A Scratch on the Porch


Morning nap

One morning I was sleeping on the front porch, as I usually do, when Melly appeared with her camera. Melly doesn’t always have time to spend with me on the porch, she usually has to go to work, or work from home or clean the house, but on days when she does have time, she always has her camera. Because she has the camera, she has to use it. This causes her to document my whole life, even the boring parts like me sleeping on the porch. And even from a bad angle like in the photo above.

Scratching is love

Luckily, Melly moved to a better photographic position and I took that opportunity to ask her to scratch me. I love being scratched. Around my eye, my ear, under the chin. Ah! So wonderful. You can see how happy I am in the above photo because my fur is all poofed out. That is a sign of happiness in capybaras.


Why did you stop? That makes me sad.

Melly says I am always a little too far away to scratch easily and her arm gets tired, so she stopped scratching me. I’m a proactive capybara though so I immediately went into my sad routine. How could anyone resist me when I look like this? And then I scooted forward on my butt a couple inches. That got her scratching again.


Scratch my belly, please.

Now that I was closer, I thought it wasn’t too far for Melly to reach down to scratch my stomach. Can you see how happy I am in this photo? Along with my fur being puffed out, I have my eyes closed and my mouth slightly open. This is how I look when I am my happiest.

But, alas, it was not to last. Eventually Melly left me to do something else and I went back to sleep.

5 comments to A Scratch on the Porch

  • Laurie Coppola

    You are so abused and ignored, lol!!! I love your happy capy expressions!!!

  • lynn marcotte

    Poor poor Gari….no one appreciates you enough!

  • I think that’s one of my favorite things about animals, they are so happy with simple pleasures, like being scratched. If only humans were so easily pleased.

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    If only Liz Capaldi Capybara were there. You certainly wouldn’t lack for scratching then. She loves scratching capybaras, especially YOU Gari, more than anything!!

  • Lelani

    I love me a good scratch!! Even my piggies do… although they dont poof up like you! You are too cute!

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