Super Capy Gets His Powers

Where in the world is Super Capy?

Super Capy’s Blog:

Hi all! It’s me, Super Capy! You’ve probably heard a lot about me but I’ve never written a blog post of my own before. But I just got back from an amazing and important adventure that I really just have to tell you about myself. Do you see the photo above? Can you guess where I am (other than on the dashboard of Melly’s car)?

What about now?

Does this photo help any? No? I’ll give you a hint: I am someplace that was super top secret during World War II.

Did you get the hint? No? Okay, here’s another one: They tested something called a “gadget” here.

Does this help?

Look! I am sitting next to a purple prickly pear cactus and a barb wire fence. Does that give you any ideas about where I am?

What? Still no? Here’s another hint: I went to this place to formally acquire my superpowers! I’ll bet you can guess now.

If you still haven’t gotten it, here is one last hint: This place is only open two days per year, the first Saturday in April and the first Saturday in October.

Stuck between a rock and a rock

There is a monument at the place I went to and here is a photo of me perched on it. I had to do this because I was absorbing my new superpowers from the rock.

On the back of the monument

Also, the front of the monument was really busy because all of the humans wanted to get their pictures taken with it and Melly said I could spend more time close to the monument if I was willing to cling to the back. You can see all of those people taking photos of the front. Only Melly was taking a photo of the back. Seems like they could relieve the crowding if they would put a plaque on each side of the monument instead of just on the front.

Did you figure out where I am yet? If you’re still working on a guess, don’t look at the next photo.

Trinity Test Site Monument

Here’s what the front of the monument looks like. That is Melly’s friend Meimei holding me. If you can read the plaque, it says:

JULY 16, 1945

That is a somber and terrible thought, that the first atom bomb was detonated here.  It was scary for me to even think about. Melly was pretty upset by it, especially because she visited the Peace Museum in Hiroshima, Japan a few years ago and saw the terrible destruction that came about as a direct result of this first atom bomb.

This isn't a real A-bomb

The reason I came to this place was precisely because this is where an atom bomb (A-bomb) exploded. Like many a good superhero, I needed something to initiate my superpowers and everyone knows that atomic radiation is just the thing for that! A cute little plush like me probably doesn’t need too big a dose and I think it’s more important for there to be a good symbolism than a high dose of radiation anyway. So here I am soaking up some of the very first radiation released on our planet. I suppose it’s also fitting that the radiation I absorbed was created for use by humans to kill other humans. Of course, as a plush ANIMAL, I am made even stronger through the irony of the inhumanity of humans toward other humans.

Testing my new superpowers

Right away I got to testing my new superpowers. They are awesome! I can climb fences, or jump them in a single bound (only one way though, if Melly isn’t on the same side, I don’t seem to be able to jump back), I can fly (short distances only), and, well, lots of stuff, too much to mention it all here. Luckily, through a miracle of quantum mechanics, quark entanglement and the string theory, my new superpowers are also bestowed on all of my clones! So if you have a Super Capy in your keeping, watch out! You don’t know what amazing stuff we can do now!

My new super nemesis?

As with all superheros, there is always a supervillain  that we have to combat. I am afraid the odd looking cephalopod thing in the photo above is my new super nemesis. His humans brought him to the site. He arrived slightly before me and managed to acquire his superpowers first. I don’t know what they are except for invisibility and I only know about that because he disappeared after Melly managed to snap this photo of him. All of my clones should keep a sharp eye out for this guy!

The crowd at the Trinity Site

Somewhere out there is my arch nemesis! I don’t even know his name! Maybe some of my readers could suggest a name for him. Not Octopod or Cyclops though, something scary and clever.

(If you don’t have a plush Super Capy and would like to get one, visit the Capybara Madness Store.)

8 comments to Super Capy Gets His Powers

  • Laurie Coppola

    Dr. Tentaculus! How’s that for a super villain name? At least for a supervillain cephalopod! Love that you got your super powers and got to try them! Melly will have to help you with the return jump over the fence 🙂

  • Supercapy you are SO BRAVE! What’s next, Fukushima? You can probably pick up some powers there, though Melly should wear one of those funny white suits if she goes with you.

  • Punkin

    Wow I must keep a careful eye on my Super Cavy now to see what he will surprise me with. I kind of think his super power his cuddles though.

  • Oh my, what an adventure that was. I didn’t even know that site could be visited, or that it’s only open 2 days a year. I’m glad that you’ll be using your superpowers for good and not evil. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Thanks for sharing this trip with us. Glad you got some Super Powers here. Here is a name suggestion: Super Capyopolous.

  • Nic

    Maybe I can use the squid as Geedil’s henchman in the Capy comics.

  • […] worships him so much, she takes his plushy on vacation!  And lets the plushy write about it:   And Dobby’s mom loves him so much that when she says no, she really doesn’t mean […]

  • Malkah

    Oh! Super Capy! You are so powerful already, because you bring the best stuff into the world, like thinking about capybaras! If capybaras ruled the world, there would be lots more swimming, more rolling, and more corn. And it would be a happy place. I will check on our Super Capy and see if he has gotten any new skills. <3

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