The Valley of the Shadow of Dogs

Rick is protecting me from a killer dog

Melly and Rick are always making me do things that are “good for me” but that I don’t want to do. Their latest kick is for us to go for a walk down the dirt road that leads to our house. That would be okay if it weren’t for the dogs. Do you see how I’m pressing my nose to Rick’s knee in the photo above? That is because if you look a little closer you will see a killer dog, saliva dripping from its fangs, is watching me from behind a flimsy wire fence.

Furry fear

This is what my fur looks like when I am afraid. It is also what my fur looks like when I am really happy. You’ll just have to take my word for it that I am afraid in the photo above. Being with Rick helps me stay calm though.

Melly and Rick say it is good for me to go on these excursions because it teaches me the way home. That’s ridiculous because if I never leave home, I’ll never have to know the way back! But they say what if something scares me and I panic and run away? And I say, what could scare me more than those dogs? Alas, it is an argument I cannot win. He/She who holds the leash, makes the rules.

YouTube Preview Image

Video of my walk

I don’t know why people say a walk in the country is peaceful and relaxing. Not near us it isn’t! Every single house has at least one dog and mostly more than one! Even without their terrible teeth, they make an awful racket.

Safe at last

Once we get past the dogs, I can see that we are almost home. Home is where the capybara’s heart is. You can see how much calmer I am. I don’t have my nose on Rick’s knee and my fur is all flat and comfortable.

A soothing roll in the mud

Right in front of the house was a nice puddle where I was able to take a good roll. The mud in the puddle is not the best through, it is too thin and watery. Still, it was very refreshing and managed to wash away the last of my fear. We capys always feel safer in the water.

6 comments to The Valley of the Shadow of Dogs

  • Laurie Coppola

    Poor Gari! If it’s any consolation, a lot of people would have been scared walking past all those barking dogs, too! I hope you never get so scared you feel you have to run away past those dogs, but Melly and Rick are right. You do need to be prepared! I think you should make Rick and Melly provide a better puddle for you, or maybe a puddle where you can take a break along the way 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Karyl

    Gari, I understand they think they are helping you, however (and don’t tell them I said this, okay?) I think you’re helping Rick and Melly get THEIR exercise. They need to get out in the fresh air and walk for their health so THEY can live a long time. This also insures that you will have all your favorite treats, your pool will get cleaned, and your puddles will be refreshed. Also, I suspect you are helping those dogs. Yes, really! They are TERRIFIED of you. You are larger than they are, your teeth are SO MUCH SCARIER than their little ones that are only big enough to chew sticks and puppy kibble. And they bark at you to make YOU go away, you gigantic, strange (wonderful) animal!

  • Stephanie

    Those doggies are just SO excited to see a Capy w/ its human slave — they can’t help but to bark. It’s not everyday you see this interesting sight! You’re right, that puddle is well below par. You need to ask for a better one!

    Good thing you protected Rick from those doggies! I think your “big hair” scared those doggies!

  • rosenatti

    I love how much Gari loves RIck.

  • Cathy

    Awww, Gari, you look so scared, but you know your people would never put you in harm’s way! Hope you got lots of goodies for Christmas. You deserve it, brave capy!

  • Linz

    Gari is on the tv right now! soo amazing! 🙂

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