Puppy Day


Nose to nose to nose

On Sunday my friend Sheldon brought over his two Boston terrier puppies, Juju and Tali. (Tali is in blue and Juju in purple.) When I heard dogs were coming to visit, you can imagine I was none too excited. I decided to go hide somewhere in the house. That is pretty hard now that I am a full grown capybara, not nearly as many places to hide, but I figured I’d think of something.

I see you, you see me

When the puppies showed up, they were smaller than I was expecting. Their mouths didn’t look big enough to bite a capybara. And they were maybe more afraid of me than I was of them.

Getting to know you

Juju was the braver of the two puppies by a fair amount. She was curious about me. We sniffed each other to see if we smelled dangerous.

Your nose is wet.

Then we sniffed noses. Juju smells like a dog, which is not good. But she didn’t smell like she was going to attack me. Anyway, her whole body isn’t any bigger than my head, and I think my head weighs a lot more. I don’t know what I smelled like to her but at least my nose isn’t all cold and wet.

If you look at the photo above, you can see one of the big problems with dogs. She how much bigger my head is than Juju’s? But Juju’s mouth is already bigger than mine. All dogs have gigantic mouths, the better to bite me with.

Run! Run! Run!

Like all dogs, Juju is crazy. With no provocation or warning, she just took off running. Melly said this is because she is a puppy but I think it is because she is a dog.


Melly said these dogs are going to be coming over a lot so I should give you a formal introduction since you’ll be seeing them in future blog posts. This is Tali. His full name is Talisman. He’s Juju’s brother but he is quite a bit taller and lankier than she is. And he’s not as brave or as rambunctious.  I guess he is cute, in a dog sort of way.


This is Juju.  Juju and Tali are three months old and I think they have probably been running the whole time.

Sheldon (and me and Juju)

This is me kissing Sheldon. He owns Juju and Tali. I think he is supposed to be training them but they are not very well trained. But I shouldn’t talk, I have done a terrible job of training Melly and my Rick.

I wonder if a puppy will scratch my belly

Melly said my chickens would scratch my belly, but they never do. And Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st, my guinea pig co-pet, claims he doesn’t know how to scratch me either. So I thought it couldn’t hurt to see if puppies can give belly scratches.

Your paws, my belly, it's not rocket science

How many hints does a dog need to figure out what they are supposed to do? Look at the photo above, did I not make myself clear?


Juju was all, “What? What? What?” It’s not her fault she’s not too bright, it’s just part of being a dog.

Time of a dip in the pool

Disappointed, I decided to go for a swim, that always cheers me up.

This is MY bed!

When I went to my bed to relax after my swim and eat my post-swim snack, the puppies were there already pretending it was their bed!

Where are you going?

I was going to share with them on the off chance that they might figure out how to scratch my stomach, but they both took off. I don’t think puppies can hold still for more than 15 seconds.

Puppy fight

What’s more important, scratching my stomach or playing with each other? You live together, you can do that any time.

Coral, me, Flopsy (in height order)

Just then, Coral and Flopsy the Killer Cat came over to join the crowd. Flopsy used to be scared of me but he is getting over it. He didn’t used to let me touch him, now he comes right up and rubs against me.

Freedom is just one leash away

Flopsy is always on a leash when he is outside. I tried to help him with that but the leash is surprisingly bite proof.

I decided to give Floppers a hug to make him feel better

I’m not sure he felt any better after our hug but you can’t say I didn’t try.

Let's go for a walk!

I wonder if this combination of animals has ever gone for a walk together before. History in the making!


Flopsy had a little trouble with the whole walk concept. The puppies were running everywhere, including some places they really should not have been.

Walking through the woods

I was the only one in our whole group who knew how to go on a walk properly. Do you think it would have been more polite to wait for them?

Home is where the hearth is

Back in the house, Flopsy the Killer Cat settled down on the fireplace, looking cute, as always.

Sleepy puppies

Sheldon held the puppies on his lap for a second and I learned why they run around so much. It turns out that if they hold still for more than a minute, they fall asleep.

YouTube Preview Image

A video of my day with the puppies and Flopsy

I almost forgot that I have a video! You can judge for yourself how crazy those puppies are. And how hard I tried to hug Flopsy.

7 comments to Puppy Day

  • Laurie Coppola

    You did great, Gari!!! I don’t blame you for not liking dogs big enough to hurt you, but puppies are different. I’ve never had a cat that would walk on a leash, so not surprised Flopsy decided to continue that situation 🙂 I think you actually enjoyed having visitors this time 🙂

  • francine

    The picture of you and Floppers is famous! You really have the touch with other animals, Gari.

  • rosenatti

    Saw your Flopsy lovin’ pic on Reddit today, Gari. Buzzfeed also linked to it. You went viral, baby! Soon the pups will be asking for autographs.

  • Glad that you and Flopsy are friends. Your hug is very cute. My goodness, those puppies are rambunctious! I think you were a good host, welcoming them to your home. Maybe someday they will become as friendly as you and Flopsy are now.

  • […] See that photo of the two puppies? Do you notice anything strange about them? Their feet are not all on the ground! That means they are running. They run everywhere! They are like little streaks of lightning. I thought that they would calm down now that they are a little older, but Sheldon says four months old is still puppy and puppies do a lot of running. If you’d like to read my blog post about them when they were only three months old, read Puppy Day. […]

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