Caplin Day 2013

Me and Caplin Rous

Melly’s Blog:

Today is Caplin Day. On this day, July 10th, in 2007 Caplin Rous was born in Nacogdoches, Texas. I didn’t know it, but the birth of that tiny capybara would change my life. He changed other people’s lives too, teaching people around the world about the intelligent and affectionate nature of capybaras. When I lost him on January 4th, 2011, I lost a huge part of myself.

Caplin Rous also touched Garibaldi Rous’ life in a big way. Little Garibaldi was only nine months old when Caplin died, but he was already looking for a new home. Garibaldi has taught me that capybaras are as unique as people. Each capy has his own personality, his own distinct way of interacting with the world. For instance, Caplin’s two favorite foods, popsicles and yogurt really don’t make it onto Gari’s food list at all. And while Gari is a rolling maniac, Caplin panicked each of the three times he inadvertently rolled all the way over.

Caplin Day is a day not just for remembering Caplin Rous and celebrating his life, it is also for all of the pet capybaras lost over the years. Caplin Rous is a stand in for all of them, so we celebrate by eating popsicles and yogurt or, preferably, yogurt popsicles.

YouTube Preview Image

Caplin Rous begs for a popsicle

Gari eating a blueberry yogurt popsicle

It looks like there is hope for Garibaldi yet. He seems to enjoy these blueberry yogurt popsicles that I found at grocery store. We always had to make our own for Caplin.

Do capybaras get ice cream headaches?

I don’t know if capybaras get ice cream headaches. It never bothered Caplin, but Gari takes small bites just in case.

Gari had a 2nd popsicle in the pool

It is really hot here today, so a 2nd popsicle seemed like a good idea, even when sitting in the pool.

Gari doesn't mind sharing

As I said, it was plenty hot and that was a big popsicle. I’m sure he didn’t mind sharing. He shares with the rabbits, chickens, tortoises and squirrels all the time, he can share with me once in a while. Anyway, I’m the one who provided the popsicle.

All gone except the beard

In loving memory of:

Caplin Rous
Buela Belle

Send your Caplin Day photos to and I will post them here!

15 comments to Caplin Day 2013

  • Alex (Rezoner)

    Caplin licked me on the nose when I met him. That was, I think, his nature – he was friendly to people and never afraid of them.

  • Great blog. I wish I could have met him. I’m going to the ice cream store to get my yogurt pop now.

  • Laurie Coppola

    Wow! I didn’t realize there had been so many! See, Gari, I told you you weren’t a weird pet 🙂 Happy Caplin Day to all those who have been, are and will be beloved pets, and to all those who love them ♥

  • pat anderson

    the lost of a pet is never easy no matter the species. beautiful tribute….

  • so special..great tribute…I told Mickki to eat her blueberries in honor of Caplin

  • Ann M. Bednarek

    What beautiful memories Melanie. Love the video of Caplin begging for the popsicle. What a sweet and beautiful Capy he was and always will be in your heart.

  • Janet Lutkus

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories with us Melanie. I’m off to go eat my popsicle now.

  • I too had some yogurt in honor of Caplin Day. Although I know Gari is not a replacement for Caplin, I do hope he fills you heart with just as much love and joy.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    I like how Caplin “notified” Melly that he was ready for another bite 🙂

    Also, like Gari’s popsicle beard 🙂

    Off to get a yogurt popsicle in honor of Caplin Day.

  • Ken Klibaner

    Hello! I too adore your website and am a huge fan of capybaras…especially Garibaldi!

    I remember reading about Caplin and it was indeed a tragic day.

    Two years ago I had to put my beloved dachshund Rudy to sleep and I will always cherish his memory.

    Thank you again for your wonderful website!

  • Dexter Parnell

    I have already marked my calendar for next year, and will be having a swim and a Popsicle in honor of Caplin.

  • guineapiggurl

    I wish I could have met Caplin. I love capybaras. I would love to know more about them.

  • guineapiggurl

    Capybaras are herbivores right? So those rumours about them eating people in the Amazon are urban legends?

  • Garibaldi Rous

    I had not heard that rumor but, no, capybaras will not eat people. They can give you a nasty bite though but you’d have to be very, very unlucky to die from it.

  • CavyLover

    Since I have subscribed to this blog/ site I have learned so much about these lovable “giant hamsters”! I would definitely love to own one of these guys. They seem to be very similar to the guinea pigs. All of my little pigs each had their own personality, own likes and dislikes and were so very smart! I litter trained mine! I also taught them to walk back through the house to their cage after they were brushed in the bathroom, they all were long haired! They are so cute and lovable. I truly wish I could have met Caplin, hopefully some day I will meet a Capybara up close! I thought of all of the rodents I have known and had on Caplin day. Happy Caplin Day!

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