Oh Baby Capys, Why So Cute?

A herd of baby capybaras!

A friend of mine and Melly’s has two female capybaras who gave birth on the same day! And look how cute the babies are! There are 10 babies and 2 mothers altogether but you can only see 7 babies and 1 mother in this photo.

Did you know that all the mother capybaras in a band share in the responsibilities for raising the young? Any mother capy will nurse any baby capy from her band. Sarah Marley, who owns these cuties, say her two mother share responsibilities just like wild mother capys do. In fact, Marley doesn’t even know which babies belong to which mother! It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes a band to raise a capy.

The babies are all for sale and are located in Kansas. If you are interested, you can contact Marley at

Please be sure you understand what you are getting into before considering a pet capybara. Capybaras are not the right pet for most people. We require a lot of room, safe, clean, pesticide free grass to graze on, somewhere to swim and proper housing in both warm and cold weather. A pet capybara like me takes hours and hours of interaction and a tremendous amount of patience. We are also not inexpensive to feed. Vet care for capybaras can be very expensive, although the ROUS Foundation may be able to help some with that.

Also please remember that we are large animals–I weigh about 125 lbs–and we have large, razor-sharp teeth. Although we are usually gentle, we can be aggressive and those teeth can inflict a nasty bite.

Don’t be fooled by our cuteness, we are a lot of work.

16 comments to Oh Baby Capys, Why So Cute?

  • Wheeeeeek…baby capys!! Never saw so many at once!

  • francine

    Adorables. I wish I lived somewhere where I could give a capy a good life!

  • Chanda bellick

    The babies are so cute, I hope to move to a location with a bigger yard that is more suitable for a capy. I want a baby so bad 🙂

  • Laurie Coppola

    The cuteness of babies!!! I would love to have the space and energy for a capybara. Definitely not condo pets!

  • Teresa

    aaawww–so cute. And thanks for the advice–you’re right! Capys are not the right pet for everyone.
    I enjoy reading about Gari’s and his co-pets exploits!–just reading. not HAVING too many pets!

  • Mischievous Capybara

    The Most Adorable Animals in the world…by far

  • A little band of capys, especially with so many babies would be a joy to see.
    I’m glad that you continually warn people about the unique responsibilities of a pet capy. Too many people get a pet without considering all that’s involved & then the pet suffers.

  • Linz, Noodle and Doodle

    Awww I love your blog. Capys are absolutely beautiful. I haven’t got space for one of my own, but i love coming on to see them and their friends in all they’re awesomeness! big hugs to them all!!

  • Nicole

    !!!!!!They are so cute!!!!!!

  • mickie

    So cute!! Glad to see the information about the needs of these babies!! So many people don’t take the time to research the needs of their pets before they get them!!

  • Ty Achtermann

    OMG how much are they? Can I get a pregnant one?!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faith Watkins

    I am very much a rodent fan. I have a total of 5 rats and they are very happy and they are also not the cheapest to feed

  • sally vance

    i want a capybara so bad they are like a giant guinea pig (I have 3 guinea pigs a momma and 2 babies) if these are gone please email me and tell me if you know were 2 get any other 1s thank you! 🙂

  • william tripp

    oh man i am so jealous i have wanted to have some capybara for years but i do not no whre to get one an when i found one he wanted $2000 an that was insane to me it all started when i was a kid with guniea pigs i kept raising them until i reached the amount of alive healthy an very happy guniea pigs of 1000 i had 400 running free in my yard in my home town i made the local paper charlton county hearld in year 2009 call an ask or look it up or send me a email an i will send you a picture i love the little monkeys but i want a capvbara so bad

  • Garibaldi Rous

    Seriously? I’m thinking this is a joke. If not, I’d love to see a photo. You can use the “contact” button to send it to me.

  • Sara Marley

    Hi everyone. These were my capybaras and the mother had 10 babies. I had a male and two females but only female ever had babies.

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