Missing Capybara in WV!


This adorable capybara named Rousabelle or Rousey for short (pronounced Rosy) was accidently let out of her yard by a delivery person. She is from Colliers, WV. If you live in the area, please keep an eye out for her or for any rumor that sounds like a capybara sighting. Rousey is tame but she may be frightened.

Please send call the number listed or me an email immediately if you have any information!

10 comments to Missing Capybara in WV!

  • Chrissie

    Was she found?

  • Kathryn

    any updates?

  • Jean

    This # does not work any longer. Please provide current contact info for sighting feedback!

  • Garibaldi Rous

    Sent an email to her owner asking for a new number. Do you have any news?

  • Jackie

    I saw this animal today on the panhandle trail between mile markers 1&2.

  • Debbie Hobbs

    Hi everyone my name is Debbie Hobbs and I’m Rousy’s mom. My new phone #412 527 8268. Thanks to all for info. JACKIE I have been walking Harmon Creek right near where you saw her since a man saw her crossing the street between the the recycle plant and the storage place along the creek. I put a poster on the bench between mile marker 1 and 2 tonight after Melanie emailed me about your siting. Its great to know that she is still there.

  • Elizabeth

    Is it possible the capy could be in Tidewater, VA? Someone I know thought they saw one swimming near Deltaville last week (8/11/13).

  • Garibaldi Rous

    Thanks for your comment! We think she is still in the area around where she was lost. There has been a recent siting.

  • Beth

    I’m glad to say that Rousy was found at my house this morning, and was caught and taken back to her owner. I got to pet her before they took her and she is very sweet. I’m glad she’s found her way home.

  • Tanya

    I saw one Thursday night on route 340 between Berryville and White Post Virginia.

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