Rabbit Update

She has a name

My new rabbit has a name! Thanks to all my fans for their help. The winning name is Dustabelle McLinty Poofball the 1st, suggested Jackie Hammond. That’s a pretty cute name but Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st said that there can be only one 1st and it is him. So we’ve decided to go with just Dustabelle. That’s a really cute name and it fits her really well. Plus it reminds us of little Rousabelle Capybara who is lost in the wilds of West Virginia and we are missing her and holding out hope for a safe return.

Oakley Bunny is confused

Melly decided that it was time for Oakley to meet Dustabelle so she put them both (along with WBB1, but he was only a bystander) in a big enclosure on the front porch. Oakley didn’t know why she had to get locked up or what that other rabbit was doing there.

Clean confusion

At first Oakley pretended to be all nonchalant about it. It looked like Dustabelle was going to be the brave one. She’s a bit bigger than Oakley and had established the porch pen as her home territory. But that was before Oakley decided that Dustabelle is really a rabbit (I know I was confused).

Who are you?

Sniffing noses is apparently how rabbits identify other rabbits.

Oakley is not sure about Dustabelle

It seemed as if they were hitting it off pretty well! Only a second later, fur was flying and Oakley was chasing Dustabelle all around the pen. I think that long fur must come out pretty easily because there was a lot of it around and none of Oakley’s shorter fur.

Are you in there?

Dustabelle managed to elude Oakley who is not used to these boxes Melly got for Dustabelle and WBB1. Oh, did you notice WBB1 in the green box? No? That’s because he is hiding.

Running for her life!

Turns out Dustabelle must be faster than Oakley or maybe more agile. I don’t think Oakley could jump out of that little hole like that! Dusty is quite the athlete. Look at her little ears a-floppin’! (WBB1 is still hiding in the green box.)

Friends at a distance

Finally, they settled down, one rabbit on each side of the box barrier, a tense truce. (You can just make out WBB1 looking out the hole of his box.) Melly says they need a few more controlled encounters before they can be trusted together unsupervised.

Oakley telling WBB1 it's safe to come out

After all the fighting was over for the day, Oakley was so polite that she went to let Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st that it was safe to come out. She’s very considerate for a bully.

Is it really safe?

WBB1 had to check for himself that everything was okay.

One, big, happy family

Progress has been made! I hope that someday soon I will be able to play with Dustabelle the same way I play with Oakley. Dustabelle doesn’t seem to be as fast as Oakley, so chasing her might be even more fun!


Oh, I forgot! You’ve probably been wondering how I am doing after my last vet visit. My leg hurt me something terrible for about four days but now I am fine! It is a big relief to know that I don’t have to go back for three months. I’m not sure exactly how long that is so I’m just going to pretend it is forever. Live each day at a time, that’s my motto. Or maybe it’s one good cob of corn deserves another…

17 comments to Rabbit Update

  • teenie

    wow, that girl can fly! Dustabelle is a pretty name, and she sure is a pretty rabbit. I hope she and Oakley get along. Winston BB1 is one brave pigger!

  • Jacki Hammond

    Aw, I’m honored to have suggested the winning name for this beauty! 🙂

  • heather

    Aww what a sweet and fitting name!

  • Damien N Sally Chan

    “Dustabelle McLinty Poofball the 1st” was good, but based on the rules that: noone should be the second, and no other one can be the first.

    We respect your choice of name(s). Congratulations!

  • This is very inspiring: I am going to chase rabbits tomorrow! I’m putting it on my list of things to do right now! Well, chase RABBIT, that is, Bonnie Rabbit. Wiley Wabbit is a gentleman and I would never chase him!

  • Cathy

    Good name!

  • Kristy

    Great name! And Dustabelle’s hole jump was really impressive!

  • Laurie Coppola

    Cute name 🙂 Glad she has a formal name to include her in the family now 🙂

    It doesn’t sound as if the first meeting went too badly, though I don’t know a lot about bunny meetings. I am so glad WBB1 didn’t get hurt with all those incredibly powerful bunny feet flying around. Glad he kept one box to himself 🙂

    Gari, 3 months is as good as forever, and you have a great attitude about it. So glad you are feeling better, and the pain is finally gone!!!

  • Love the new name Dustabelle and all the pictures. Gari soon after they bond – and that should be soon – you and Dustabelle will have a try at it. Maybe a video of the two bonding!!!!! Glad you are feeling better. Next time you harpoon them haha. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  • Becky

    Dustabelle is a fantastic name for her. I’m sure she will like playing with you soon.

  • Tanya Maddox

    Watch them carefully. Rabbit fights can be very nasty sometimes. Girls are harder to bond than boys and girls. Does are territorial by nature. It’s a good idea to start in neutral territory. Are they both spayed? It helps if you can do something to make them both feel being together is a good thing like sit and pet them together and give them something good to eat. Putting them in a carrier together and taking them for a bumpy ride will make them turn to each other for security. Good luck, girl/girl bonding is the hardest. What happened to Maple?

  • That’s a terrific name for the new bunny and I hope that she & Oakley soon grow to be friends, or at least companionable. I had no idea Oakley was so aggressive. Tsk, tsk. But it’s nice to see WBB 1 is still polite, though he’s very smart to keep out of the way of those big rabbits fighting.
    Glad to hear that Gari is feeling better after the vet visit. That worries me that it takes so long for his leg to recover.

  • Janet Lutkus

    Congratulations to Dustabelle! What a perfect name for her. Pretty amazing jumper. Hoping she and Oakley start to get along better soon. Although I know it will take time. Sounds like some progress since last meeting? Gari – I’m so glad to hear you’re finally feeling better — I was sorry to hear this last vet visit was so tough on you — but actually from your first report, before the anesthesia wore off, it sounded like it was going to be better this time. Good news that you don’t have to go back for 3 months. And the truth is, we only have one day at a time, so you have the best attitude about it! Thanks for the update and wonderful photos.

  • Punkin

    Just please make sure WBB1 is safe. He is kind of small to be around rabbits who have fur flying. Is Dustabelle a cuddly rabbit?

  • Lisa

    i love the name Dusty for the bunny!


    The name is very cute and appropriate for Oakley’s new friend. It was a little shaky at the beginning it seems, but everyone is good now…. Ms. Melly has managed to build up her menagerie once again!!!! How fun!!!! Enjoy your beautiful co-pets!!!!

  • Yes, both girl bunnies are spayed. She’s doing a great job with gradual bonding. Love the name you picked, Melly, and I’m glad the girls are getting to know each other. The best thing to do is to introduce them outside the area where one primarily lives, much better chance they’ll get along quicker. When they are introduced in ones area, it’s very common for territorialism to take over and fights to ensue.

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