Run, Capybara, Run!

Running on my leash

I am not big on running but Melly is big on photographing me running. It’s one of our many conflicts. You can see in the photo above that I am not easy to photograph when I am going fast. I tend to blur due to my great speed! (Just kidding!) I am much better at sleeping, but we’ll get to that in my next post.

YouTube Preview Image
Video of me running.

But Melly has been making a real effort to capture a non-blurry image of me at full speed. See what you think.

Looks like the camera focused on that piece of grass

Apparently, I am a speed demon!

It's a good thing she isn't into sports photography

I have to admit that most of those were taken with her little point-and-shoot underwater camera. Her DSLR camera that she usually hounds me with has been in the shop most of the past two months.

Look ma, no feet!

That’s a pretty cute photo of me. If only I had a Super Capy Cape! (And if only I would be willing to wear it!) I think I look like I am flying!

Coming in for a landing?

I don’t think I usually run with my tongue sticking out but unless Melly get some more non-blurry photos, we will never know. I should be humiliated by this photo but instead I am just proud of how cute my tongue is.

You may notice that in most of these photos I am wet. That is because I usually run to the house when I get out of the pool and so Melly knows to lie in wait for me with her camera. I run around the house too, though. When no one will pay attention to me, I run up and down the hallway and roar. This Melly will never catch on film because the minute she pays attention to me, I stop doing it.



Melly got one more photo of me running, this time a side view which the little camera can handle better.


Capybara Olympics here I come!


Addendum 2:

Melly got one more photo of me running!

I don't want to hear any fat jokes.

12 comments to Run, Capybara, Run!

  • Chanda bellick

    Gari you look like your ready for the Olympics. I need to get me a super Capi cape and run with you.

  • Oh my, all these action shots of Gari! I kinda like the blurred ones, you get a definite feeling of motion in them. And I didn’t realize capys ran so much. I always learn something here at Gari’s blog.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Gari, you look like a wild, free Capy when you’re running. You DO have a cute pink tongue. My guinea pigs have cute tongues too — it “runs” in the family.

  • Tea Cavy

    How fast are you? Can you take off and outrun Melly?

  • Garibaldi Rous

    I can probably outrun Melly for about 10 feet. After that Melly would die of a heart attack and it wouldn’t be fair for me to continue.

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    My sweet Gari, you are sooooo darn cute. No matter what you do. You sure are a great runner. You deserve a Capybara Olympics Medal for running and swimming. Your a very energetic Capy. xoxoxo Ann

  • Michelle

    Does anyone else hear “Chariots of Fire” when looking at that last shot? What a beautiful, glossy coat and the full extension!

  • BettyMc

    You are cute when you run, Gari! I like the pic w all 4’s off the ground! You would look cute w a cape on too…

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    BEST BLOG EVER!!! This is Gari at his finest. No funny costumes, or un-capylike events, or riding in the car. Just Gari. Fur glistening in the sun, running at full speed—–just having fun being Gari the capybara. You can see him smile!!!
    And THAT’S what I love to see.

  • Nic

    The Capy olimpics pic I(second to last pic in this post) would be great as one of your puzzles.

  • caroline

    Gari, I didn’t know a capy could be so athletic! You put our guinea pigs in the shade. But I still love the photo of you in the cute sunhat…

  • b salapek

    Oh my! I love the one w/ur lil’ tongue sticking out… Soooo cute!

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