Garibaldi is Sick: A Turn for the Better!

Garibaldi Rous' poop bowl

Owner’s blog:

I don’t think I have ever featured capybara poop as the opening photo of a blog post but this is a momentous occasion and cause for great joy and celebration! After three days, Garibaldi finally pooped! It’s not the explosion of poop that might have been anticipated but it absolutely means his digestive tract is still functioning. What a tremendous relief!

Wading pool or spa?

The day started off on a positive note, Gari was much more active and displaying more of his typical behaviors. We rigged a hose from the tap for the hot water for the washing machine and used it to turn his little green wading pool into a warm water bath. Many of his readers had suggested a warm bath and it seemed like a really good idea. He took right too it and started doing his characteristic rolls. It was so nice to see him happy again.

YouTube Preview Image

Gari playing in the pool

Still the day dragged on with no poop forthcoming.

Playful 'bara!

Later Gari even braved the cold water of his big pool and was pretty much his normal, playful self. He hadn’t gone swimming in the past few days so this was a really good sign. He loves it when Rick throws him back.

Chasing Maple WoMER

Around 6:00 pm is when the momentous pooping event took place. After that he felt well enough to chase Maple WoMER. Apparently one eye is enough to allow her to easily avoid Gari.

I don’t want to give anyone a false sense of hope, Garibaldi’s situation is still very grave. The surgery on his teeth will be much more traumatic than anything he has gone through so far. But at least he is happy now. All we can do is hope for the best.

Winston Bumblebee Barcode the First at the vet's

More good news is that Winston Bumblebee Barcode the First had his new pet checkup today and he passed with flying colors. Of special interest is that the vet said his teeth look perfect. And everyone at the office loved both him and his name. Well, who could not love that nose?

37 comments to Garibaldi is Sick: A Turn for the Better!

  • francine

    Really, deeply relieved at this good news. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I know that Gari’s fanbase has been fretting, I can only imagine how you and Rick are feeling!!

  • Karen

    I am so happy to see that Gari is feeling a bit better – I will say a little prayer that his surgery will go perfectly & that he will recover quickly & completely. I’m also happy for WBB I’s great checkup – and you’re right… he does have an irresistible nose!

  • Love the picture of the POOP. Way to go Gari you did it! Good sign. Stay strong! Love you xoxo

  • Leslie Kuretzky

    YAYYY The Poop Fairies came. I am praying and sending Good vibes for my FAVOURITE Capybara and his wonderful family

  • Pam

    Very happy to hear this news. I was dreading logging in today….

  • alex

    I know you will not approve it, but I pray for Gari. He’s such a lovely animal, and he has gove through so many misery early in his life, that he deserves some happiness.

  • That warm water was great. I have a special hose to connect to the water in the feed area and have to do that every winter..and it makes for some happy cays. So glad he is pooping and doing better.Good work

  • alex

    Melanie, and one more thing. What do the vet says about taking the medicine people do in similar cases? Laxative – one. Probiotics – two (although I realize that the rodents might have their own microflora, which is obviously different from human, if they can digest cellulose). Still, maybe it can help?

  • Milana

    Totally wasn’t expecting a picture of poop when I came to check this page to see how Gari was doing, but since it involves good news I’ll take it. Glad he’s at least feeling better.

  • Gari, in 3 days, I would FILL that poop bowl. Consider it a challenge! By the way, have you been eating your pool? Maybe just a little bit where you go in and out?

  • Erika

    Hooray for POOP!!

  • Kristin Pawlewicz

    Yay! Yay! Yay for poop! *jumping up and down* Melly, I know you said Gari will be up against some very serious surgery, but I have no doubt that with his tremendous spirit, he will overcome this hurdle. I have faith. Hugs and lots of positive vibes coming your way!

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Gari Gari, my dear Gari, I have never ever been so happy to see a poop picture as I am seeing your poop. It’s one of the most beautiful pics because it means that your doing GOOD!!!! YEAH!!!! You must feel brand new! You poor baby. You have been thru so much. Your lucky you have Melly. She takes such good care of you. You get the best care. You really scared me yesterday when I read all of Melly’s posts about you and I even had a dream about you. You just have no idea how much a BIG part of my life you are. I know you belong to Melly, but I feel like your mine too. I feel so close to you and Melly. I love you both so much. I am glad that Winston is doing great and Maple too. So Gari, you have to get up there with them and heal honey, heal. Hopefully your teeth mend and you won’t need that surgery. I love you. Let the good news continue!!!!! Keep on pooping sweetie. Looking forward to more good news!!! Lot’s of love, kisses, and hugs coming your way. I want one of these hugs to squeeze more poop out!!!!XOXOXOXOX Hugs and kisses to Melly too!!! She deserves a break. Ann Bednarek

  • alex

    Ann, I wish I could express what I feel so well.

