

    Big air bubble in top left corner in the last pic.

  • Teresa

    I always love your pictures–and the videos of you, too, and the blog!
    It looks like you having a good time in the hotter Summer weather!

  • Danielle O'Sullivan

    “Upside down on the bottom of the pool”– you’re absolutely smiling! I love reading about your happy cappyness. Melly and Rick are fantastic! Enjoy the summer.

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