Name That Rabbit!

Is that really a rabbit?

After Maple WoMER disappeared, Oakley Bunny looked so sad and lonely. So Melly said, when the time was right, that we would get a new bunny to keep Oakley company. And then she brought home THIS from BlogPaws! Is that a rabbit? It looks like an old man having a bad hair day! But no, Melly swears she is a rabbit. She’s some sort of weird cross between a mini-lop and something called a lion head. Frankenstein’s rabbit.

What's with the ears?

You might be thinking that Melly is a terrible photographer, she can’t even focus the camera! But you’d be wrong. This new rabbit is out of focus in real life! She’s like Jupiter, not that she’s a gas giant because she’s really pretty small, but because she has no definite boundary.

Oakley is confused

Oakley doesn’t know what to make of this new rabbit either. She knows she’s a rabbit though because she tried to beat her up when Melly put them together for a few minutes. Now they are only allowed to see each other through the bars.


Weird as she looks, apparently we are stuck with her.  Now she needs a name. The people who turned her in to Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue called her Penelope. I kind of think she wants to leave her past behind and get a fresh start. I am asking my readers to put name suggestions in the comments to this post. Next week I will put up a poll with the suggested names.

Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st with Lint?

You might remember that we had a contest to name my guinea pig co-pet, WBB1. He got a great name that suits him just right! I know my fans can do the same for the mystery rabbit.

Here are some initial possibilities:

  • Penelope
  • Duphfel
  • Potatoe
  • Lint
  • Bounce
  • Magnolia

We are no longer accepting name suggestions!

Please vote using the poll in the right side bar.

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