  • Lisa Zaharakis Santiago

    I totally understand the thrill of a good poop..
    Had to keep poop records for a cat i once had with megacolon…So relieving to see Gari having fun…u guys must be so stressed worrying about him God bless u both for loving him so much.Youre all in my prayers

  • Donna

    Yay!! Poop! Best news I have had all day. Keep up the good work.

  • Kathryn

    Awesome news! What beautiful photos. I wanted to let you know that I purchased some Christmas cards and the 2013 calendar in the store. That is my way of contributing to try and get you better.

    Everyone – take a look in the store at the excellent capybara merchandise featuring Gari and Caplin. There are some darling Christmas presents and other gifts in there!

  • Teresa Moore

    Oh, thank goodness! Glad to hear that Gari is feeling better–and Maple is fine and Winston passed his first vet visit with ‘flying colors’!

    P.S.I bought a Christmas present from the store–excellent way to help you out!

  • What an excellent photo to start the day with! Keep it up Gari, see if you can fill that little pool!
    Big hugs and tummy rubs. :o) xx

  • Vickie

    Yay Gari!!!! I realize he still has a long way to go, but this is a step in the right direction. And may he have many more steps in the right direction. I love the picture of Rick tossing Gari in the pool & the poop picture is awesome. Sending hugs & prayers for everyone & noses kisses to Gari. Gari, keep pooping buddy!!!!

    P.S. Glad Winston go a clean bill of health!!!!!

  • Laurie Coppola

    So glad he pooped, even if not the capybara-emptying poop you wanted. It’s a great first step, and if it means he feels better and gets more active, I think the activity will help get his digestion moving 🙂 Now that he’s chasing Maple WoMER again, maybe he’ll try harder to catch her 🙂

  • Kim

    Good job, Garibara! A warm bath can do wonders, can’t it? I hope you keep feeling better. Melly, we’re thinking about you all the time and sending you love and healing wishes. I know his health is still precarious, but how wonderful and precious yesterday must have been for you. I’m sending all my hopes that he continues to make positive gains, big and small, until his surgery and is able to make an uncomplicated recovery. He is a sweet soul and I hope we get to keep him for a while yet. <3

  • b salapek

    I will keep thinking of you all while I meditate, I’m even asking that your car be ok. I’m so elated to see that you are feeling better, having tummy troubles is miserable. We’re rootin’ for ya’! 😉

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Yep…poop is a good thing!

  • Tarah Berry

    What a relief to have a day of hope. I think maybe the exercise helped “get things moving”. I Hope he can stay stable until the big day. Maple is a lucky one and the new whistle pig (as my dad always called mine) Winston is adorable. Fingers crossed.

  • Yay for Gari! I never thought I would type this, but: woohoo for poop!

    I hope everything continues to go well and that you are all okay very soon.

    I love you Gari <3

  • ratfancy

    So glad today is a good day!

  • Beverly Boher

    TGGP – Thank goodness Gari pooped!!! It’s nice to see him having fun in his pool.

  • Liz

    I have never been happier to see a bowl of poop. Way to go Gari!
    Keep up the good work. :o)

  • Laura McClure

    Oh, Gari!!! So glad to hear that. Keep your adorable nose up. Melly will get your teeth fixed, just hang in there! (I say keep your nose up because rodents don’t exactly have much for chins. Noses are better than chins anyway!)

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Gari, this is some encouraging news. What a great idea for a warm water bath to relax those muscles and help you feel better. I have been sending you my love and hope it would join with all the other positivity coming your way. You are one tough capybara and I hope you will live a long HEALTHY life. Get those teeth fixed and back in shape and, after a few days of convalescence, you’ll be back in your pool doing rolls as always. That’s all I want for Christmas. Love, Bonnie

  • Kristy Ogden

    So glad he’s feeling a little better!! We’ll keep all the well wishes coming!!

  • Julia Nelson

    I have never been so happy to see poop that wasn’t mine. Sending good vibes to Gari to keep getting better.

  • Nic

    Please don’t show the poop again, it grossed me out.

  • Nic

    But I’m so glad he did it

  • Jenny Nelms

    I am so excited to hear this. Physical activity is very important for good digestive tract functioning in humans, so it makes sense that it seemed to help Gari as well.

  • Gari, I’m happy to find out you are better. I’ve been so worried about you. It’s really good to see you having such an excellent mud event. Love you so much!

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