What Happened to My Pond?

Me and my pond last spring

Melly has always had something against my pond. She has complained and complained about how I spend hours in there during the summer, hidden from human eyes and interference. My pond is my sanctuary. Or, at least, it was.

Me and my pond earlier this month

I have to admit, the pond has gotten a little dense. But I’m sure it would perk up in the spring if Melly would just leave it alone. But she won’t. She claims it doesn’t hold water. So? It does hold mud! She says the irises from the pond are taking over the yard. That one is actually hard to argue with. They were getting a pretty strong bulb-hold in the grass around the pond. Still, it’s no call for what she’s done.

The destruction has just begun

This is what happened after only one day of Melly’s vicious attack on my pond. Do you see that pile of bricks? That is about where I am standing in the previous two photos. Now it is ruined! How can Melly possibly wonder why I like My Rick better? Isn’t it obvious? Would My Rick do this to my pond? No!

Oh! My beautiful pond! She has killed you!

This is what my pond looks like after four days of her onslaught. Luckily, she is not in good shape and can’t work on it for too long at a time. Unluckily, she seems pretty serious about “improving” it. That whole area between the wood rim and the edge of the pond itself was once a dense jungle like the amazon. How am I supposed to feel at home now? Does she even think of me at all?

This is not my beautiful pond

I went exploring and I was not impressed. For one thing, there is a lot less to explore without the ring of irises on the outside.

This is a short video of my exploration. Turns out the pond is still a little scary.

The really horrible thing about this “renovation” is that Melly is going to get rid of all of the irises, even the ones inside the part of the pond that is supposed to hold water. I hope she is not successful, but if she is, she’d better plant something else for me to hide it. Wouldn’t hurt if it tasted good too.

12 comments to What Happened to My Pond?

  • Robin

    Wow. That sure is a lot of irises. I’m sure you could get rid of them on, or Craig’s list. I’m sure people would love to have them. But Gari, I don’t blame your mom for wanting to see where you are and make sure you’re staying out of trouble. Looks like you are feeling better! 🙂

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Oh Gary Honey don’t worry so much about the pond. Watch and see what a great job Melly is doing. As far as the irises, some will come back if Melly leaves some bulbs there. It is really hard to get all the bulbs out because tiny bulbs are hiding here and there. Eventually they will pop back up. This is for your safety. Melly can see where you are. After all the 2 of you have been through I can understand why she wants to make sure your safe. It’s called LOVE. Consider yourself very loved Gari. XXXXXXXX<3

  • Teresa Moore

    LOL! I know how those Iris’s can be!
    Don’t worry Gari, your pond is safe!

  • Goodness me, what a lot of irises! It’s a good idea to thin them out though Gari. They will flower better. It would be nice if there was enough water for you to wallow too! Perhaps Melly will make a nice new pond. xx

  • rosenatti

    Pond-killin’ Melly!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    ooooooooh….Gari, you look angry! Pond does kind of look in bad shape…

  • Laurie Coppola

    Maybe Melly will create an even better pond, one you like even better!

  • Betty Mc

    Don’t worry Gari: After Melly’s hard work and a few rain showers, you will have a lovely new pond to play in!

  • Lisa

    oh Gari just think, if Melly is successful in her pond renovations then you can SWIM in it!!!!!

  • Irises are my favorite flower, but they’ve definitely taken over your pond there, Gari! Is Melly using the bricks to make a new pond wall? If so, that’s something you should be helping with, it will hold the water in, so will be an actual pond instead of a large mud puddle. I know mud puddles are fun, but ponds are even more fun. aren’t they? I say let’s give Melly a chance & see what she does. It might be worth all of the trouble. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Gari; Don’t worry, Melli is just getting rid of the overgrowth of the irises so your pond looks better. Not only will you still have your mud to play in it you may end up with another swimming pool only this one would be natural. 🙂

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