Backyard Adventure


Start of an adventure

Let’s get something straight right out the outset: this post is about an adventure but I do not like adventures. One thing I don’t like about them is that they always start with me having to wear my harnesses and my leash. Is a torture session an adventure? Not unless you are really warped. So the title of this post is Melly’s idea. I would have titled it, “Poor capybara tormented by owner,” or something like that.

Exploring the wilderness

Okay, let me set another thing straight: this adventure really took place in one of the back pastures and not in the backyard at all, but, as I said above, Melly made up the title to this post. You can see in the photo above that this is not my safe backyard with my pool and my chickens. This is outside the gate and beyond the fence, where anything can happen and I have to wear my stupid leash. It’s pretty wild out there, you never know what you might find. I always hope to find another capybara but I haven’t found any yet.


I think I hear a coyote

There is another fence behind the fence to my yard and behind that fence is yet another fence. Melly says that the other side of that fence is still our property but she has never taken me out there. Sometimes in the early, early morning before dawn I hear coyotes howling. I think they are back there. Even though they only howl when it’s dark, I’m pretty sure they can still get you in the daylight.


Me with Buzz

The coyotes don’t kill Buzz because he is way bigger than them. It almost makes me feel safe to be near him except I think he might step on me. Accidentally or on purpose, I don’t know and I don’t want to find out.

The barren ground bares some grass

This is why Melly brought me out here, to see this grass. You’ll recall that in my Mud Therapy post I said that the ground in the back pasture was barren. Well, Melly has actually been watering it instead of relying on the non-existent rain and some grass has come up. She grew that grass for me so I feel kind-of special. She doesn’t let the horses in there at all. It looks like a reasonable amount of grass for a capybara but about five minutes worth for a horse.

A roll in the "mud"

The first thing I did was try to roll in the mud but, even though there is a hose right there and hoses are the fountainhead of all mud, there really wasn’t any mud to roll in. Melly said that if she let me roll out here when it was muddy that it would kill the grass. That grass has to be babied because there’s not much of it and it is just baby grass.

Let's try a taste

I guess the least I could do was taste that grass since Melly went to all that trouble. I walked over to where Rick was, which is probably the safest place in that wilderness, and took a nibble. Not bad. Actually, pretty tasty.

Dinner is served

Melly says that eating grass is good for my teeth, that it could keep my teeth from getting sharp points that need to be filed off. I think I might be able to add grass as a part of my regular menu. The flavor kind of grows on you.

Time to go

After about five minutes, it was time to go.

In the photo above you can see what the pasture looks like outside of where Melly waters it. There’s nothing growing there that I can eat. The horses can’t even eat that stuff. Melly and I heard on the news yesterday that this year is the first time in more than 100 years that Austin (and probably Buda) hasn’t gotten any rain in the whole month of November.

Swimming in my pool

Afterward I went swimming in my pool. I am sure glad humans know how to store up water in swimming pools because if I had to rely on the rain I would be a very, very unhappy capy.

Oh, and good news on the health front! The dentist looked at my xrays and said he doesn’t think they’ll have to pull any of my teeth! I need to stay on the antibiotics for awhile and hopefully I can wait until Dr. Hoppes gets back before my next trimming…but that is all it will be, a trimming! I am so happy I could almost let Melly hug me!

20 comments to Backyard Adventure

  • lynn marcotte

    Wonderful news abt your teeth.
    Have not wanted to read any of the other updates, too upseting!
    So happy for you Gari!

  • Laurie Coppola

    I’m so glad your teeth are getting better, and you won’t need surgery. I’m also glad you got to be tortured with fresh grass and a roll in the mud πŸ™‚ I really hope the meds do the job, and Melly can grow you enough grass to get out there and graze regularly. Yes, you will have to leave your safe back yard, but the torture should be worth it! Enjoy your new grass, and HUG MELLY πŸ™‚

  • I told you before that if you would go on outside adventures you would do so much better and eating the grass will help your teeth and your over all health. Good job buddy ..good health your way.

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Oh Gari! This is the best news ever. Melly must love you VERY MUCH to take time to grow some special “Gari Grass” that only YOU can eat. And even though we haven’t had much rain in the entire state of Texas, she watered your grass and got it to GROW! Pretty amazing, don’t you think? I am so very, very happy you may not need to have any teeth pulled! You’re a very lucky boy—–but you already know that, don’t you?
    Happily yours,
    Bonnie Vollbeer

  • Jo

    Oh, Gari, that is wonderful news! I am so happy to see that you’re feeling so much better!

  • Felicity

    Gari, I’m so glad you won’t lose any of your fine teeth. I hope that you continue to feel better and that Melly is able to grow lots of grass for you to eat!

  • I know the “adventure” involved your harness and your leash – but it also involved tasty grass they Melly grew especially for you. Sometimes you have to take the good w/ the bad πŸ™‚ You should let Melly hug you! Glad to hear about your teeth!

  • Tammy

    Gari, you are so cute!! We are so glad that you may not have to have teeth pulled…..Keep feeling better:)

  • That is wonderful news Gari! Keep taking your medicine and hopefully Dr Hoppes will be able to sort your teeth out and make you more comfortable. πŸ˜€ xx

  • Kristy

    Oh Gari, it looks like you had fun even if you don’t like adventures! And that’s great news about your teeth! I was so worried for you, but that news makes me happy! πŸ™‚

  • Sheldon

    Oh Gari, you can kill 2 bird with one stone (not literally). You can punish Melanie for her torturing and file your teeth down by biting melanie and wearing your teeth down with her femur!

  • Lisa

    great news on the toofs Gari! keep eating that grass!

  • That looks like delicious grass, Gari! I hope it gets big and tall! I know the mud is disappointing, but I kind of like that dry mud. My favorite mud is when it is just damp enough so I can leave a BUTT-PRINT in it! Not too wet, not too dry. Give Melly a head-butt for me, speaking of butts!

  • Mary Carter

    Yay, teeth !!!

  • Joann Taylor

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and enjoying that yummy grass!

  • Nancy Piccirilli

    Great news Gari!

  • Kathryn

    Gari – what a nice bit of grass Melly has grown just for you! Excellent news about your health. Lots of love and kisses for you.

  • sam

    get well soon

  • BettyMc

    Happy to see you’ve been active Gari — and keep eating that fresh grass!

  • Yay! Great news about your toothies!
    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I bet you enjoyed the new pasture, at least, with all that grass specially for you. Amazing what a difference a little water will do that area. I can’t imagine a whole month without rain.
    Buzz seems like he enjoyed you stopping by, too.

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