Domingão Aventura


Meeting Cristian and Chris at the pool

What a week! If you read my last blog post you know that I injured my paw pretty badly. I am still getting over that but, luckily, I expect a full recovery. If you read closely, then you know that a film team from Brazil was in the middle of filming a story about me when it happened! There’s never a good time to hurt your paw but especially not when you are supposed to be on camera! But, you know what they say, the show must go on!

Swimming for the camera

The filming started out with me doing some super cute pool tricks. I swam underwater. I did my signature spins. I put my paws on the edge of the pool and smiled for the camera. I am sure they got some great video of me eating endive in the pool. But I do kind of wonder what Cristian is taking a video of in this shot. I’m not sure I want that in front of an audience of 50,000,000 Brazilians! (Is that a brazillian Brazillians?) Well, maybe he’s just getting my back paws.


My post-pool corn

After swimming I had to have my corn. I need some good carbs to make up for all the energy used up in the pool. In the photo above, you can see Cristian Dimitrius, who is the star of Domingão Aventura, leaning over to get a close-up of my teeth. I don’t think I’d remembered to brush that morning either. (Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve remembered to brush any morning.)


Chickens are camera hogs

Naturally, the chickens had to come over and get in the act. They’re not just camera hogs, they are corn hogs too. I never get to eat in peace!


Melly feeding me

Then Melly fed me my corn which is doubly nice since the chickens don’t usually steal from her. I put on my cutest face and took dainty little bites, just like a well-manner capybara should.



After a swim and some corn, a capybara naturally wants to take a few minutes to relax. You need to dry out and soak up some rays.


A private moment with 50 million viewers

Part of any healthy digestive system is a little coprophagia, the eating of special poop to help digest cellulose. I am not sure people really want to see that though. Some things really might be better left private.


Selecting tomorrow's wardrobe

By then it was starting to get late so we spent a little time in the house laying out our plans for the next day and selecting my wardrobe. I do think I look fabulous in my Texas A&M scarf and it helps to promote the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine, which is through Texas A&M.

Then I think we all know what happened, I was brutally attacked by a door during the night! Oh sure, doors seem so innocent and harmless, but I will bet many of my friends have suffered similar attacks. Doors can kill if you aren’t careful! (In case you don’t know what happened, now would be a good time to read Oh! My Aching Paw!)

Due to my injury, all we did the next day was go to the vet and what with all the rushing and limping and bandaging and whatnot, I didn’t even think to wear my scarf. And Melly didn’t remember that she’s supposed to wear the same clothes every day while they are filming. Oh well.

But the next day was Saturday and my paw felt quite a bit better so we decided to do the photo shoot in downtown Buda. Cristian thought Buda looks colorful and quaint. Melly said it just doesn’t look like Brazil. I was doing great on the walk, sauntering down the street nose-to-knee with Melly since My Rick wasn’t around. Then an ambulance drove by making a horrible screeching sound that practically broke my eardrums! Luckily Melly hugged me through it.

Just then some people came up and wanted to pet me. I let them with my usual grace. But while they were petting me a man popped out of a local restaurant, Nona Gina’s, and make a comment about how he could make me into a nice roast capybara! Melly and I ignored him. I guess he thought we didn’t get how clever he was because he added that maybe Melly would rather eat me as sushi. At this point Melly said, in a flat voice, “I think that is very rude.” The man let out a loud huff of indignation and slammed the door! As if Melly and I were the rude ones! Melly said she is never going to eat there again!


Testing the water

It is the middle of winter here and Melly hasn’t gone swimming with me for months, but Cristian is made of sterner stuff. In the photo above he is explaining to the camera that it has been getting down to freezing here at night and the water is very cold. But you don’t get a chance to swim with a capybara every day!


Come on it, the water's fine!

The cool water actually feels good on my bad paw. Plus, I don’t have to wear my bandage while I am in the pool.


Underwater ballet

Cristian had originally intended to rent a wet suit for this but things got messed up after my injury. I didn’t know humans could go in cold water. I am pretty sure Melly won’t get in the pool with me again until April at least and she’s got a good layer of blubber for insulation.


Cute is as cute is

We didn’t have long in the pool but I they should have gotten some of my extra cute behaviors on camera. Cristian even threw me back a couple of times.

Well, that is the end of our photo shoot. I’ll put up another blog post when the show is going to air, which will be in Brazil so my non-Brazilian fans won’t get to see it. But Cristian said it would be up on the Globo site soon after airing, sometime in March probably, so I’ll post a link as soon as I can.

