A Super Capy in Tatarstan


Su Duñğızı

Do you remember when I hurt my paw way back January? If not you can read Oh! My Aching Paw! Well, at that time we had a special offer of a Super Capy with a paw bandage just like mine. Here is the story of one of those intrepid Super Capys. It is truly amazing. And, in case you don’t know where Tartarstan is (I didn’t!), I’m including a map.


Where in the world is Tatarstan?

A message from Tatar Super Capy (as transcribed by Rawil Fakhrullin):

Once I was an ordinary Super Capy (if such a thing as Super Capy can be ordinary). Since then, I relocated to Kazan, the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan and now I am the world’s first and so far only Tatar Super Capy! My name is Su Duñğızı (pronounced as Soo Doong ge ze), which means “water pig” in Tatar language (here they call capybaras both “capybara” and “water pig”). I really love my new country and enjoy staying here. Very soon I will send you some new pictures of myself taken at the local iconic places. There are no any other Super Capys or regular capybaras here, however there are many local nice large rodents, such beavers, groundhogs, muskrats and, of course, European red squirrels, so I feel myself at home and act as a Super Capy ambassador in Kazan.

Here I enclose a set of my pictures where I pose wearing a traditional Super Capy-sized Tatar bead-embroidered cap and a green-white-red band symbolizing the banner of Tatarstan. I am sitting on a traditional Tatar rug, which is very suitable bedding for Super Capys.


Tatar Super Capy


More images of Su Duñğızı

Wow! I am so impressed. Su Duñgız really knows how to rock that cap! And the little rug does look perfect for him. I am supposed to be teaching the world about capybaras, but the world is also teaching me many things!


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