Domingão Aventura Update

My adorable nose is going to be on TV

I hope everyone remembers how Cristian Dimitrius came all the way from Brazil to film me for a TV show called Domingão Aventura, which mean Sunday Adventure in Portuguese. (If you missed my blog post on it you can read it here: Domingão Aventura.) Well, the time has come for my cute little nose to make my big Brazilian appearance! If you live in Brazil, or if you can get Brazilian TV somehow, be sure to watch for me! The show is Domingão do Faustao, Sunday Afternoon at Globo TV. My part should be on at about 7 pm.

Me, Melly and Cristian in the "solarium"

I am not trying to bite anyone in the photo above, I am just showing off my beautiful teeth. No humans or capybaras were harmed in the making of this TV show, although I did hurt my paw due to an unrelated accident.

The capybara part of the show is going to be in three parts. The first part will be about wild capybaras in Brazil. The second part is also about wild capys but this part focuses on some that live in parks and rivers inside the great city of São Paulo. And the third part is going to be about me because I am the World’s Most Famous Capybara, or I will be after the show airs.

Photo bombed by Capycoppy

Well, I guess Capycoppy or Super Capy might steal the show and become the most famous capybaras. They are both camera hogs.

The timing of the show is a bit suspicious though. Lent has just started and that is a very bad time for wild capybaras. In much of South America, humans kill and eat cute little capybaras during lent because of some dumb thing a pope of the Catholic church said centuries ago. It is times like these when I am especially glad to be a pet. But maybe if people see the program they will understand what wonderful animals we are and stop killing us. Just a thought.

(All photos in this post are by Cristian Dimitrius.)

11 comments to Domingão Aventura Update

  • I hope I can see it. I will be searching for it. You, I bet will be your handsome self. If you know where this Canadian can get it please post it. Thanks Gari. Love you xoxo

  • Gari, this is so exciting! I hope they give you a link to the show so we can all see it! I want to see the wild capybaras to see if they eat corn and potatoes. Did you get to wear Cristian’s hat?

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    My Sweet Gari, I am so excited about your show. You are a “SUPER CAPY STAR” I am sad about one thing though…..I don’t get that station and won’t be able to see your show. Hopefully they will give Melly a copy of the show so she can post it for all to see. Or maybe it will be on You Tube. I hate to miss anything that you do. I love that picture of you laying on your back (last page above.) I touched my monitor screen and pretended I was tickling your belly. It looks so warm and soft. I’m sending lots of L<3ve,kisses and hugs to you. Ann Bednarek

  • Kathryn

    Congrats Superstar!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    This is SO exciting! Congrats, Gari! Melly does deserve praise for being enlightened to have a unique pet like you!

  • Laurie Coppola

    Hehehe, love how Capycoppy snuck in on the act 🙂 Got to give him his little bit of fame, too 🙂 Glad your foot healed completely, too. I wish I could see you on Brazilian TV. I’m sure you are going to be a super success 🙂

  • Lisa

    they eat capys during Lent? i thought a popular thing to do during Lent was give up meat?? (not sure i never eat meat sooo im not sure how these arbitrary meat-giving-up things work…)

  • Allyson

    Cappys aren’t “meat” according to the Church, so they can be eaten during Lent.

  • Elaine G. Souza

    The show is Domingão Aventura com Cristian Dimitrius … Domingão do Faustao, Sunday Afternoon at Globo!!

  • Chris

    Viewable via the web at Domingão do Faustao

    If this link doesn’t let you click through, just google for “Domingão do Faustao” and go to the official site where there’s a link to the page with the embedded video.

    Skip to 5:00 for wild capy video, then to 7:54 for the real star of the show!

  • Janet Lutkus

    Hope there will eventually be a way for us to download your Brazilian performance or view it streaming via the Internet. If so, you’ll have to get Melly to tell us how to do that–as I’d love to see you make your superstar debut. BTW, since I can’t have you nearby in person, my Super Capybara dolly has his own little shelf here in my office, right next to my desk, so I can see and pet him throughout my work day.

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