Maple WoMER: A Rabbit Hole


Maple WoMER recovering on 09/23/12

It has been a month now since Maple Bunny got sick and transmogrified herself into Maple WoMER. She didn’t really do it to herself, she had a lot of help from the vet. And I guess her infection did its part.

This post is going to be a little gross so you might want to stop here if you are squeamish. To give you an idea of how gross it is going to be, the rabbit hole I refer to in the post title, is the hole in the side of her head that Maple has now that she doesn’t have an eye. So pretty darned gross. Turn back now if you’re not up for that.

In case you do decide to turn back, I’ll just let you know that her current prognosis is guarded. Her infection is better this week but it is still there, probably hanging around in the bones of her face. She might need to be on penicillin the rest of her life.

Maple & Coral

In my last installment on Maple, I told you how she got her eye removed and her eyelids sewed closed. Well, last week the vet took out the stitches and Maple’s eye socket was all full of pus. That wasn’t good. So the vet opened it up again and filled her eye with gauze soaked in penicillin (because that’s what Maple’s infection is sensitive to). In the above photo, you can see what Maple looks like with gauze for an eye. It’s not pretty.


Even though Maple is sick, people should pay more attention to me.

You’d think all that would be about as bad as it can get, but today Melly took Maple back to the vet to get her gauze replaced and this time Melly took her camera.


The old gauze eye

Ugh! That photo creeps me out. It looks like she’s been taxidermied. Of course, she hasn’t. That would make a great Halloween costume.


Out with the old!

I didn’t go to the vet with Maple and Melly, I think I would have fainted, but Melly says Maple didn’t struggle at all. The vet says probably the nerve to her eye died from the infection and she can’t really feel anything. Maybe it’s just me but she doesn’t look very happy.


Look, Ma! No eye!

This is what she looks like without the gauze. The vet says that’s actually pretty good, but it doesn’t look good to me.


A new "eye"

Then they stuffed a bunch more gauze into Maple’s non-eye and soaked it with penicillin.


Chasing Maple

You’d think that all of that trauma and being blind on one side would make Maple WoMER easier to catch. It doesn’t. If anything, she is even sneakier than before.


Update: This is a video Maple WoMER’s eye replacement the following week. It is graphic so don’t follow the link if these photos disturbed you.

21 comments to Maple WoMER: A Rabbit Hole

  • rosenatti

    I hate the tenacity of this infection, but I love Maple’s stoicism. Stay strong, little sister-bunny!

  • My two bunnies Neville and Holly, the bunny girl being the sister Dutchie of Maple, are sending nose bumps and ear licks to Maple and hope she’s fighting the infection back! Neville had a tooth root infection last year and had to get antibiotics too (as injections), and says bunny can win! Thanks Gari for keeping us updated.

  • Danielle

    Oh man that does look sore! I’m glad to hear it’s not painful for her. I’m sending positive, anti-bacterial thoughts your way!

  • Kristy Ogden

    Awwww this makes my heart go out to Maple even more than it was before. I wish I could just hug her. Cecil (my Flemish) & I are sending lots hugs her way. Mel – I knew you were a great mommy to Caplin & now Gari. I’m so glad that Maple has you for her mom. I totally understand how you feel, because I would do the same for my bun. xoxo Stay strong, all of you xoxo

  • Beverly Boher

    I think Maple’s eye socket looks pretty good! I feel encouraged. I think she will be ok. Keep up the good work Maple! And keep your One good eye on Gari! I know he likes to Chase you! 😉

  • Lisa

    ohhhh Maple bun-bun you poor thing!! 🙁 fight off that nasty infection and stay strong!!! good thing you have someone like Melly to take care of you!
    i think since the inside of your eye socket looks pink that must be a good thing right????
    Gari instead of chasing Maple maybe you can share some nice grass and hay and veggies while she is healing!!! xoxo

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Please get better Maple Bunny! Phillip (the Yorkie), Mocha, Lily, and Jasmine (the 3 Little (guinea) Pigs, Oreo (the dwarf hamster), Buttons and Bobbin (the visiting cousin guineas) all send licks, kisses, wheeks, squeaks, and woofs! We hate to see one of our fellow creatures so sick! PS: Some day you will have to surprise Gari and turn around and chase him!!

  • Punkin

    I am sending good wishes to Maple and wow is she ever brave. She is way braver than i am at the vet.

  • Laurie Coppola

    I so want her to make a full recovery, and get back to her old life. She seems to want that, too. Yes, the pics were kind of gross, but helps explain Maple’s situation. Gari, you and your humans are doing a wonderful job!!!


  • Malkah

    Oh, Gari! You are such a good friend to Maple. I hope she gets super better soon! We are all pulling for Maple WoMER!

  • Heather

    Best wishes for a full recovery for Maple. My friend’s dog just had to lose it’s eye this week (fortunately no infection though) but just like you Bailey is a trooper. We are praying for you Maple!

  • F

    Poor Mapleface!! If the vet says her eyesocket looks better, I guess we have to believe. I hope the penicillin takes and the infection clears. She doesn’t look like a happy bunny. (the pics weren’t gross, though)

  • Francine

    Wow my name didn’t come through on my comment, and I hit send too soon! Anyway!! Maple is a pretty young rabbit and very healthy so as long as Melly’s wallet holds out… :0 She is certainly earning her name. How is Oakley dealing with the changes? Is he being nice to Maple?

  • Amber

    Maple WoMER, I hate you’re going through this! You are so beautiful and please get all better. Garibaldi needs you to stay his co-pet. Love, Amber, Mochi, & Wally.

  • Pam

    Despite being a vet tech, eye things squick me out. However, I’m sending best wishes for poor Maple!

  • My bunnies and I are sending lots of nose bumps and wishes of good luck.

  • Mel

    Poor Maple! Sending lots of healing thoughts her way! My mini-capybaras (guinea pigs) and I hope she is all better soon!

  • theresa

    Maple has gone through a lot, but she really does keep going on. You are all so compassionate and are true animal lovers….. Gari, Maple, Oakley, chickens, horses, etc. are lucky to have Melly and her family. The dogs, cockatiels, dove, frogs and my bunny Jameson all send love to you all, and a lot of positive energy!!!

  • mischievous Capybara

    Poor Maple, I feel so sorry for her. I hope she makes a full recovery.

    Gari’s presence would inspire me to heal; but maybe he doesn’t have that effect on Maple

  • Wendy Z

    Yes, while it is ooky to look at where the eye used to be, the flesh is pink and healing, and the swelling is going down.

    I had a bun who had chronic pasteurella and was on and off antibiotics for nearly 4 years, including for the last year injectible penicillin. The shots weren’t fun for either of us, but once they were over she was a happy and active bun. So with proper treatment, Maple could have several good years again with only minor medical inconveniences.

  • barbara salapek

    What a good bunny!

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