2013 Or Bust!



Me, Oakley and Winston Bumblebee Barcode the First heading toward the new year

2013 is coming and I’m facing a dilemma. Everyone is supposed to make a New Year’s resolution that will make them a better person and/or capybara. I’m stumped. Being a capybara is pretty much perfection any way you look at it. How am I supposed to improve? I’m hoping my fans will leave comments on this post to give me some ideas. Remember it has to actually make me better and Melly says it cannot involve more biting.

Also, I don’t know whether you think much of my drawing but I have to give credit where credit is due. I got the idea from Otter of the famous I Am Otter blog. If you do not read I Am Otter, you should. Otter is the cutest thing in the water next to a capybara. Actually, I wish I had an otter next to me! Could that be my New Year’s resolution?

I’ll even send the entry with the best suggestion one of my 2013 Capybara Madness calendars, so be sure to make a suggestion.

Thanks in advance for your help!

10 comments to 2013 Or Bust!

  • alex

    Gari! The best resolution, which will make every one of your friends happy is: to be healthy!!!

  • Kathryn

    Spend a night in the hotel…work on it so that when you have to “for real”, you’ll be ready to go!

  • Brandon

    Start practicing better oral health! Perhaps try some rope chew toys or something to keep those big teeth of yours from hurting you more. (I think Melly would also be a little bit better too, so she doesn’t have to worry about you as much)

  • Laurie Coppola

    I think you should face your fears. Now don’t go getting all upset. Think about it. You do have fears. Fear of going places in the car. Fear of walking down the road past the dogs. Fear of the vet, etc. Facing means working on it. It doesn’t mean waking up Jan 1 and not being scared anymore. Wake up Jan 1 and be decide to be a bit, even a tiny bit, more willing to face a fear every day of 2013. By New Year’s Eve 2013, you can decide if you accomplished your goal. Did you face the fears? So see, it’s really a painless resolution, but if it even works a tiny bit, you are better for it 🙂

  • Lisa

    i dont have any good suggestions but i just want to say i absolutely love the drawing. it’s so cute and it came out great!!!

  • Stephanie

    I agree w/ Laurie – be more brave; learn to not be afraid of car rides; sometimes they mean going to where your fans are! Dogs are just jealous of you and your fan-tas-tic humans (even Melly :-).

    The drawing is GREAT! Looking forward to hearing about life during 2013!

  • Cheryl Schulz

    Gari; The best suggestion I agree would be to conquer your fears a little at a time. Melly and Rick love you and they would not do anything to put you in harms way. Go for it-Capybara’s rule. I wish you good health in 2013 too.

  • ratfancy

    Gari – I think you should improve your skills in getting your way – better glaring, better begging. Stand your ground! Have it your way! Also, a resolution might to get better grooming tools. You need to have the ultimate poof! Better mud, prettier mud (maybe some nice blue dust with sparkles?). And no stupid costumes this year – only diamond ear studs! Your are a primo capy and deserve the best!!!

  • From my own experience, I know one of the hardest things for us brilliant, adorable rodents (be we grounghogs, capybaras, rats, etc.) is to be patient with the well meaning but less… ummm…gifted humans we live with. I love mine and I know you love yours, but they can certainly be trying at times — like when they turn you into a Travelbara or me into a fashion model. But, we need to remember that in most cases they really only do these eye-roll-inspiring acts because they think we’re the cat’s meow, as one of their silly expressions goes. And, they want to show other humans how special we are…which isn’t such a bad idea, I have to admit — even if, being humans, they go about it in strange ways. So, I think that should be your resolution — to try really hard to remember their shortcomings and rise above the frustrations these sometimes cause. And, try to endure their taking you places to show you off…you’ll only be improving the human species by exposing more of its members to your rodent magnificence. Best wishes to you throughout 2013. Love, Clara

  • Your drawing made me think of “I am Otter” right away! I agree that everyone should be reading his blog, it’s very sweet & amusing. Glad that you included some of your copets in your drawing.
    I can’t think of any resolutions for you, possibly because you are correct in capy perfection being almost absolute. I think Melly ought to make a resolution to give up putting costumes on you. Some animals don’t mind costumes, but I think you really don’t like them. Maybe you could hide them when she’s not paying attention?

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