Dog Invasion!


Sunday brunch in the pool

Sunday was a beautiful day here in central Texas. We’ve been having highs in the low 80s, which makes for pretty good pool weather, especially considering it is December. So as I took my morning brunch of fresh endive on my pool table, how was I to know the terror that awaited me just a few hours in the future? Who could have guessed such a glorious day could turn so horrifying?

Running for joy!

After brunch I got out of my pool and raced to the back porch, just like I always do. After a swim in that cold water, I need a little run to warm me up. Do you see how happy I look? What a carefree, clueless capybara I was!


Capybara terror!

Do you see the way my hair is standing up on my neck in the photo above? That means I am SCARED! Coral and her friend Jen and Jen’s dog Periscope, aka Peri, came over. I like Coral well enough…or I did. I should have known not to trust her! How can she have a friend who has a dog? And how could she let that dog come here? Dogs are about the most frightening things alive!


Peri is scary!

I thought I was safe in my pool. Capybaras are semi-aquatic but dogs are terrestrial. There’s safety in the water.


Peri in the pool!

But look what happened! Peri got in the pool! She only stood on the pool table but still! Doesn’t she look poised to jump in and kill me? You can see that Coral is absolutely no help here! And Melly was up on the ladder taking photos! TAKING PHOTOS! For the love of Caplin, why didn’t she put a stop to this? And the whole thing happened when my Rick was away. I bet he would have protected me!


Swimming for my life!

I needed to get to safety and the safest place I know is under the little ladder on the far side of the pool. I steeled my nerves and swam right under that killer dog! Melly says dogs can’t swim underwater but I just can’t trust what she says. She also said Peri would not hurt me. And she forces me to take that awful medicine twice a day. No, Melly cannot be trusted.


Watching the dog

After a while, Peri got out and I went over to my little feeding table so that I could keep an eye on her. She had some strange fascination with the tortoises. Dogs are dumb.

They’re dumb, but still killers.


What? You're back?

After a few minutes of tortoise watching, Peri came back to the pool. See that person in the background? That is Peri’s owner, Jen. I am glad Jen had Peri on a leash or I am sure she would have killed me. You can see her fangs in that photo. Dogs are always showing you their fangs so you know what they’re thinking.


Swim for your life!

I had to make another dash for the protection of my ladder when Peri started to climb into the pool again.


Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of dogs?

I made it to relative safety. Melly held my paw and told me everything was okay. Do you understand now why I don’t trust her?


Go away!

After a while Peri decided to get out and check on the tortoises again. I was tired so I went to my pool table but after just a few moments she was back. Do you see her snarling at me? Melly and Jen said she was being friendly. Did they really not see it was a trap?


"She just wants to play."

Oh yeah, sure. She just wants to play. Have you seen what happens to dog toys? They don’t look too good after awhile, do they? When Peri started to get back in, I made a dash for my ladder again. It is hard to swim while looking over your shoulder to make sure a dog isn’t going to kill you.


Keeping watch

Finally Peri, Coral and Jen all got in Coral’s car and drove off. What a relief. But I wasn’t about to let my guard down. I spent the next hour sitting on the top of my hay stairs ready to jump into the pool if I needed to.


I'm a nervous eater

I got hungry sitting up there. Luckily Melly took some scissors and a bucket and cut me some grass from my grass pasture. That is so much more civilized than me having to go out there and eat it off the ground. I’m starting to appreciate a little grass in the evening.

16 comments to Dog Invasion!

  • Kathryn

    Nothing better than some fresh cut grass in the evening. See…Melly love you Gari. Cute pictures, fangs and all.

  • alex

    My God! Poor Gari! The only thing I should tell you is this: you are a mighty capybara, and with your teegh you can tear apart any dog of that size!

    But your hair standing up I believe you were scared.

  • rosenatti

    Gari, you look like a Capy With a Mohawk in some of those pics. Very Lynda Barry. All you need is a studded collar, and they’ll never call you “unusual” again!

  • Leslie Kuretzky

    I LOVE YOU GARI and I wont let the mean doggie hurt you

  • Nothing in the world is scarier than dogs. I suffered my most serious injury while trying to escape a small but very noisy dog! I think you should try foaming at the mouth next time, and show him those big teeth! Maybe you could threaten to make him eat endive or something.

  • Oh you poor baby..I know you were so afraid…Mickki has learned to just charge the dogs and they do not know how to respond…her hair is straight up and she does her barking sound.I guess they think she is a strange dog.

  • Teresa Moore

    Oh Boy, Gari! Those are some real fangs on that dog. You were right to be scared

  • lynn marcotte

    That is one beautiful Peri!!!
    So strange to see a dog in your vicinity!

  • Laurie Coppola

    Poor baby 🙂 I know you were scared, but Melly and Coral would never purposely let anything bad happen to you.

  • Betty Mc

    Poor Gari, you were scared of Peri…maybe you could meet a smaller dog up close out of the pool first then invite it for a swim. Have you had any guests in the pool w you before?

  • HH

    They are so cruel to you, Gari. I would be terrified of a dog invading my safe space, too.

  • Francine

    What a terrifying adventure!! What next, JAGULARS??

  • Gari, I understand you being scared, but I don’t think Peri was going to hurt you. Peri looked a little nervous about the water, so she may have been a little scared too. I think she was just curious & wanted to meet you. After all, you are a celebrity!
    But I’m glad she didn’t stay long & that you had some yummy grass to eat to calm you down. I eat when I’m upset too, but your snacks are much more nutritional.

  • mischievous Capybara

    I found this very upsetting

  • […] me when a DOG showed up! That is Peri (short for Periscope). She has visited us before (read my Dog Invasion post) so I guess she is a friend? Melly said she is anyway but she is the scariest friend I have. I […]

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Gari honey, you are so goofy. Peri looks like she wants to play with you. There is nothing mean or viscious looking about her. But I am glad you realized that after awhile. You are such a loving Capy that there cannot be anything or anyone that could possibly be mean to you. <3

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