Press the Button!

Me and a button

Melly gets some weird ideas, I think there is something wrong with her brain. She’s not exactly crazy, but she’s not exactly not crazy, if you know what I mean. A new crazy thing she’s gotten into her head is that I, Garibaldi Caplin Rous, am going to press a little button every time I want a treat.

My dog barking button

Melly actually got me four buttons. The black one sounds like a cow, the red one sounds like a rooster, the brown one sounds like a horse and the especially annoying orange one sounds like a dog barking. If you feel like tormenting your pets, children, spouses or co-workers, you can buy a set of these farm animal buttons. Melly and I actually got a set for Dobby(e) Winnick for his 4th birthday. Sorry, Dobby.

What is that thing doing there?

I wish I could say that I put up a noble fight, that I didn’t give in immediately to the promise of treats, but I would be mostly lying. At our first button session, Melly was holding a huge head of the most delicious looking endive and she would only give me a bite if I put my nose on the button. It seemed harmless at the time.

I am not going to push this.

I had to give in. But not all the way. If you watch the video below, you’ll see I am battling against the button even now.

Me Against the Button

Okay, okay. I’ll press the button to get a treat, but only if Melly is holding it. It’s not a magical button, you know. It doesn’t create those treats by itself. I know all the treats come from Melly so what’s the point of pushing the button if she isn’t holding it? Also, isn’t she a tad bit lazy? I mean, I’m doing all the work, is it too much to ask that she just hold the button?

11 comments to Press the Button!

  • barb salaoek

    Lmfao!! My husband cant say no to ppl & a salesman gave him a NO button. Best thing Ever!!!!

  • Erika

    Too funny, Gari, & adorable as always. I probably would have done the same thing with those buttons……I wonder if it would work with my cats?

  • ratfancy

    Does this work with other family members? I’m thinking the sounds might actually discourage snacking. Will have to try!

  • Laurie Coppola

    You are a brave capybara, pushing the dog barking button when you are afraid of dogs. I do agree, though, that if you have to push the button, Melly should have to hold the button 🙂 Make it a joint project 🙂

  • Punkin

    I have a bell I ring when I want something. It works really well. Only those of us who are smart can use special things like bells and buttons.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    Oh, Gari, you poor tortured beastie! Melly does come up w/ some crazy ideas!

  • Lisa

    watch out Gari! she’s training you for the circus! if you tries to teach you to balance on a ball run the other way! 😀

  • Mary Carter

    If she continues to make you do this horrid activity that makes such a horrid sound, you will wear the skin on your nose off and you’ll have to go in the horrid car to the horrid vet ….. The only consolation is that she will have to pay the bill ! You’ll look pretty silly with a band aid on your nose, too, to add insult to injury …..

  • Nic

    That’s one strange button, where did Melly even get it?

  • Bonnie Vollbeer

    Melanie, button this button thing work with the other members of your family as well?

  • Pushing a button would be weird enough, but the fact that they make noises is just over the top. It’s hard to imagine an inventor thinking this idea up,”What the world needs is a button which makes animal noises when you press on it.” But if it will get you a treat, maybe you should just go along with it.

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