The Serial Pooler (cont.)

Anything for a treat

This post is a continuation of my previous post, The Serial Pooler.

You might have gotten the idea that my life is easy from reading the previous post. Well, it’s not true. I have my share of hardship, let me tell you. Do you see that photo above? That’s the kind of thing I have to put up with to earn my treats. And that is just the start. Do not read any further if you care about the Dignity of Capybaras!

Why me?

Melly says she loves me. Maybe not as much as Caplin Rous, but still a lot. I guess I can see that because she actually did even more humiliating things to him.

Caplin Rous took humiliation very well

So I’m not complaining, no matter what it sounds like. I’m just saying, that’s all.

My motivation

I’m not sure what treats Caplin Rous got, popsicles or yogurt or something. I don’t like those things. I want lettuce and other greens and plenty of them. Look at that delicious leaf that Melly is holding just out of reach. Do you suppose she’ll move it just a little bit closer so I can grab it?

More motivated

(Remember, you can click on the photos to see a larger version.)

You can see the answer to my question in the above photo. Yes, she moved it a little closer, but not so I could grab it. She seems to take perverse delight in seeing me struggle.

Highly motivated

A trick? Is that what it takes? Do I have to perform like a trained capybara just to get my food? Well, I guess I’m not too proud.

The sweet taste of success

I guess it is worth it. I am addicted to food.

An after snack swim

Once I’ve eaten everything Melly has brought out, I take an actual swim in the pool. This usually involves quite a bit of rolling practice and a bunch of fighting off attempts to grab me by Melly and Rick. I need to do that because a superhero can’t just let people grab him, you know. If a real supervillain was trying to catch me, I would probably bite, but Melly and Rick keep saying we are a non-biting family so I don’t get to bite during practice.

Rodent Regality

Then I have to practice looking regal. This is something that every capbyara must do. It is very important for us to keep up appearances for the lesser–oops! I mean smaller–rodents. But Melly makes it especially hard for me since I have to wear that stupid Halloween jester collar. Still, I think I pulled it off.

Time to get out

I told you my hay steps are in disrepair! Look how awkward it is for me to go down them. Honestly, I deserve better.

The final touch

After the blue pool, there is nothing like a little rest and roll back in my green pool. Kind of rounds out the day. And it allows me to survey my domain in a regal fashion. Plus, this is where Melly takes my harness off after I’ve been outside the yard. Sometimes if I get in the pool, she will take that stupid collar off too.

10 comments to The Serial Pooler (cont.)

  • francine

    You look very regal in your Halloween collar!! And what a hardworking capy! You are an example to cpays everywhere 🙂

  • Gari, You are so adorable in the hated collar. You are also very regal, no matter what Melly requires you to wear. We love you whether you have a collar on or not!

  • lynn marcotte

    That collar looks so becoming I’m tempted to make it my profile pic for Halloween!

  • ratfancy

    The Life of Riley (showing my age!). I probably wouldn’t get capybara references either. Like “The Year of the Great Mud Ravine”, or “Exodus to Buttercup Valley”, all the great capybara lore handed down from generation to generation. You are the great one, Gari, and no humiliation will change that!

  • The bunny ears ARE a little humiliating 🙁 Collars were VERY popular fashion during the 16th & 17th centuries – you are just wearing the modern version of one — VERY REGAL!

    LUV, LUV, LUV the pink tongue!!!


  • Bev

    Gari, you have a tongue!

  • Milana

    The one shot where Gari is reaching for the lettuce with his teeth and tongue actually made me laugh out loud. All those regal photos sometimes have to be evened out by a little bit of derp. 😉

  • mischievous Capybara

    brilliant photos

  • No need to be humiliated by the jester collar, you look handsome in it. I didn’t know you didn’t like popsickles. Maybe you ought to try them again, they are quite yummy.

  • Danielle O'Sullivan

    Oh you are just too cute in your Halloween attire!

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