Garibaldi is Sick

Mouth foam

Owner’s blog:

Don’t panic!

At least not yet.

As you can see in the photo above, Garibaldi Rous is having a problem with foaming  at the mouth or excess saliva. We don’t yet know what the problem is for sure, but I believe it is has to do with his teeth.

He has an appointment at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine for Monday afternoon. That is the soonest I can get him to see Dr. Hoppes, the ROUS Foundation veterinarian. Since Dr. Hoppes has seen him before, I want to wait, if at all possible, until he can see her. Otherwise we are likely to get a vet who has never worked with a capybara.

Garibaldi's teeth

I don’t think it is his front teeth, his incisors. I’m pretty sure the problem is with his molars on the right side, just given the way he behaves. Without actually being able to look in his mouth or having xrays, that is all conjecture by an observant, but non-veterinarian, owner. It could be solved as simply as filing his teeth down, that’s what I’m hoping for. But, of course, it could be something more serious. I keep thinking of how Maple WoMER lost her eye to a tooth problem, not to mention costing about $3,000. I hate to think what the same thing in a capybara would cost–not that I wouldn’t pay it!

In the photo above, I have just started feeding him his afternoon lettuce-in-the-pool. You can see the foam around his mouth. That is not normal. But his bottom teeth look pretty good. You’ll have to take my word for it that there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with his upper teeth.

Struggling to spit up

This photo might be cute until you realize what is going on. He is not begging for a treat. What he is doing is trying to throw up something he has just swallowed. Veterinary literature says that capybaras cannot throw up (many animals cannot), but whether this counts as real regurgitation or not, he was able to spit up some of the lettuce he had just swallowed. After that, his eating was easier. He ended up consuming his usual two full heads of lettuce.

Although this has been getting progressively worse over the past two weeks, one positive sign is that Gari’s appetite is still robust. If anything, he is eating more than usual.

YouTube Preview Image

Garibaldi eating

The above video shows the unnatural way Garibaldi is moving his mouth. Along with this strange, excessive chewing, he is making some new noises. One noise he makes now sounds just like aggressive clicking. You can hear an example of aggressive clicking in this video of Caplin Rous. Go to about the 35 second marker to hear it. I don’t have any videos of Garibaldi clicking because he absolutely never does it. He doesn’t have an aggressive or territorial bone in his little body. And when I hear him making the noise now, it is not accompanied by any aggressive behaviors. This is part of what makes me believe the problem is with his teeth.

I will keep you all informed via this blog or his Facebook page.


44 comments to Garibaldi is Sick

  • Mary

    Awww, hope it is nothing of too much concern and that Gari is feeling back to his usual self really soon!

  • Pam

    Please have them do rads or ultrasound of his abdomen, and rule out a GDV!

  • I hope his is better. Please keep us updated. I have never sen this in a capy…only dogs that have eaten a frog.I do know that they can have teeth problems but not the foaming. You are right esp. rodents do not throw up and they are not able to do so. Thinking of you sweetie and hope you get a good report. I have a very old female that I hope makes it through the winter..she is my second oldest capy I have owned …she is going on 16 and looks like an old woman..sorta like Captain did at 18..Caplin’s grand paw.

  • Mikie

    Sending positive energy +++++ for good news. Hope this turns out to be a minor problem, easily treated.

  • lynn

    Fingers crossed, I wish Monday were now!

  • Kathryn

    Oh you must be very scared. We are all sending good thoughts and love your way. Please give our favorite Capi a kiss. We’ll be reading for an update.

  • Rosemary

    Feel better, Gar. Hope it’s just teeth filing.

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    My dear Gari, I haven’t stopped thinking of you since I heard you are not feeling well. You will be alright. I’m hoping it’s jusy a matter of teeth filing. I talked to Melly earlier and she is taking good care of you. You couldn’t have a better owner. Hang in there sweetheart, and know there are many who love you and are thinking of you and sending out good healthy vibes. Tell Melly to give you LOTS of kisses from me. The more kisses, the better you’ll feel.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and lot’s more! I love you so much!!!!!!! Your “girlfriend” from Buffalo who loves you bunches Ann Bednarek <3

  • Jemmo and Chimi

    Our thoughts are with you, Melanie, and with poor Gari! How stressful and scary for both of you! We are sending positive energy and good wishes to you, our favourite Texans!

  • Honeybell

    Sending lots of good vibes and purrs!

  • Dawn

    Wishing Gari the best. I hope it’s just a minor tooth issue.

  • rosenatti

    Oy. Poor Garibear.

