Capybara Comic (Part 3)

Me (and Rick) with Nic Lara

Do you remember this photo of me from when I visited the Buda Public Library? Well, that very helpful and non-frightening young man who is petting me is Nic Lara. Nic is an amazing person and a serious capybara stalker, especially for one so young. And he is also a graphic artist!

Two of Nic’s comics that featured Caplin Rous have previously appeared on this blog in Capybara Comic and Capybara Comic (Part 2). This time Nic has honored me by creating a comic in which I, Garibaldi Rous, am the star! I cannot thank him enough. Of course, I am a superhero already but it doesn’t hurt to have people acknowledge that.

I broke the comic into two parts to make it easier to view. And do not forget to click on it to enlarge! There is a lot of detail in each frame and you must pay careful attention to follow what is going on. My personal favorite frame is the one where I see the hummingbird lying in the road. I love the look in my eye!

Top half of comic

Remember! Click on the photo to enlarge!

Bottom half of comic

Personally, I am excited to see what adventures Bermin and I will have and what role Hugo will play in them. I’ll bet I have to rescue them by rolling!

As you can see, Nic has asked for some ideas for future comics. It would be great if people would post a comment and let him know how much you like this one, even if you can’t come up with any ideas for more episodes.

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