Contest: Caplin Day 2013


Melly with Caplin Rous dressed as a horse

Caplin Rous’  birthday is coming up on July 10th. He would have been six this year. Melly still misses him every single day and I still struggle to live up to his legacy. One of the things Caplin was great at that I am not so good at was wearing costumes. See that photo above? Melly made him up as a horse for the PetCo Halloween costume contest in 2008. He made a pretty cute horse.

Caplin Rous at the PetCo costume contest

For the contest, Melly even painted a blaze on his nose and gave him on white sock and a mane made out of black yarn.  She did that because his costume wasn’t just any horse, it was Chesapeake.


Caplin Rous as Pocahontas

A horse was not the only costume Caplin Rous ever wore. As you can see from the photo above, he went to his first Halloween costume contest as Pocahontas when he was only four months old.

To celebrate Caplin Day 2013, we are having a pet costume contest in honor Caplin Rous and all he put up with from Melly. I suppose that whoever bid on and won that guinea pig armor on eBay could easily win, but there is still 2nd and 3rd places!

Contest Rules:

  1. Send a photo of your pet (or plush animal) in costume to
    – Largest dimension should be 900 pixels
    – Subject should be: Caplin Day 2013 – <your name/your pet’s name>
  2. You can enter as many times as you like, but only one submission per pet/costume combination
    – Each submission should be a separate email
  3. Entries accepted until midnight, July 10th, Texas time
  4. All entries will be posted at the end of this blog post on July 11th
  5. A reader poll, open from July 11th through July 20th, will determine the top three winners


Winners will choose prizes from the following choices.

So dig through your old photos, or haul out your costumes! Let’s see some great photos in honor of the greatest capybara who ever lived, Caplin Rous.

Contest is now CLOSED.
No new entries will be accepted.

Vote for your 3 favorites using the poll in the right side bar!!!


Contest Entries


Entry #1: Romar/Smantha

Entry #2: Eleanor/Debra

Entry #3: Henry/Amanda

Entry #4: Lilly/Linda

Entry #5: Murmel Tier/Martin

Entry #6: Angel/Vickie


Entry #7: Satantxixki/Raquel


Entry #8: Oscaron/Raquel


Entry #9: Rodolfo (1)/Raquel


Entry #10: Rodolfo (2)/Raquel


Entry #11: Ozzy/Alison

Entry #12: Apollo/Kim

Entry #13: Rocky (firefighter) & Apollo (police officer)/Kim


Entry #14: Roger/Kelly


Entry #15: Blaze/Martha

Entry #16: Diggity & Maggie/Angie


Entry #17: Su Duñğızı/Rawil


Entry #18: Too new for a name/Alena


Entry #19: Redneck Super Capy/Stacy


Entry #20: Charlie (1)/Jessica


Entry #21: Charlie (2)/Jessica


Enter #22: Quentin/Jessica

Entry #23: Charlie (3)/Jessica


Entry #24: Spiderling / Jessica

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