A Busy Day

It's St. Patrick's Day

Do I look Irish to you? Well, maybe a little in that getup, but not normally. Capybaras are not Irish. I don’t even know if there are any capybaras in the whole country of Ireland (it’s not that big afterall). Maybe St. Francis (or whoever) drove them out along with the snakes. Anyway, tell that to Melly. Please. Someone has to stop her.

Am I allowed no dignity?

I guess St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday where humans drink a lot of alcohol and that makes them do crazy things. I’d like to say that Melly was drunk when she did this to me, but alas, she is just this crazy all the time.

At any rate, I hope everyone had a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day and that you were all kind to snakes and rodents.

Me and Steven Harris

Another thing that happened today is that I had a stalker come visit. His name is Steven Harris. He visited me once before when I first came to live here with Melly and my Rick. He is nice but I am still not feeling 100% after my last visit to the vet so I’m afraid I was a little antisocial.

Using the button

I taught him how to use the button but, honestly, he wasn’t very good at it. But the important part is that I still got treats, in this case they were grapes.

Is this my pond?

Lastly, look at this! Melly is (finally) almost done cleaning out my pond. I had NO IDEA it was so deep! When she fills it back up with water, I could actually go swimming in it. Who knew?

Let your imagination run wild

In the meantime, I can just sit in my pond and imagine it full of water. I like how it has a shelf around the edge to make it easy to get in and out. Maybe I’m not so angry with Melly for cleaning it out. (Or maybe I am.)

The Thinker

I’m leaving you with this photo to try to counteract the damage done by the first two photos in the post. Really, like all capybaras, I am a very dignified animal.

11 comments to A Busy Day

  • I love your posts and especially this one. I was smiling and laughing as I read it. I, personally, think you looked very distinguished all dressed up for St. Paddy’s Day. You truly bring a lot of smiles to my face something I have not done for quite a while due to a loss in my family. Thanks Gari and Melly for cheering me up.

    As always look forward to your blogs.

    Lots of love and hugs,


  • rosenatti

    Your stalkers are always so noble.

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Sounds like you had a fun day Gari. You look so adorable in your outfit. Melly did a great job with the pond. You will love it this summer.It will be like a jacuzzi without the jets. I love you sweetie!XXXXXXX

  • francine

    Dignity always dignity, that’s my motto!

  • You look very good in your Irish clothing, Gari. FYI, a pair of capybara twins were born at Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland last spring: ūüôā

  • lynn

    Oh I can’t wait to see you in your pond, that will be splendid!!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    The costume stuff isn’t really I dignified — it’s just fun!

    Looks like you had a Fun day! Can’t believe how deep yr pond is. You’ll be able to roll!

  • The green fluffy collar is nice, but I agree that hat is rather silly. But I think you kept quite a bit of your dignity, despite that.
    Your stalker seems nice, feeding you grapes & visiting with you. I’m envious of anyone who gets to meet you in person, er, capybara.
    Wow, the pond looks much better than the last pics you showed us & much bigger than I thought, too. I agree the shelf is a good idea. Hope it gets done in time for you to swim in it this summer.

  • Great photos as usual:-)

  • sam

    great costume gari glad you’re getting your pond back

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