2013 Calendar Selection

Finalized 2013 Capybara Madness Calendar

Thanks to everyone for helping me create this great calendar! I used the photos in the reverse order of their popularity so that each month you can look forward to seeing a cuter and cuter photo, culminating with “Feed Me!” in December. You can purchase the calendar here. If you commented on this post before 10/06/2012, you should have gotten an email from me with the discount code, if not, let me know.

Hope every month of 2013 is as amazing as a capybara for you!

July 2013 will be baby Caplin Rous

I am trying to put together my 2013 capybara calendar. So far I have only two definite selections. The photo above of baby Caplin Rous will be the photo for July because Caplin’s birthday was July 10th.

February 2013 will be Dobby Winnick

Dobby (or some people know him as Dobbye) Winnick will be February 2013 since Dobby is a Valentine’s Day baby.

The rest of the photos are going to be of me,  Garibaldi Rous, but I don’t know which ones to use! So I am hoping for a little help here. Below you will find a bunch of (hopefully) cute photos of me and on the right side bar of this blog you will find a poll. Please look at all the photos and select your six favorites. (Ignore any writing you see on the photos, we will delete that before putting it in the calendar.)

Thanks for your help!


#1: Head above the water


#2: Eating chard

#3: Looking regal

#4: Sun on my shoulders

#5: Sleeping with Super Capy

#6: Angry bird, happy capy

#7: Playground 'bara #1

#8: Playground 'bara #2

#9: Feed me!

#10: Muddy 'bara

#11: The tail end

#12: Shake it off!

#13: Portrait of a capybara

#14: Lazing in the grass

#15: Celebrating Caplin Day

#16: Quack!

#17: Tubular capy

#18: Bedtime 'bara

#19: Me and my rabbits

#20: Dark-eyed beauty

#21: Run for it!

#22: Chillaxing

#23: Flopsy & Me

#24: Capybara smile

#25: One paw out of bed

#26: Upside down

#27: Swimmer

31 comments to 2013 Calendar Selection

  • francine

    No picture of you in the fireplace??

    I like a lot of these, you’re very photogenic!

  • Sara Beth

    I like them ALL, but favs- 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17, 26, 27, plus the recent pics- fireplace capy cubby, and Chasing Maple. 🙂 There is no such thing as a bad capy picture! 🙂

  • I never cease to be amazed by the quality of the photo’s, not to mention those more unusual moments where Gari is captured on film. They are all so good and it was very hard to choose. However I did eventually manage to get it down and vote.

  • Sierra Dawn

    I think it would be fun if you tried to match up your pictures with the seasons. Like, something Christmassy in December instead of being outside on a sunny day. Also, even though you butt is totally adorable, I don’t know if I would want to look at it everyday for a month. People who came into my house might think I was a little off having a cappy booty hanging on my wall.

  • Evelyn

    They are all so cute. It was really hard to choose. Tail end is great too. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to look at it for a whole months.

  • Punkin

    Oh, I love the one with you and your bunnies but they are all great!

  • Josh James

    I absolutely love all these pictures, they are all very cute, it is a very tall order to just pick six of them as I want to pick all of them (except the tail end one!), and I think someone is a bit of a poser!!
    Can’t wait for the new calendar will have a place reserved for it on my wall!!

  • Laura McClure

    I want the one of you chasing Maple WoMER! That’s adorable!

  • Kerry Anne Kay


  • It’s hard to pick, because I like them all!

  • Kristy Ogden

    Well I made my choices but I agree with everyone, it is SOOOO hard to pick! Why are there only 12 months in a year?!?!

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Gosh!! So many wonderful pictures to choose from! I made my selection, difficult as it was to choose. I’d be happy with any of them, except the tail one, and will be looking forward to purchasing my 2013 calendars soon!

  • tne

    I agree with Sara Beth–chasing Maple WoMER is one of the cutest photos ever, and there should also be a Capy Cubby (fireplace) photo. Ooo, maybe Melly could put up some Christmas stockings on the Capy Cubby and take a photo for December!

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Oh Gari my love, do you know how difficult it is to choose only six photos when all of them are equally as cute? Since it is so hard for many people to choose maybe you can ask Melly to make a few collages for certain months. That way more photos can be used. Then there could be a month where you can have a collage of 3 photos together with a pic of your head, your butt, and a full view. Then the people who like your butt, but do not want to look at just that for a full month would be looking at assorted ones for a month. Just an idea. I will pick 6 but just know that I love them all!!! Even that sexy butt!XOXOXO

  • Donna

    So hard to pick favorite pictures, but that smile on #24 is too cute!

  • Heather

    You look kind of like a hippo in #1, but it is so super cute.

    I agree with many of the above posters, I would love one of you in the fireplace too.

  • Jessica

    13, 14, 16, 19 25 and 27 are my top ones, but I love them all!

  • Beverly Boher

    I picked six, but it was difficult – they were all so good! Gari you are such a handsome ‘bara model!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    I agree w/ Kristy…12 months are NOT enough:

    14, 3, 4, 10, 15, 24

    But whatever you decide, Gari…it will be SO CUTE!!

  • mischievous Capybara

    6 votes wasn’t nearly enough

    But at least it looks like my favorite “Feed me” should be in the calendar

  • Pat Gowland

    Hard choice, 9 and 23

  • Kim

    So hard to choose! I tried to pick a mix of clowning and dignified, as that’s sort of Gari in general, haha. I went with 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, and 18. Several of my faves look to make the calendar, so that’s awesome. Gari is so photogenic! 🙂

  • Trudy

    Gari, you look great in them all. So hard to choose.

  • Vickie

    Gari, It was sooooo hard to just pick 6. Melly took lots of wonderful pictures of you!! I can’t wait for the new calendar.

  • LaShonda

    I love the popsicle one.

  • Christina Y.

    Ahhh!! That was so hard!! I’ll love it no matter which ones go in, but I gotta say that one of you underwater with your cute nose wrinkle is one of my personal favorites. 🙂

  • Janet Lutkus

    The choice was difficult but I appreciate the opportunity to vote. I adore last year’s calendar and was so happy to learn you’d be doing another for 2013. Girabaldi and family bring such joy — and that’s a priceless gift. Thanks again! Janet

  • Penny C

    The one called Capybara smiling made me SO happy 🙂
    I had a fun time voting!

  • Alex (Rezoner)

    It was so hard to choose just 6. They are all reflecting some unique feature of Gari

  • LUV the calendar … ALL good pictures!!

  • Laurie Coppola

    It was incredibly hard to only choose 6, so I’m happy with which ever photos were selected!!!

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