What Happened to My Pond?

Me and my pond last spring

Melly has always had something against my pond. She has complained and complained about how I spend hours in there during the summer, hidden from human eyes and interference. My pond is my sanctuary. Or, at least, it was.

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Domingão Aventura


Meeting Cristian and Chris at the pool

What a week! If you read my last blog post you know that I injured my paw pretty badly. I am still getting over that but, luckily, I expect a full recovery. If you read closely, then you know that a film team from Brazil was in the middle of filming a story about me when it happened! There’s never a good time to hurt your paw but especially not when you are supposed to be on camera! But, you know what they say, the show must go on!

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Oh! My Aching Paw!

My bandaged paw

I had a little accident. During the middle of the night, I hurt my paw. Actually it was at 4 am, when my humans were asleep. After spending a few minutes outside, gazing at the stars in the clear, crisp night air, I had a major altercation with the door on my way back in. It attacked me! I panicked. But I got away, that is the important thing.

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Gari’s Song

Playing with Rick

Melly has been singing a little song lately and I thought I would share it with you.

Gari’s Song
Sung to the tune of Stewball (was a racehorse)

Oh Gari is a capybara, and I know he is mine,
But he doesn’t love me, he wants Rick all the time.

I feed him the freshest corn and lettuce and chard.
I go out with scissors and cut grass from the yard!

I give him his scratches, I feed him his treats.
I take him out swimming, let him chew on the sheets.

But Rick is his favorite. Oh, what can I say?
Is it just wishful thinking, to believe he’ll love me one day?

Oh Gari is a capybara, and I know he is mine,
But he doesn’t love me, he wants Rick all the time!

What can I say? A capybara cannot control his own heart! I suppose I should try to be nicer to Melly. I’ll make that my New Year’s resolution! But, you know, most New Year’s resolutions don’t last until February, and that’s only two weeks away.

The Stool and The Capybara


Something wicked this way comes

Today I was sitting out on the front porch, minding my own business, chomping on a piece of corn, when Melly came out of the house carrying that thing that you see in the photo above. It’s cute enough, but what’s it doing on the porch? When Melly brought it home for the first time yesterday, it was seated quite placidly in the living room. Doesn’t really look like porch furniture, does it?

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