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    My sweet Gari, If anyone knows how to help you, it is Dr. Hoppes and her excellent staff at the ROUS Foundation. I know you won’t enjoy the car ride, but when you are feeling better and back to your usual self, stuff like car rides won’t matter. The most important thing is to find out what’s going on with you. Take care my furry friend. I hope you’re feeling better real soon. Here’s some kisses for you. xxxxxxxxc

  • Raegan

    Gari, feel better my dear capy! I am currently looking at my stuffed animal super hero you! You are a strong super hero, so I know you’ll be just fine! Chin up! Hugs to you and your owner! Sensing Positive thoughts your way! Love ya, Gari! Keep us updated! Xoxo <3

    P.S. What are the odds that your girlfriend Ann lives in buffalo just like me?! Such a small world!

  • Good luck; hope it’s nothing dramatic.

  • claire

    I hope he gets better soon!

  • Gari, I hope Rick will ride in the back with you on the way to the vet! I won’t let Stacy come this time. Rick will need to feed you one leaf of romaine every 30 seconds…let’s see, that’s about 150 minutes, maybe 15 leaves to each head of lettuce. About 20 heads of lettuce should be enough to get you there. Maybe you could switch to chard on the way back!

  • Hugs and Love to you Gari. So sorry you are feeling bad.

  • C

    Get well soon, Garibaldi! <3

  • Tarah Berry

    We love Gari and hope he gets better. Just a hopeful thought…we had a cat that started doing exactly what you are describing. It developed a little slowly and then got foamy and a little gross. At her vet visit, the vet grasped her tongue with a piece of gauze and stretched it forward to get a good look inside her mouth. Lo and behold, she had an abscess on the top of the back of her tongue…way back. Just the act of him stretching her tongue out popped it open and it drained as he put pressure on it. That was it. Shot of antibiotics and we were done. I hope you find something that simple. Good luck.

  • lou

    Poor Gari! Hope you are feeling better soon xx

  • Thinking of the whole family. Hoping the concerns will soon be taken away and that it will be something easily treated and not too expensive.

  • I’m sorry to hear of Gari’s teeth problems 🙁 Melanie, I think you’re absolutely right and the problem may be the back teeth. I don’t know anything about capybaras, but I have had bunnies for a long time and I know that some of them will have excess salivation (which could foam) and do chewy movements when they have overgrown teeth or an issue with a tooth. Overgrown teeth can happen also with molars, and not only with incisors, as some may think. I hope the vet will not find anything more than just a case of filing down the molars. Fingers crossed!

  • Raquel

    Aww, poor Gari! Could it be just a splinter getting infected into his molars?
    I had once a piig with a big abscess in his molars (the lower left ones), because of a splinter getting into the gum. It took me a lot of time for me to notice, till the abscess was really big (you know, piigs tend to hide the pain and disease and they do it well).
    Once diagnosticated by the vet, I read about that and it seems it is a very common incident in ruminants animals, like horses, cows, donkeys, and, of course, our vegetarian dear rodents.
    I hope Gari gets well soon!! Kisses, Gari!!

  • Kim

    Feel better soon, Garibara! Best wishes and happy thoughts to you and Melanie!

  • Punkin

    My big friend I am sending good wishes your way. I hope you feel better real soon.

  • mischievous Capybara

    Gari, I can’t bear to think of you suffering. I hope you will be better on Monday. You know I adore you.

  • Barbie salapek

    So sorry! I don’t want to believe it!

  • Tracy Chien

    Oh Gari..I am so very worried about you. I hope you get well soon so Melly and your stalkers can stop stressing out and go back to admiring your cuteness. Good luck at the vet and can’t wait to hear the good news.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    oh…no…please get better Gari!!

  • Laurie Coppola

    I hope it’s nothing serious. We want the best for our babies! I feel badly for poor Carol, to be disliked by Caplin so much. I wonder why he didn’t like her??? All digits crossed for Gari to just need a bit of dental work <3

  • Hope you are feeling better real soon Gari. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care xoxo

  • Beverly Boher

    I sure hope you feel better soon Gari! I’m glad you still have a good appetite.

  • Oh no, this is very upsetting. I will keep you & Gari in my prayers. Get well soon, big guy. Sending hugs.

  • Vickie

    Oh no!!! Sending prayers & well wishes for both you. Hope your feeling better soon Gari!!

  • Nic

    Get well soon and please don’t die on us like Caplin.

  • Ken Klibaner

    I just received my 2013 calender and now hear that Gari isn’t feeling well. It is always scary when a beloved pet is ill. So many happy moments of our lives involve the companionship of our furry friends.

    My wife and children at first thought it was odd how fascinated I am with your website and how often they see me checking in for new videos.

    Best wishes for a quick return to health for Garibaldi!

  • Garry

    I hope he is doing well, please lets us know after his appointment on monday

  • Thomas beattie

    Get well soon Gari, thinking of you always 😉

  • ratfancy

    Anxiously waiting doctor report!

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