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In my next blog post, I am going to answer questions from my fans. If you have a question you would like me to answer, put it in a comment on this post. The question has to be about me or about capybaras in general. I’m not going to answer questions about quantum physics or the meaning of life. Let’s be clear, I could answer those questions but I don’t want to.

That’s it for now. Except you might want to know that the Henry Vilas Zoo just got a pair of capybaras! So if your question was going to be, “Where can I see capybaras in Madison, Wisconsin?” I have already answered that.

Answers to questions posed in comments to this post can be found in the FAQ.
Look for the tab at the top of the page.

15 comments to Ask Me Anything!

  • Kathryn

    Hi Gari – I would like to know if you ever dream. When my kitty cat sleeps, he’ll kick his feet like he is running, make noises and he’ll chew like he is having a dream snack. Do you ever do these things while you sleep?

    Love ya!


  • Cathy

    Hi Gari,

    Are you very vocal, or on the quiet side? Do you have a range of sounds/words that you use to communicate with your human mom, or even the other animals?

    xo from NJ

  • Aliza

    Hey Gari,

    I was wondering how you get along with guinea pigs. Do they seems like mini versions of you? Or do you see them as completely different? Do they have different personalities than capybaras? Do they speak different languages?

    Also, do your relationships vary from animal to animal? Do you talk with the cat when your sad, the horse when you’re excited, and the tortoise when your tired? Hehe may sound stupid, but I was just wondering.

    Love yous


  • Hi Gari,
    I know your fur is coarse and not very soft, but what about on your nose? In this photo your nose looks very soft and kissable!

  • Lisa

    Hi Gari,
    what do you think about dogs? that seems to be the one animal missing in your menagerie.
    what do you do all day when Melly is at work? how much of the day do you spend sleeping?
    do your co-pets like you or are they scared of you?

  • Connie

    Gari, I know you enjoy swimming in your pool and rolling in mud. You also spend a lot of time in the house, so I am guessing that you take a lot of baths or showers. How does Melly get you clean, and do you enjoy it? Do you have a favorite shampoo?

  • Laurie Coppola

    I was wondering if you’d like a capy friend or spouse, or if you prefer the carefree, bachelor life?

  • Hi Gari, I was wondering if you just have the front 4 incisors or if you have more teeth hidden in the back. <3 Melissa

  • Heather

    Gari! I am so excited to hear that the Madison Zoo got Capybaras. I traveled all the way to St. Louis and didn’t get to see them so I am happy to hear they are closer to home!

    Now for my question. I know you have some very specific food likes and dislikes, in the wild, what do capybaras eat?

  • I for one, am very sad that you won’t be answering a question on the meaning of Life. I bet you’d have a good answer for that one.
    But in a way, you DO answer that for us in every post. Thanks, Gari!

  • Alli

    I want to know if you are smart and affectionate like a dog. And do you come when your name is called?

  • So, Gari, when are you going to get “Big Boy” fur like mine? Mine is very long and coarse. I’m trying to grow a mane like a lion!

  • Raquel

    Hi Gari!

    I’m going for the scatologic side, sorry! ^__^
    As I know you are like the “big cousin” of the guinea pigs, I’d like to know if you pee and poop all over the place like my piggies do, or you only do that when you are into the water…

    By the way, me and my four pigs are great fans of you.
    Thanks for answering our questions!

  • Hi Gari 🙂
    Firstly, could you please pass on the best “get well soon wishes” from my bunnies, Miss Holly and Neville, to your co-pet Maple? She is so brave and we all are rooting for her! Neville would also like to add that he had a few teeth problems too, and knows how she feels…
    Now for my question: do you, like my bunnies, have a favourite human slave in your household, or treat all your humans with the same amount of disapproval? Thank you for having been given this opportunity to get to know you better 🙂

  • Raquel

    Just another question, Gari!! -sorry for the little abuse…-
    Do you make a few or a lot of different vocal sounds? I mean, I know you make adorable “eeps”, usually to ask for something (like treats from Mely), but… how many different “eeps” or “grrss” or other sounds you make? And what they mean?

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