Co-Pet Update

Teaching Fresno to swim

Most of my readers probably know that I have a few co-pets. Okay, maybe more than a few. I think people love them as much or more than they love me, so I have decided to let everyone know how they are doing.

I love having Fresno on me!

I thought I would update you on my rat co-pets first.

YouTube Preview Image

Pool time with Fresno!

As you can see, Fresno is doing fine, although he is not much of a swimmer.  I might give him lessons if Melly lets me.

Introducing Agouti

Melly thought Fresno was lonely so she got him two rat friends. The first one is named Agouti and you can see him sicking his nose out of that tube in the photo above. Agouti is mostly brown but he has one white paw and a little white on his stomach.

Agouti eating

Here’s another photo of Agouti. Sometimes I really wish capybaras had hands like rats do. That would be so convenient! But then I guess we wouldn’t be able to swim the way we do and I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

Introducing Paca!

Paca is Fresno’s second friend. He looks a lot like Agouti but he has more white on him.

Paca exploring Melly's desk

Sometimes Melly lets all three of the rats run around on her desk. Surprisingly, they don’t know how to get down. I’m pretty sure a real rat could get off that desk in about two seconds.

The rat cage

That huge cage that Melly got for Fresno seemed lonely with only one rat in it. The three of them fill it out nicely. And it provides some entertainment for an animal who is not quite a co-pet but who visits often. I’m not going to say who it is until the end of this post. Any guesses?

Firesale and Blue Light Special

I have three chicken co-pets but I’m only posting photos of two. You’ll just have to take my word for it that Cheap is doing fine. All three of the chickens are very annoying. I don’t know why Dobbye Winnick likes his, mine are always stealing my food!


The chickens spend the night in the big hutch in the photo above. During the day, they are free to go wherever they want. But what is that new little hutch on the left?

WBB1 in his new hutch

That is a new hutch that Melly got for Winston Bumblebee Barcode the 1st! You can just see his shadowy form under the hutch part of the hutch in the photo above. WBB1 has been spending time on the porch with Dustabelle, the new rabbit, but now Dusty is fully yard-qualified so she doesn’t hang out on the porch all the time. Anyway, Melly thought WBB1 might like to do some grazing.

That hutch is cute and all, but it is maybe even a little small for a guinea pig. I would not recommend it for even the smallest rabbit.


In case you’ve forgotten what WBB1 looks like, here he is! And look at those cute little paws. His legs are so short he can hardly sit sphinx style at all!

WBB1 and Dustabelle

WBB1 and Dustabelle were getting to be great friends but now Dusty is hanging out more with Oakley.

Oakley and Dustabelle

Recently Oakley had to go to the vet and she said Oakley is obese and needs to go on a diet. She does look a little amorphous from above.

Oakley has tumors

This is why Oakley had to go to the vet. She has a huge tumor on her ear and smaller ones elsewhere on her body. The vet did a biopsy and said the tumors are not life-threatening but they may take months to go away. The one on her ear is exceptionally large and ugly but she would have to take her whole ear off to remove it and Oakley is kind-of attached to that ear. Luckily, it is unlikely that Oakley could pass this on to Dustabelle.

Leopolda the Leopard Tortoise

I have two leopard tortoise and one snapping turtle co-pets but Leah is going to have to stand in for all of them. They are all doing great. Melly has had Leah for almost 35 years now and she’s still going strong. I mean Leah, not Melly. Melly is going weak if she’s going anywhere at all.


I have three horse co-pets and they were all rolling in the mud the other day after it rained. Then Melly let them out of their paddocks and they ran around like maniacs.


The horses are really pretty sometimes but I have to say they do not wear mud as well as a capybara. On a capybara, mud adds character. On a horse it just seems to add dirt.


Buzz wears his mud better than the other horses.

Flopsy the Killer Cat

Flopsy isn’t exactly a co-pet but he does visit a lot. Did you guess that he is the animal that is entertained by the rats? You can see him running down the side of their cage!

Swim, swim, swim

I guess that’s it for this co-pet update. I hope you have enjoyed it.

13 comments to Co-Pet Update

  • Punkin

    I would like to visit with WBB1 some and with your. I wish I had a nice place to graze outside where I would be safe. Too many dogs walk out side here.

  • Laurie Coppola

    You have some wonderful co-pets. That outside hutch is fine since it has all that grazing space. The inside part is just for bad weather. If it has a wire floor, cover it with something solid or he could get bumblefoot.

  • pat anderson

    love the update. I love rats, & G.pigs, love U 2

  • Frank Yaeger

    Wow, you sure have an interesting group of co-pets! I wish I could visit all of you, but Texas is a ways from California. I’m glad that Fresno has some rat friends now – rats really do best in groups. I bet BBB1 would like another guinea pig friend too since piggies are social as well. We have the same rat cage you do, the Critter Nation Double – it’s definitely the best cage available so Fresno and his friends will really enjoy it!

    I loved the picture of Fresno on your back in the pool – he’s a brave rat and you’re a really wonderful capybara to let him do that. Our rats will sometimes play in a tiny pool we put out for them at playtime, but mostly they just grab their toys out of the pool and run away with them. They’re not as brave as Fresno.

    I always enjoy your updates on your co-pets and look forward to the next one.

  • I do love my chickens, but mine are better behaved because we have the geese. I think your co-pet situation could be improved by the addition of a nice goose, and maybe some guinea fowl to get rid of the scorpions!

  • What a lot of co-pets Gari! I’m surprised Melly has time to go to work with you all to look after. I hope Oakleys ear gets better quickly. xx

  • Janet Lutkus

    Gari, thanks so much for the update on all of your co-pets. Nice getting to know all of them!


  • Barbara Brooks

    It looks like so much fun! I wonder why you don’t have another capybara as a co-pet? It must be lonely having only small rodents as friends!

  • Rawil

    Gari, your co-pets are so nice!

  • Wendy

    So happy to see all your co-pets. Lucky boy Gari!! Love the pictures.

  • Gari, you have such a beautiful family! I’m glad everyone gets along so well, even Flopsy!

  • kathi anne

    Gari, I cannot imagine a finer place to live than where you live. And I am speaking from a human’s perspective. I love animals, especially all different sizes of the rodent family, so your place looks like heaven to me. Of course, that is mainly because you live there! I have 3 guinea pigs….Butternut, Beezer, and Princess Swea’Pea, and they all send their love and well wishes, as do I. Love you, Gari!!

  • Gabby

    My big chickens like to steal food, too. They swiped my daughter’s sandwich once! The silkie bantams we have are much better mannered. They’ll beg, but they don’t steal. 🙂

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