Caplin Day 2012

Caplin eating a popsicle

Owner’s blog:

I debated about what to post today. It’s a hard day for me, a day when I miss Caplin Rous more than ever. This would have been a big birthday for him. Five big years old. We would have had a party in a park like we did for his second birthday. All his fans would have been wishing him another happy year. By now he would have eclipsed Capyboppy, his only contender for the World’s Most Famous Capybara title. Instead I try to promote Caplin Day, aka Capybara Awareness Day, to keep his memory from dying.

Anyway, I decided to do something simple, to just post two photos. The one above was taken in November 2010 and shows Caplin Rous eating a popsicle, the signature food of a Caplin Day celebration.

Garibaldi Rous eating a popsicle

This is the only other photo I’m posting. In celebration of Caplin Day, Garibaldi Rous ate his first popsicle.

Don’t forget that if you’d like to buy a Caplin Rous Commemorative Necklace, today is the last day they are on sale for $15. Supplies are limited. $1 from the sale of each necklace goes to the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine, founded in Caplin’s honor.

11 comments to Caplin Day 2012

  • Chris

    I miss keeping up with Caplin’s adventures and seeing his unique personality through photos. I share in your mourning for him. I am also thankful that you brought Gari in to your life and I have grown to appreciate him in many of the same ways that I did Caplin. Thank you.

  • Well…Caplin I have thought about you all day. I know you are missed by so many people. The loss of a favorite capy is one of the worse to have to go though. I miss my Little every day. I look at Mickki and I see Little. I try really hard not to compare but it is so hard..esp. when I call her by the wrong name.Gari please fill the thoughts for Melly as she needs you today.We loved you Caplin.

  • Malkah

    So many hugs for Melly & Gari today.

  • Teresa

    I had myself a delicious popsicle today in Caplin’s memory, and encouraged others to do the same! 🙂

  • Cathy

    Caplin will never be forgotten, you can be sure of that!

  • Venita

    Hi Melanie,
    My caps and I are thinking of you and Caplin a lot today. We even ate a popsicle in his honour. He will be remembered in our hearts forever and ever.
    Hugs from afar!!!

  • Kim

    We love you, Melanie and Gari, as much as we miss Caplin. My necklace arrived today and it’s quite cute — it has the same color popsicle as Mr. Gari is eating in the second photo. I hope you two have many long and amusing years together!

    And Gari, how was the popsicle?

  • Milana

    The picture of Gari eating his first popsicle is really powerful. It tugged at my heart strings.

  • Chanda bellick

    Caplin was an amazing capy, so thankful that you have continued to keep is spirt alive.
    I’m sorry for you loss Melly you were a terrific owner, Gari is so lucky to have you now.

  • Gemma Taylor

    Thinking of you today Melly. Caplin did so much in the world, he brought Capybaras into my life and so many others. Hope Garibaldi is helping to keep your spirits up as much as is possible – it was lovely to see him eat his first popsicle on Caplin Day. Love to you all x

  • Stephanie

    That’s SO funny that these beasties like popsicles 🙂 Keep the stories about capys coming!

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