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In a water fountain

Super Capy’s blog:

Hi! It’s me again, Super Capy! I’ve had another adventure and I’d like to share it with you. This time I traveled by plane with Melly all the way to Washington DC to go to the 2013 BlogPaws convention. BlogPaws is a convention for crazy people who blog about their pets. I had a whole lot of fun, met many new friends and witnessed the beautiful and the weird (that last includes Melly).

So let’s start our trip at the Austin airport. As you can see in the above photo, Melly put me in a water fountain. She said that since I’m a mini-capy I should be able to use a mini-pond. There are a couple of things wrong with that. The first is that the pond is simply too mini! I hardly fit in it at all. The second is that there is NO WATER! Okay, so Garibaldi Rous went in his pond even when there was no water in it, but I am not that kind of capy.

Flying in style

It was a good thing Melly got me my own seat because there were humans in every single one of the other seats. I guess I could fly in Melly’s lap if I had to, but this worked out much better. Of course I had to sear my seat belt. It didn’t exactly fit snug across my lap though.

At the Dulles Airport

I do not like the Dulles airport in Washington DC nearly as much as the Austin airport. It is so huge and impersonal! And look at all that traffic! I was kind of homesick already.

Angela DiMeglio Mitchell with Gloria

Angela DiMeglio Mitchell of Guinea Pig Today (hereafter referred to as “Angela”) picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel, the Sheraton in Tyson’s Corner, VA. This is the same hotel where the conference was taking place. Lots of people bring their pets to BlogPaws but Stacy Winnick of Dobbye the Capybara (hereafter “Stacy”) couldn’t bring Dobbye Winnick (because he’s a capybara and most capys don’t fly well, unlike me!), so she borrowed a cute little gpig named Gloria from Becky Wilson (hereafter “Becky”) of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue (hereafter “MGPR”). MGPR is in the DC area so Gloria didn’t need to fly or drive a long distance.

A boring meeting

There were a lot of boring meetings but generally Melly didn’t make me go to those. The one shown above, for example, was titled “SEO: Getting Ahead in Search” and was presented by Matt Beswick. Melly said it was really interesting but I think she was lying.

Pets in a Blog Paws seminar

Some people brought their animals to the seminars. Here you see a dog and and adorable bunny. There will be more on the bunny later but I don’t think that particular dog is going to reappear in any of my photos. Seen one dog, you’ve seen them all, as the saying goes.

Me with the famous Papua Piig

Meals were especially interesting. Typically you’re not allowed to bring pets in where food is being served but at BlogPaws, anything goes! Here you see I am sitting at the breakfast table with Papua Piig. I felt pretty honored to be in his presence since he is quite the famous guinea pig. He belongs with Angela and is the star of Guinea Pig Today.

Papua Piig eats an apple

Famous or not, you’d think he could share that apple. It is almost as big as he is, I’m pretty sure there is enough to go around if he wouldn’t just hog it…but then, he is a pig.

Odilia the blind kitten

On a nearby table, I spotted this cute little blind kitten. She didn’t seem happy about being on a leash. Typical cat. She was brought to the conference by Connie from Tails from the Foster Kittens.

The three plushkateers!

I wasn’t the only plush animal in attendance. In the photo above you can see me standing next to the famous Cokie the Cat, Hollywood Insider. I don’t know who that black and white cat is. If anyone recognizes her, drop me a line.

Enlightened Ferret

I am pretty sure this is Enlightened Ferret but I could use a positive ID. Anyway, there were several ferrets at BlogPaws. I tried to stay away from them because they play a little rough.

Super Dog!

Of course, most of the pets at BlogPaws were dogs. I think this is just because dogs travel better and know how to walk on a leash. I don’t think it is because people like dogs better. This one had a pretty cute costume though.  His name is Frankie and his blog is I’m Not a Monster.

Schmitty the Weather Dog with owners Ron and Ellie

I know who this is though! It’s Schmitty the Weather Dog! Schmitty does the weather with Ron on Twitter as @pianoweatherman. Their forecasts are very entertaining. And Ellie runs #PetChat on twitter every Monday evening. On top of all that, Schmitty has her own twitter ID, @SchmittySays. And if that weren’t enough, see that cute outfit Schmitty is wearing? Well she has her own line of clothes! You should absolutely check out New Yorkie for your styling pooch! Ron even has a matching bow tie.

Aside from her good looks and sense of style, the thing I like about Schmitty is her size. I think I might even be a tad bit bigger than she is.

Color me happy

This is Chilly, a very colorful poodle. It is really hard to be scared of even a big dog like Chilly when he is obviously so happy. Did you see that I made his name a link? Check out his blog. Seems a lot of people feel the same way I do.

What the in cats wear

Some cats just know what to wear and where to wear it. I’m pretty sure Flopsy the Killer Cat could not pull this off, but it looks great on Coco of Curls and Swirlz. Actually, it might be really fun to try this on Floppers.

Kristie Corzon with Rex the Flemish Giant Rabbit

Small dogs and giant rabbits! What is the world coming to? Rex was big enough to be scary, even if he is a rabbit.

More my size

Now this rabbit is more my size! And she is a new member of our family. She came with the name Penelope but we seem to be renaming her to Duphfel. I’ll leave it to Garibaldi Rous to explain that in another blog post. She’s pretty cute though, isn’t she? She’s the same rabbit as in one of the previous photos. Kristie Corzon, of Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue, brought her for us to adopt.

Lost pet recovery poster

I shouldn’t leave something so important to last but, oh well, that’s what I did! This is a pretty sobering poster. This poster makes a very strong case for microchipping your pet.

Well, this blog post has gone on about long enough. I’m kind of curious if anyone bothered to read all the way down to the end. If you did, can you leave a comment to let me know? Is this post too long or is it okay to have so many photos and so much verbiage.

14 comments to BlogPaws 2013

  • William Dennett

    This post was excellent, and NOT too long!

  • Joann Taylor

    Thanks for the update, SuperCapy! It was good to see you having a good time and seeing so many web-friends!

  • Frank Yaeger

    Great post. The photos and verbiage were very interesting.

  • Malkah

    I read it all!

  • Laurie Coppola

    So glad you got to meet the great Papua Pig. He was a lot like WBBII, wasn’t he! Some adorable rabbits. So glad you got to rescue Duphel 🙂

  • Raquel

    Great post!! I’d love that here in Spain there would be events like “BlogPaws”, but the people is too formal here! :C

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    I read all from start to finish. So glad you got to go on the trip and meet so many animals. That was nice of Melly to take you. Melly’s blogs are never too long because they are always so much fun and interesting. Sometimes I wish they were longer.

  • Too many dogs and cats, but otherwise it was okay.

  • Becky

    I read! Not too long!
    I love your blog, and always read the whole thing!
    It always makes me happy no matter what the subject. Thanks for being around for me.

  • Doll Parts

    I love this article!!! The blind kitten and the gigantic rabbit made my day.

    …And, of course, Super Capy stole the show.

  • Janet Lutkus

    Read it all and loved it all. Thanks for the update!

  • Orsi

    It is OK. I read it all. It is not too long, and photos are excellent. I enjoyed reading it!

  • Be sure to add to the BlogPaws Linky list – great review

  • Love the recap! I bet you would be bored in those meetings, but I hope your Mom found them interesting. 🙂

    Oh, and the ferret is Snotface with his human, Stephanie, from Close friends of Enlightened Ferret!

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