Magnificent Mud

Me in my little green pool

This is me, just chillaxing in my wading pool yesterday. Melly and I had already gone swimming and the sun was casting long shadows across the lawn. It’s a good time to reflect on the events of the day. But it is also a good time to go for a walk and make some new events.

I don't need no stinking harness!

Melly says I am “getting better” about putting my harness on, whatever that means. She’s really NOT getting any better at not forcing me to wear it. I’m a good ‘bara. I don’t need a harness. But she always insists that I do.

Marvelous Mud!

This is the real reason I wanted to go out: mud! I found this mud puddle in the horses’ pasture the other day. It probably won’t be there very long so I have to take advantage of it while I can.

Oh, Glorious Mud! Coat me in your excellence!

This mud is perfection. You might not know this, but mud comes in many different grades. Some mud is thin, almost like water. Other mud is so thick it is almost like dirt. This mud, this glorious mud, was just the right viscosity. See how beautifully it coats my fur while leaving only a few lumps? I don’t think mud gets any better than this.

What position am I in?

I bet some of you won’t be able to tell what position I am in in the above photo. I am scratching my head with my back paw. Can you see it now? My whiskers are are a dead giveaway.

Roll, baby, roll!

I could do this all day if Melly weren’t constantly saying how bored she was. I have a solution for that, come get in the mud with me! But she never does.

Mud shake

Melly really likes the way you can see into my mouth in that photo. I find it embarrassing. My shake was my way to share this marvelous mud with Melly, only she didn’t appreciate it. Of course.


Do you see how magnificent this mud is? I don’t think a single square centimeter of my body went uncoated. I am sure Dobbye Winnick is going to be super jealous when he sees this. True, he gets mud all the time, but I have never seen him with this quality of mud.

My good side

I don’t know, maybe this is my better side? Either way, you can see how uniform my mud covering is.

Washing off

To finish off where we started, I always have to go into the green pool to rinse off after a walk. I do not understand this. I went to a lot to make that beautiful mud coat, and then Melly makes me do THIS to it? Where’s the justice? She makes such a fuss about me going into the house like this. If she’d just let me do it a couple of times, I’m pretty sure she’d get over caring about it.

12 comments to Magnificent Mud

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    Wow Gari! You are so right about the quality of that mud. It looks like the kind of mud I would roll in. If I were there with you we would roll together and when Melly wasn’t looking we could grab her by the ankle and yank her in with us. LOL!

  • Alex

    My God, how funny you are!!! I was laughing my head off even looking at these pictures, I can’t imagine what a show it was in reality!

  • That looks like high quality mud, all right! Does it have horse poop in it? That’s a flavor I don’t have access to. Mine is mostly duck flavored.

  • Janet Lutkus

    Awesome mud–so worth the roll. Maybe you could bottle some up and send it to Dobbye!

  • Dyhan

    You are just toooo precious! So Grand and Regal with the Glowing Essence of the Mud Sheen, from whiskers to tippy toes…. I would gladly roll around in the mud with you and love every minute of it! Maybe we could convince Melly to join in. Even if it’s just her tippy toes…Great viscosity for a Pedi.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    This was an amazing mud puddle! How come the horses get the good mud puddle — I’m sure THEY don’t appreciate it!

  • Laurie Coppola

    So glad you found the perfectest of all muds 🙂 I hope that puddle returns periodically, so you can go mudding again 🙂

  • EL

    You would probably enjoy this song, even though you are not a hippo:

  • your Mom does a good job of writting your thoughts, too funny thanks Melly

  • Nic

    It’s true, mud is fascinating!

  • melissa petty

    Tuggie, my pot-bellied pig, is jealous.

  • Liz

    Ooooo! I think everyone could use a good mud bath every once in a while. I’m jealous- it looks like you were at a day-spa. That’s some spa quality mud you got there, Gari! :o)

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