A fun Domingão Aventura segment about lions

You can click on the link above to see what the show is about. You don’t really need to understand Portuguese to enjoy it.

Also, thanks to Cristian and Chris and everyone at Domingão Aventura for a very generous donation to the ROUS Foundation for Capybara Veterinary Medicine!

If you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this post, I’d like to ask for your help. Melly needs a comeback line for rude people like the one at Nona Gina’s. What should she say? We are looking for clever and sarcastic rather than cursing and mean.

17 comments to Domingão Aventura

  • Laurie Coppola

    Aw! I’m glad you got to swim with Christian, and neither you nor Melly bit that $%^&*$ from the restaurant. I don’t think I would have been as nice as you two were. The Brazilians are going to love you. You will be a capy star 🙂

  • francine

    The Brazilians sound great! It’s so exciting that you are an international superstar! You’re a wonderful capybara ambassador.

    I wish I could think of something clever to say to someone who offers to eat a beloved companion. Some folks make comments about eating guinea pigs, and they learn that I am NOT amused. I respect that people eat all kinds of animals, but you are not JUST an animal. You are a person.

    Did the person from the restaurant know you? He must have known about capys being “fish” during lent. So obnoxious. Grrr.

  • Pam

    Whenever someone I’ve just met learns that my beloved family is composed primarily of guinea pigs, and then rudely and insensitively informs me (like I haven’t heard it a thousand times already), that guinea pigs are eaten in Peru, I now reply that, “Yes, guinea pigs are eaten in Peru. Cats and dogs are eaten in Korea. And people are eaten in Papua New Guinea.” And then I give them a very cold stare, and turn away.

    All of us are made of meat.

  • Kristy

    It looks like you had a good time with the Brazilians, Gari! I’m sorry about your paw, though. Get well soon, and watch out for those nasty doors!

    I would say something like: “I must have missed the memo about it being OK to joke about eating someone’s beloved companion.”

  • Kathryn

    Congrats on the sucessful filming!

    I would say to a rude person, “This is my pet. I wouldn’t say that about your cat or dog.”

  • love your adventure..very nice read..thank you

  • Oh the irony…they came all this way from BRAZIL to film a capybara? Don’t they have enough of us down there? Melly, you should point out to rude people that capybaras can understand English, and they better just move along quickly before Gari decides to retaliate.

  • Tanya Maddox

    People say that about my rabbits too. Why do they think its so amusing? Tell them to “be careful, Capybaras like their humans raw and this one hasn’t had lunch yet!”

  • Fabi

    Brazilian capybaras are shy, Dobby! They are not used to lights and cameras as Gari is. Besides, we, brazilians, love Gari! He’s a capystar!

  • lynn

    Funny funny funny blog!
    Just love it.
    But very sorry abt your foot. 🙁

  • Bonnie

    Kristy’s comeback works for me. I’ll bet with very little practice, Melly could adopt just the right tone to make the person feel just as insensitive as they are!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    The Braislenos are going to LUV you, Gari! You are a true STAR!! You pushed on despite injury and rude people! Cristian is a GREAT guy!

  • Lisa

    Gari, sounds like the Brazilians were great! at least they didnt make you falla con the jacare! (that’s the extent of my Portuguese from working with Brazilians a few years ago).

    i hope your paw heals up nicely. it’s nice you were able to swim with Christian despite your hurt paw.

    im not even gonna COMMENT on the guy who said something about roast capybara. every once in awhile Gari there are humans who you SHOULD bite.


  • Heidi

    Gari, tell Melly the next time she’s verbally abused by a jerk to say,

    “How do you enjoy your family, roasted, fried or baked?”

    You are a beloved member of Melly’s and My Rick’s family!!!!! They adore you and would never hurt you. We all love you too!!!!

  • Nasty jerk from the restaurant! Boycott the place, that will teach him.
    On a happier note, the Brazilian TV show sounds great. Looks like they got a lot of nice footage & I’m sure viewers will enjoy “meeting” you as much as we do. How could they not?
    Glad your paw is getting better. Watch out for those sneaky doors….

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  • Laura Freeman

    I would say “who asked you?” Or “dude! I don’t make comments about your pets so don’t make rude comments about mine.”

    Bullies suck but they are just jealous that you are so cool Gari and they aren’t,

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